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Every child deserves a family. This cannot be over emphasized. But not every child has a family. This cannot be overstated. What happens when a young youth gets pregnant and due to shame abandons her baby along the road or in the trash or in a lagoon? What happens when a mother no longer has the financial capacity to cater for her child? What happens when a child is suddenly orphaned at a tender age? It's not just about these people. It is more about the child. The emotional, mental, social, academic and spiritual trauma this abandoned children have to go through for something they have absolute nothing to do with. They didn't beg to be born. They were unfortunately born into an unfortunate situation.

The lucky ones get adopted into an orphanage home with many other kids. But if we are to really examine the circumstances surrounding their living in these orphanage homes in a country like Nigeria, we would conclude that they being in an orphanage home might be better off than living alone on the streets but is never as good as having a monogamous family. A monogamous family consists of a man and a woman who are legally married and have kids. This man and woman are called parents and have the obligation to provide for their children. Their children are their number one priority. They make providing shelter, food, clothing as well as love, care and waterview their topmost priority. Who makes this their topmost priority in an orphanage home?

An orphanage home is usually filled with lots of kids being taken care of by a few care takers who in many cases are devoid of the true love and care needed by an average child. Who has the time to notice a particular child in the midst of the many kids? Who has time to call each child to ask after their welfare, their emotional needs, what they are passing through psychologically and more? This can only be sorted out in a family where every child is important. Only a select few get picked up and adopted by some parents who either are waiting to have their own child or just feel the need to adopt an extra child.

Personally, I feel every family should have this burden. It isn't too much to adopt a child and take care of such child alongside your own kids if you have the power and competence. Although, it isn't compulsory but I just feel there is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of having a family as a child. This cannot be gotten from the supposed orphanage home. It doesn't matter if the child is still a toddler or a young adult. It doesn't matter if the child is brilliant or seems dull. It doesn't matter if the child has any physical disability. The most important thing is for the child to be accepted into your family and treated as part of the system.

However, there are some DONT's when it comes to adopting a child into your family system. Don't adopt a child if you do not have the financial capacity to do so. You've not finished taking care of your own kids and you want to bring in an extra kid? Don't do this. Don't even adopt a child if you cannot properly cater for the other 'extras' in your house which includes the house helps, the gate man, the gardener, the shop keeper etc. If you're fond of maltreating them, I wonder where the love to take care of a child that isn't yours would develop from.

If you would be adopting a child, see such child as your own child. Before you can do so, firstly see every child as your own child and shower them with all the love and care they need. Afterall, it takes a community to raise a child. You are part of that community. If you aren't capable of adopting, there is nothing wrong in supporting the system to which they belong to at the moment. Visiting orphanage homes once in a while and supporting them in the little way you can. Feeding homeless children on the streets and being charitable to them. This way, you're contributing to their growth, development and welfare and indirectly adopting them as your own children.

Adopting a child doesn't have to include directly bringing them into your own home. You can indirectly do so by supporting them one way or the other. Former Nollywood Child Actor, Williams Uchemba, started a campaign and movement whereby kids are taken off the streets and sent to school. This is a great innovation. You can start your own movement as well. People like the Kokun Foundation are indirectly adopting these children into the system of love and care. If you cannot do it directly, do it indirectly. The most important thing is that every family should adopt a child, either directly or indirectly.



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