Hello love(s)!!!

First of all, I apologize for being MIA for a very long time. So many things have happened and I'm so very back now. However, I'm grateful that even though I went MIA, you guys were still constantly checking back and all. Some of y'all reached out and I'm so grateful. God bless you all. We reached 200,000 pageviews today and I'm so very much happy. It's all due to your consistency. God bless!


A big change would be coming up on the blog and I so wish I could avert it but it seems its for the best. This blog is basically about everything and anything that has to do with Ibadan. But from today, the niche would be changing. Why? Because I would be leaving Ibadan from February this year. You know, I was in Ibadan basically for school and I am 99.5% done with my program. I'm done with my final year project. I'm not writing any exams this semester and I would therefore be leaving Ibadan back home. It's actually not so cool with me because I fell in love with Ibadan and I so wish I could stay here forever but as we all know, change is constant. This is also a major reason why I've not been on the blog for a very long time.

However, I won't be selling the blog. Instead, I would change the niche of the blog and the name as well. I won't be deleting any of the former posts as they are still evergreen and relevant. I would also be putting up something where y'all can tell me what you would love to see on the blog - contentwise and I promise to obey your command. So, today, quite a number of changes would be done to the blog. I don't yet know if I would change the design. Let's keep our fingers crossed. However, the problem is how to change the URL of the blog. Until I can fix it, it would remain www.liveinibadan.blogspot.com.

I'm sure we are all going to love what the blog would be about. How have we all been by the way and who followed the Nigerian series, THIS IS IT??????? Oh My God! I would be gisting you guys about it soon. You know, I love LOVE. For now, have a peaceful day ahead. I love you!


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