A friend of mine who is doing his phd in the University of Ibadan chatted me up a while ago. He has always had this boxed up idea about Ibadan because all through his stay, he only visited the university and that was it for him. He didn't believe Ibadan had many good roads or social places or awesome people. He had a confined and single story of Ibadan. Perhaps, he believed that the only reason why there were many educated fellows in the university was because different people from different part of the world gathered to study there.

So, on this special day, he decided to take me out for a treat as well as use the opportunity to tour Ibadan with me being the tour guide. Firstly, we went to my favorite spot, Ventura mall. We saw the movie, Transformers: The Last Knight. The movie wasn't very interesting so I wasn't too excited unlike him. Perhaps the anxiety to see more of this ancient city made him even more excited. As  the gentle man he is, he paid for our movie and after that, we went to Tutti Frutti. Remember I've been avoiding Tutti Frutti because of how expensive their yogurt is?


I eventually got to taste their yogurt only because he paid for it. I offered to paid though. I'm a good geh, you know. The yogurt tasted quite good with the many orisirisi. Leaving Tutti Frutti, we went over to the Chinese Restaurant downstairs, Kabachi. I've have actually entered Kabachi before. I went in to get some good food. Like rice N100, meat N50 and plantain N50. When I heard it was a Chinese restaurant, I assumed it would then be Chinese rice N100, Chinese meat N50 and Chinese plantain N50. I was as ignorant as the word itself. When the attendant showed me the menu and the pricing, I ran out as quickly as I had come in. When my friend offered to buy me food there, I gladly entered as per he is an oil and gas Lagos big boy. Money is the least of his worries.

He got a beer, Heineken, to be precise and told me its the best beer, better than Gulder and Guinness while I took a bottle of water. I was worried about him getting drunk when we were yet to explore the city fully but he laughed it off and told me one bottle of beer could never get him drunk. He took my order on my behalf because as the village girl that I am, I wasn't understanding all the Chinese brouhaha that was written on the menu. After having a fun discussion, my meal finally arrived and it was smoking hot! Directly from the pot. I had to wait for it to cool down a bit.

The next place we went to after Kabachi was Agodi Gardens. I felt Agodi Gardens was like a center tourist attraction in Ibadan and a place worth visiting. He paid for the gate fee and we went to the swimming section. I was a bit disappointed that the boat crew was no where to be found. It could have been an exciting experience if the boat crew was on ground and we had a boat tour round the garden. He was as disappointed as I was. Then, we went to the swimming section but it was locked. The first time I visited Agodi gardens was with a blog reader and we were unable to enter the swimming section. The second time was with a friend of mine who is the CEO of one major company in Ibadan. Just because he is mouthed, we were able to enter without paying the usual N500.


Now, we were unable to enter again. My Lagos friend was clearly disappointed again. Just to allay his worries, I took him down to the zoo. He was already getting disappointed again on entering as the entrance wasn't so presentable and the mindset of 'local Ibadan' became even more prominent on his mind. He believed if these facilities were in Lagos, it would be in an even better state. His impression changed when we entered into the main part of the zoo and he began to see the animals. He recollected the zoo he also saw when he visited Houston, Texas in America. The most exciting part was when we saw the lions. Oh! how excited he was! I was freaking scared. He was so courageous and moved close to the lions. Initially, the lions were inside their cage and the attendant refused to let them out till my friend bribed him with some cash before he did so. It was a great experience.

Watching the lions roar and pointing out the husband and wife was much fun. There was another young couple there and it was so much fun that my friend didn't want to leave. We also got to see the monkeys, crocodile, tortoise and other animals. It was such a very sad moment when I had to call my friend last week to inform him that the attendant who he liked so much as well as bribed was killed by one of the lions which led to the shutting down of the zoo. He was driving when I called him and promised to park to do a one minute silence tingy to mourn his death.


The killing of the attendant made me realize that regardless of how much the attendant was used to the animals and loved and trained them, an animal would always remain an animal. They do not love, they do not care. When they see a prey and they are hungry, they will kill forgetting whether the prey mothered them from a tender age. Such a sad experience. So if someone calls you an animal, check yourself because it's a great insult. We had a jolly time and finally left Agodi Gardens in the evening. From there, we took a bike to Dominos Pizza because he doesn't usually come to Ibadan with his car. We ordered a medium sized pizza and waited for it to be ready. We discussed till it was ready before finally returning back to his hotel, Ayotoz. We ate out of the pizza together in his hotel room and I took the rest along with me. He confessed that he had a swell time.

Some of the misconceptions he had about Ibadan changed. Now, he believes that:

1. Ibadan is no longer the ancient city of old but has been clearly mordernised
2. Ibadan has a very good and smooth road network
3. Ibadan people are funny and interesting. They actually aren't different from Lagos people.
4. Ibadan has really great social places.
5. Ibadan is actually a livable place and he wouldn't mind relocating to Ibadan if he wishes to in the nearest future.
6. Ibadan has great opportunities but the government isn't leveraging on these opportunities. A good example is the way many awesome facilities in Agodi Gardens were abandoned.
7. When next he comes to Ibadan, he would spend more time and explore even more indepth parts of the city.
8. Ibadan has many beautiful ladies and he doesn't mind walking the aisle with one of them. #winks. In other words, my friend is single and ready to mingle. Lol
9. Ibadan hotels are wack. I'll tell you why he thinks so, perhaps, in another Ibadan Gist post.
9. Ibadan people like food more than money. Lol. I'll tell you why he thinks so.


The night he arrived, he gisted me about how he went to the popular Libra Kitchen in Agbowo to get Eba and egusi with meat. Now, he bought three wraps of Eba but was given little egusi. He is someone that likes food well - good food. Now, he told the attendant to add extra egusi but she refused telling him that egusi is now expensive in the market - food generally. LMAO. My astonished friend in his Lagos self assured her that he would pay extra N50 for extra egusi. She said No. He said he would double the amount for extra egusi. Still, she said No. She then told him that even if he offers to pay N1000, she wouldn't add extra egusi because egusi is now expensive in the market. Can someone shoot me already? LMAO!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† I almost fainted from laughter when he told me like what the hell is that? I had to assure him that Ibadan people are not that dumb on a normal day. Lol

It was such a very fun experience taking my Lagos friend round Ibadan. The most important thing is that the very essence of the visit was realized and he would be able to spread the good news of Ibadan to his friends. Have you ever had to take a Lagos friend round Ibadan? What was your experience like?



  1. Aww. I love this your new section. THE WAY you write is so articulate, witty and interesting. I enjoyed this piece. Ayotoz is kuku wack before and that libra kitchen attendant is something else. Lol

    1. Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it dear. The libra kitchen attendant is truly something else

  2. This is a very interesting piece. Wow! We should tour together some day dear


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