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First of all, sorry for the short break. I went to subscribe ni.

Anyway, in one of my past posts, I mentioned in the side gist corner that there was something I wanted to share with you guys but I ended up not sharing it because I decided to push away the idea. However, recently, I got a sweetheart who decided to work with me on the blog. You'll get to know more about him later.

His first assignment was to visit a club in Ibadan named Platinum. If you've been to this club before, raise ya hand. Bad Shild! Anyway, I've tried very hard not to bring in anything like clubbing and all those that I term 'haram' to my religious tenets. But someone spoke with me a while ago and told me that when it comes to blogging and all, as long as it is not a religious blog, all forms of sentiments must be removed. You will have to show all sides - both what you think is good and what you think is bad.

This is what I'm about to do. My agent and writer, Olamide, visited Platinum Club and he'll be sharing his experience with us in an upcoming post. At least, aside from Harriet's experience at some clubs, you'll finally be getting a real life experience coupled with pictures. The blog is about to get SUPER interesting! So, stay tuned and stick to the blog. If you're yet to subscribe to the blog, what are you waiting for? Do so below and get my two free e-books in your inbox!

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  1. Now you're talking, bebe! Waiting for it!

  2. I love how you tell your stories;always with a mix of fun and laughter.

    1. Aww. Thanks Victor. I'm glad you love it!


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