I bit my lips hard as I didn't know what to say. Pastor John obviously felt very awkward in such a compromising situation. The receptionist was still pointing at us and this vexed me more than ever.

          'Can you put those...those haaaaands down!', I said, obviously irritated

The receptionist gave me a bad eye and left for her duty post.

Sister Teshola gave me a quick but obviously irritated look before fixing her gaze on Pastor John. Pastor John swallowed hard before letting out his burdened words.

          'I think we should all go back to bed now. It's very late', he said avoiding Sister Teshola's questioning gaze.

          'I think so too', I said, gave a quick smile and walked briskly back to the guest house.

I couldn't sleep almost through the night as my mind played a flashback on everything that had happened. I didn't know what to expect or think. By the way, why was sister Teshola over reacting though?, I thought to myself. Bola simply kept a straight face and I couldn't be too concerned. And Pastor John? He's such a good and adventurous man. I feel he should let himself out a little more in order to enjoy what life has to offer outside the church, I concluded to myself before falling asleep.

I was awoken by the noises of chatting and laughter. I yawned as I cleaned my eyes. I was the only one on the mat. The other ladies were busy rubbing their bodies, some in towels while others were dressing up amidst wild talks and laughter. And no one cared to wake me up!

          'I'm glad you're awake!', Bola said as she entered the room.

          'Good Morning, Sister Bola', the other ladies greeted and she replied with a smile before joining me on the mat.

I rolled my eyes. 'I'm not talking to you, Bola', I told her.

          'Oh, but you just did', she said with a straight face.

          'I mean...after now, I have no words to say to you', I said

She sighed. 'I just want you to know that Pastor John and Sister Teshola are engaged. Are what? ENGAGED! It will be better if you mind your self, focus on God during this meeting and keep your flirting to Akin. Can you do that for me?'

I felt very insulted by her words. Flirting? Who does Bola take me for? A flirt or some slut?

          'First of all, mind your choice of words when talking to me. Secondly, I'm not a flirt and I really don't give two fucks about what you think of me. Thirdly, I don't care about your Pastor John. We have nothing between us and what you and your sister Teshola saw yesterday was absolutely nothing. It will pay you if you go wash your mind and that of your fellow sister. Can you do that for me?'

Bola was utterly surprised and starred for me for some seconds.

          'Two fucks?', she muttered in surprise. 'In a church retreat, Harriet? You really don't have any respect for God, do you? You really pretended to be born again but you're absolutely not. Are you?', she said, shook her head and left.

I sat on the mat for some seconds that soon developed into minutes. I felt like a very bad person for a reason I couldn't understand. I muttered a brief prayer of forgiveness to God before standing up to take my bath. The other ladies tried greeting me but I simply waved.

The first service was a very interesting one as a guest minister spoke to us on Purpose and the Christian Living. It was very insightful and the minister seemed very sound. The second part of the service was by a female minister and she spoke to us on Finding God as a single before finding the one. She spoke with so much passion and gave very important examples. The most intriguing was the example of Kathryn Kulman and she spoke about how Kathryn found God but didn't let God help her find the one. The last example was herself. I could feel her vibes and she spoke with so much wisdom. All through the service, I noticed Sister Teshola's fixed gaze on me and wondered what was on her mind. I couldn't care anyway as I was so engrossed in the second minister's preaching. We all gave her a standing ovation after her preaching and she kept saying

          'Give it all to Jesus! Give it all to Jesus!'

She finally led us into one prayer point and Pastor John rounded up the first service. Everyone couldn't stop talking about the second preacher's sermon and how profound it was. I hadn't made any friend yet; so I walked alone. Getting to the reception, Sister Teshola stopped me.

          'Hi. I really don't want any trouble during my stay here. Everything you saw yesterday means nothing. Just know that. I know you're engaged to Pastor John. Congratulations and I hope to grace your wedding', I quickly said before she said anything.

For a second, she smiled. 'I can see Bola has spoken to you. Work with that.', she said and walked away.

I tried to decode what she mean't when Pastor John walked briskly to me like he was hiding from someone. He was obviously apprehensive.

          'Sister Harriet, I apologize for the other day and...'

          'You don't need to say that', I interrupted.

          'Let me speak please', he said. 'Everything that happened yesterday mean't absolutely nothing and I would appreciate if it never happens again. Ever. Bless you!', he concluded in a whisper and walked away as fast as his legs could carry him.

For some reason, his words didn't go well with me especially the part 'everything that happened yesterday mean't nothing'. Of course it didn't, I said to myself and retreated to my room.


(Read Episode 16 HERE)



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