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I refused to eat Dinner. The rice was relatively small and the ladies had to fight over the meat that was obviously insufficient. I couched myself in a tiny section of the mat as I thought of too many things before falling asleep. I'm sure I didn't sleep for up to 30 minutes when I was awoken by one of my fellow mat sharer who urged me to come join the prayers outside the guest house. Sluggishly, I carried myself up while dragging myself outside the guest house.

Pastor John led intense prayers that lasted over a hour. I wasn't in the mood to pray. All I wanted was for the prayers to be over soon so I could go back to sleeping ahead of the next day's program. We found our way back to our rooms immediately the prayers rounded up. I brought out my duvet and used it to cover me. I tried hard to sleep but couldn't. The ground was way too hard. I managed to sleep earlier on but now, maybe because I was too self-conscious, I just couldn't sleep.

I sat up and looked over the other ladies. They seemed sound asleep while one of them snored herself out. I brought out my phone and saw three missed calls from Akin. I hissed and stood up to use the toilet. After using the toilet, I went out of the room. The passage was a little dark but had some traditional torches giving a dull light.

Getting to the reception, I was stopped by the receptionist.

          'I can't really sleep so I just want to stretch my body outside', I told the receptionist.

          'Ma, you can stretch your body in your room. There is AC in your room', the receptionist replied.

          'Excuse me? I'm not a kid and I'm not confined to a particular place. I can go to wherever I want to go at any time'

         'Madam, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that you can't go out now. This is almost 11pm and you're expected to be sleeping by now. Please go and sleep ma'

I was about to insult the life of the receptionist when Pastor John walked in looking like he just finished another series of prayer.

          'Sister Harriet', he said with a surprised look.

          'Oga, thank God you are here o. This woman wants to go and stretch her body outside at this ungodly hour', the receptinist quickly said

          'Are you kidding me?', I was visible vexed now.

         'That's okay', Pastor John quickly interrupted. 'She's one of us. She came with us and perhaps she wasn't too comfortable and needed to take a walk round. Right, Harriet?'

I nodded affirmatively. He gestured for me to take a walk with him which I did as I eyed the receptionist.

          'I really don't know how receptionists are recruited nowadays. That lady was very rude', I told Pastor John

          'That's why we as Christians have to show forth our light to them. We don't necessarily have to have the right words but we have to rest on the Holy Spirit that He'll direct our every word', Pastor John replied.

          'Okay', I said and kept mute as we strolled. We soon got to the stream. There were no birds but there were two ducks in sight. There were numerous little fishes swimming underneath. The searchlight emphasized their dark silvery color. It was such a beautiful sight.

           'Do you know I've never seen a duck before? And these little fishes are the cutest thing I've seen', I said and bent down to feel the water.

Pastor John stood with folded arms and a wide grin.

            'Our God is great. He made the streams, the ducks and these beautiful fishes. We're very assured that our lives are secure and beautiful in Him', he finally said.

           'Come on, Pastor! Come feel the fishes', I said and dragged him down.

           'Erm, Sister Harriet, No. I'm fine', he said but I had already dragged him down before he could say any other thing.

I deepened my hand into the water and caught a few fishes. When I brought them out, they slipped out and I laughed heartily. It felt so sweet and cute.

          'Pastor John, try it', I said but he hesitated. 'Come on now! Or are you scared of little fishes?', I teased.

          'Scared? I'm not. Infact, I used to catch very big fishes back home in Osun state before I came down to Ibadan', he said and rolled up his sleeves, his masculine arms becoming apparent.

           'Show me your skills, fisherman', I said and he dived his hands into the water and packed out large amount of fishes with many of them slipping out again.

           'Aha, our fisherman can't sustain the fishes outside the water', I teased

           'But you also couldn't do that when you brought them out', he said, laughing hard.

I laughed too. 'But I'm not a fisher man. You are'

           'Oh. I was but not anymore', he said.

While he laughed, I sneaked a little fish into my hand and threw it on him.

           'Ahaaaaaa!', he said and stood up to run.

I laughed so hard that I felt my chest almost begin to hurt.

           'What was that?', he asked

           'That-that was just...that was just - just a little fi-fish', I said unable to speak well because of my laughter.

           'Oh, really', he said with a straight face. 'How do you like one of those pretty ducks on you?' he winked

           'Wow! Don't even do that', I pleaded as he went close to one of the ducks.

I ran as he pursued me with one of the ducks in his hand. It was a struggle for him carrying one of the ducks as he ran. We were still running after each other when we heard someone call on us. We stopped immediately while still laughing and looked into the direction. Sister Teshola and Bola stood in front of us with faces filled with surprise and disbelief as the receptionist pointed to us.


(Read Episode 15 HERE)



  1. Eh! Pastor John don dey fall in love o. Hmm

  2. Oh my gosh. See me laughing and shining teeth here. This is going to be interesting to watch. I didn't see this coming at all. And I love it.


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