Hey Guys!

It's been quite long. I've been pretty busy. It's been a long week of reading because like I stated in my last post, my exams are very near. It's starting next week Monday precisely. So, I had to abandon my project because I have three papers next week and I'm yet to read my first paper. I've been digging into my second paper because it's the more bulky one. On the other hand, I'm pretty excited because next semester, I won't be doing anything. That just puts a smile on my face anytime I remember because I don't think there is anything better for a student than having nothing to do. Lol. I remember writing about 13 papers last semester. Now, I'm writing 8 papers and next semester is my resting semester. If you see me disturbing you, just know I'm very jobless. I would rather focus my energy on my project because we gats 7 point it right?

So, how was the first half of the year? I'm one person that doesn't really keep tabs of events as they occur but I guess it's a pretty bad habit and I have to change. For my first half of 2017, I had a number of goals I wanted to achieve before July. Let me give y'all a sneak peek into some of them.

  • Loose 15kg
  • Save a particular amount of money
  • Start out one of my business ideas
  • Be consistent with my blog
  • Be a wife material 100%
  • Be very close to God
  • 7 point all my courses this semester
Lol. These are the ones I would share. The rest are pretty confidential. So, have I achieved all of these? Iffa hear. Well, let's see them indepthly.


Do you want to know how much I weigh? I don't like spilling but because we're now family on here, I'll spill. I asked one of my friends yesterday how many KG she thinks I weigh and she said 65kg. Well, I wish. The last time I checked at home, I was weighing 70kg. That has been my stagnant weight (Is that expression correct? Lol.) I also checked at the beginning of the year and I was 70kg and I planned to loose 15kg in order to get to my elder sister's 55kg. Yes, my elder sister weighs 55kg. I'm obviously bigger than her. I planned to shed these pounds by eating healthy, eating in little portions and exercising. I actually started but iffa hear say I continue. Being consistent isn't easy o. I fell by the way and continued digging N250 loaf of bread with two big eggs while sitting lazily. The last time I checked three days ago, I was weighing 73kg!πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ I was pretty scared! I've been trekking ever since o. Lol. If you see me trekking, hope you now understand and I've been digging on fruits in the afternoon and evening while I eat a light meal in the morning. However, before I wrote this post, I quickly munched on cake and Chivita. Lord, deliver my mouth!


I wrote a post on how to spend wisely. That was last month's welcome post. I'm saving for the rainy days and most importantly, for the business I want to venture into after school. However, I couldn't achieve that particular amount because of too many things. By the way, I also won a giveaway on AmakaMedia's blog. That's a plus. So, I'll put a check to this. Yay!πŸ‘


This my head is full of too many business ideas. Infact, if you're looking for the business to venture into and you are confused, just come and meet me. Let me dash you one of my business ideas. While I was trying to set up, I decided that it would be better to start it off after school. Like my good friend, kester, said

          'Emete, you're still in school. You don't need to do too many things. Focus on your books, have dreams that you can orchestrate after school'

That's very true and that's what I plan to do. So, this is a check too.πŸ‘


I've actually tried but my major setback is data. I was almost tempted to switch to GLO but as I heard that the network isn't always good, I decided to stick to my loyal AIRTEL. Currently, I'm subscribed to 750MB for N500. On a normal day, I usually do 5GIG for N2500 or 3.5GIG for N2000 and if my pocket is speaking Chinese, I'll subscribe to 1.5GIG for N1000. But now, I plan to do 9GIG for N4000. I guess that will pay off. I was watching sisiyemmie's vlog when she mentioned that she spends almost 20k on data and I was like what???? Well, we will reach that level. Lol. I've really not been consistent on here. So, this is a thumbs down for now.πŸ‘Ž


I thought I was still young when I started hearing that my level mates are getting married and doing introduction. Since then, I've been eyeing the boo o. He should better hammer fast fast and comman give me ring. No time! One of my friends that works in an Oil company in Lagos and is living in lekki even started cutting eye for me and I was almost tempted to cut eye back before I remembered that I have a boo.😐 Temptation isn't good o. When guys are ready and your boo isn't even close to ready, it takes the grace of God. However, I already told myself that I must be a wife material 100% before the second half of the year. So, I must up my cooking skills, my caring skills (as per a good wife must be caring), my listening skills (my boo dey talk for africa ehn...lol), my finance management skills (as per a good wife must be good with money handling) etc. I could have checked this but I went on a friendly date with one of my male padi and he got me Chinese rice. I guess I want to start learning how to make international cuisine so that my husband won't have any reason to look outside, abi?


What's more important than this? Not because of anyone but for myself. Not because of the Hallelujah challenge even though it was a plus. I was enjoying the Hallelujah challenge till it became a celebrity meetup. That was a great distraction but I had to take my eyes off them. That's their own palaver. I've really been striving to hit the mark and I thank God because He's been really helping me. I'm still not there but I can see a lot of improvement, really. Today, after a long time, when I and my bobo were leaving his mom's house, I told him we needed to pray together which we did. This surprisingly brought us and connected us together because I've been avoiding praying with him so he won't tag me spiricoco even though we are both Christians but I ditched all of that and did it and see what God did. After the prayers, we communicated about a lot of things and I was glad God just did what only He could do. How would I be a christian and be ashamed to speak about God to people? Not only about speaking but living it. May God help us all.


But for the strike, I should have finished my first semester exam and I planned to 7 point them all. However, it's not too late. Let me kuku check this in faith. πŸ‘ Please pray for success in my exams. Amen

I can categorically say I had a swell first half and I'm hopeful for a great second half. How was your first half? Did you keep tabs? Did you achieve your goals? Even if you didn't, just like me, don't be discouraged, we still have 6 more months to check our score cards, God willing.

Photo Credit - My Infinix Hot 4 Lite

Side Gist - Like I mentioned earlier, I was the grand winner of AmakaMedia Blog Giveaway and I'm super doper excited. Remember I told you guys to participate? So don't beef me o. I truly appreciate her and you guys should check out her amazing blog on - www.amakamedia.com and thank me later. Also, help me thank her o. Don't forget to pray for the success of my exams.

Thanks For Reading!!!πŸ’—πŸ’‹



  1. Hey Emete! Welcome back and success in your post. I enjoyed this light hearted post

    1. Amen. Thanks a bunch, Emeka. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. That wife material 100% got me so cracked. You're really funny young lady! Kester is very right. One step at a time. Very cool blog you've got!

    1. Lol. #big grin. I'm glad it made you laugh and oh yes! Kester is very right. Thanks for stopping by, dearest ashanti.

  3. I had a nice and funny time reading this. Welcome back, Emete. I admire girls who know it is necessary to be skilled in cooking. You can visit dooneyskitchen(dot)com, sisiyemmie(dot)com, sisijemimah(dot) and others to improve your cooking skills. *smiles*
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Teslim, dear. Thanks a bunch. I follow those cooking blogs by heart. Thanks for the recommendation and have a great day, sweetie.

  4. I like how honest you are.. its really refreshing.
    May the second half be greater than the first half of the Year.

    1. Amen, yevandy. Thanks for stopping by, sweet!

  5. Great post. God will do and perfect all that is in your heart and more in Jesus name.

  6. Can I just love up on this post and go?


  7. Lol. Of course you can. E - hugs


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