This has to be the most boring strike holiday ever. And Yes, my university is on strike for whatever reason. On a normal day, I'm always anticipating strike. Weird right? I just always secretly wish to go home anytime I've spent at least 5 weeks in school. But now, the strike was uncalled for. Remember I was initially sick? So, I left school last week Friday and came home to treat myself with the hope of returning back on Monday. However, that same Monday, I got an alert that our vice - chancellor had declared an almost two months strike. I was broken! Now, not because I wanted to hop back to class but because I had a long list of things I intended to do on getting back to school. And my parents? They were excited that I'll be staying back. It was really tough. It's been tough.

I also wanted to go see Alakada Reloaded at Ventura Mall that same day but the strike destabilized my plan and for the first time, I'm wishing school will just resume already. Like, I'm just so bored. I've never been this bored in my life. All I do is wake up exactly 10am, do my devotional, check my phone for whatsapp notification, scroll through Instagram, bath, eat, take up my laptop and check my blog and other sites, sit down lazily, perhaps sleep again, eat, go to church for weekly service, come back home and watch TV and finally go back to bed. Nothing at home excites me and guess what I've been secretly wishing? I've been secretly wishing that ... don't let me spill the beans.


Anyhow, life is just boring right now. I'm not depressed o. Depression is different from being bored. I'm very happy but I'm not excited about being at home and not hanging out with my friends at school. Not jumping from one place to another. Such stressful boredom. I'm even tired of watching TV sef. Strange! DSTV isn't giving us anything exciting or so I think. So while thinking out loud, there are some things I often wish to do and I will love to share it with y'all.


                                        THINGS I WILL LOVE TO DO

1. Travel Outside Nigeria

One country I'm totally eyeing is the UK for whatever reason. I'm not particularly excited about Dubai. I used to love Dubai but when my mom went there last year and told me about how hot the place is, I scraped it off. I would also love to travel to Ghana. Like I've gotten really positive review about that place. I also love their culture and fashion for whatever reason. I recently heard about Zanzibar Island in  Tanzania and maybe, just maybe, I might love to go there. America doesn't excite me anymore. I would however love to visit Asia and see places such as India and Korea. Maybe because of their movies. China too is a must for me. A friend of mine just got back from China and the pictures are everything. I'm also following them on Instagram - @chinadestinations. 

2. Go Somewhere Fun

I love fun. I love adventure. And that's why you won't see me in my hostel every time. I'm always outside either visiting friends, going to the cinema, window shopping or doing something fun. I've never had the opportunity to swim. I will love to do that. I'll also love to visit an amusement park and climb that roller coaster. I will also love to visit Disney Island some day. I love to see intriguing things. Anything that can make me go 'waowu'. No confinement.

3. Eat Different Delicacy

I love to cook but I don't like cooking. That's a fault. However, I love to eat too. I love to eat different things. I grew up eating Rice, Eba, Rice, Eba. However, now, I eat different things. I have variety. Notwithstanding, I want to eat other things. I really want to taste Ghana Jollof. I want to know what South African food tastes like. I want to know how different countries make their meals and how exactly they taste.

4. Organize An Event

For whatever reason, I've been daydreaming about organizing an event. Not for anyone but for myself. Either a teen summer camp or a ladies day out or a couple retreat or a musical or something. I just feel like feeling the process and doing something. Of recent, I've seen idleness as something very ugly. I want to get involved in something. Something that won't make me sit all day and sleep all day.

5. Get Married

If you were expecting this point, you didn't expect amiss. By now, y'all should know I fantasize so much about marriage and the day I get married ehn, my wedding pictures will flood the blog. It's not like I see marriage as something ultimate. I want to marry because I fantasize so much about having my own kids and I don't want to have them outside wedlock. For where! Of course, the time will come. I'm not ready now but I often fantasize about it. A lot! And guess what, I had a dream last night in connection to this. Very funny!


Before I sign out, let me quickly do the normal ritual. Enjoy!

READING: Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E . A Adeboye.

WATCHING: King Women series by Kemi Adetiba. Everyone should go see it. Real stuff! I've watched the interviews of Chigurl...real deep woman, TY Bello...very heartwarming and Tara Fela Durotoye...speechless.

EATING: Just finish eating Jollof Rice made by my Mom.

MAKING: Planning seriously on the business stuff I want to do after school.

WASTING: Nothing actually

KNOWING: I need to read for my first semester exams. I want my CGPA to be gallant. It is already.

WISHING- I had a car

NEEDING - A car and a holiday outside the country. I seriously need to unwind.

WONDERING: Why some guys think the way they do and what attributes for their almighty ego.

HOPING: To get married soon.

WEARING: A tank top and a deeper life skirt. Everyday house wear.

FEELING: Really bored.

Done and Dusted!


Finally, I saw this on another blog and I thought to myself, why don't I quickly do mine?

                                    5 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ME


It's very funny how too many people think I'm a snob. This can be attributed to the way I look and walk. I never even knew I walked confidently till people started telling me. I never knew I looked snobbish till people started telling people. People used to tell me that the reason they didn't want to talk to me initially was because they thought I was a snub and I used to wonder why. I'm not a snob o. At all! I can never snob you. Now, anytime I see someone I know or I don't know, I really always want to greet the person. If I end up not greeting you, it's because of four things - I wanted to greet you but you weren't looking at me, I wanted to greet you but the way you looked at me wasn't welcoming, I wanted to greet you but I was in a haste or I didn't see you, I've always been the one greeting you first but you've never one day thought to greet me first. So, I intentionally do not greet you to see if you would greet me first. I'm not a snob and I would never snob anyone intentionally even if you've offended me.


Chineke! I heard this more often when I was doing Cambridge and in my 100 level days. Like, how would I be smiling on the road for no reason? Some people's face are built in a way that you would think they are smiling when they are not while other people's face are built in a way that you would think they are frowning when they are simply looking normal. Maybe that's my case, I don't know. Seriously, people used to complain that I smiled a lot when I was younger. I love to smile but I can't just be laughing like a jackass on the road for no reason. If I see you, I will smile especially during a conversation.


Lol. Too many people have told me this. Well, this 80% true especially when I'm pissed off but really, I care just that I don't look it. I care a lot o. Infact, maybe too much. My friend who was very close to me attested to this fact that I care a lot. However, I don't look it. If you used to smile to me whenever we see and you stopped, I would start wondering because I care. If you used to gist with me and you stopped, I would start wondering. However, I won't tell you. I would pretend not to care. Deep inside me, I over care. I really care. I'm quite emotional but I will never show it and it's pretty intentional. I hate to be taken for granted.


And because of this, some people think I lie a lot. People who used to think I lie a lot held that misconception till they drew close to me and realized that I'm honest to a fault. I remember in secondary school. If something happened and the teacher wanted to get the truth, they will simply hear my report over others and my classmates hated my honesty. I'm that honest because I don't want to go to hell. Lol. However, I can joke for Africa. I can decide to formulate one thing and I would be so serious and you would believe and then I would shout 'It's a lie o!'. Obviously, I told you it's a lie and a joke. You should know I'm joking. But when it comes to serious issues, I can never lie. I will always tell you the truth. At all times. Regardless. So maybe I joke too much to the extent that you will be confused of when I'm serious. However, I don't lie. At all. And I do this with people I'm close and comfortable with not just anyone.


It really pained me when I realized some people think I'm not nice. I'm like one of the nicest person you might ever meet. I'm serious. Too nice to a fault! But I always check my niceness with people that take me for granted. The only thing I'm selfish about is my food and I've mentioned this countless times. I can give you money to buy yours but I won't share mine. Impossicant! Any other thing, I'm very nice. Only people who have taken time to study me honestly know how nice I am.


So, that's it. I hope when I meet y'all, you won't have these misconceptions about me and you will understand me better.

Thanks For Reading!!!💗💋



  1. I'm also very bored. But your blog has been company

  2. Girl you're still in school and you want to get married? Hmmm. And I think you should start up the business in school, it would totally help after graduation especially if the job doesn't come immediately. I agree, DSTV is dry these days, can't imagine how you are coping. Why not try to make the most of this short time and learn a quick new skill or visit someone. And I'm about ready to travel and leave Nigeria again. I'd love to go to Zanzibar and Dubai. If you're thinking of Asia, visit Thailand too, I lived there for almost seven years and loved every bit of it. Also wishing I had a car or mastered driving by now, life would be so much easier.

    Princess Audu

    1. @sarah enuwa audu, I never said I want to get married in school o. Don't misunderstand me. I said I usually fantasize about it. I love the idea a lot but I also mentioned that I'm not ready now. I still have a lot of things to do with my life before then. I'm simply a fan of the concept of marriage. Shikena. Thanks for your kind comment.

  3. Great thoughts and perspective, and all the best with your goals and dreams. Greetings!

    1. @blogoratti, thanks! I appreciate! Greetings!

  4. Nice pictures. I was only staring at the pictures, then I read that you'd love to organize an event. That's something really worth investing time on.

    Emete, what if these misconceptions are true? I thought you were going to totally debunk them but lines like "I'm too nice to a fault! But I always check my niceness" and "however, I can joke for Africa" leave me some doubts. Lol.

    Have a great weekend, dear.

    1. @nwamaka ajaegbu, please don't get me wrong. The statement I'm too nice to a fault means that I could be very nice to the extent of being taken for granted by others. In other to avoid been taken for granted, I often check my niceness. While I can joke for Africa is applicable to people I'm comfortable with. I mentioned that earlier. It means I joke a lot even when I'm expected to be serious and so people misunderstand this move. That's all I was trying to say. I hope it's clarified now. Thanks for stopping by sweet.


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