This review is quite funny because I didn't watch this movie in the cinema. I wasn't opportune to. However, I went to see my elder brother in Lagos and I found the movie amongst other movies in his film rack. I was totally taken aback and surprised. I was surprised because I never knew they had released the movie. On the other hand, I was elated and quickly 'fapped' the movie with the aim of telling my brother when I had already gotten home so he wouldn't be able to crucify me then. Lol.

Getting home, I slotted the disc in and to my surprise, it was a pirated version. Chai! Me sef been dey wonder am say how dem go take release the movie for VCD so fast. The picture quality was bad but it was clear enough. It was obviously dubbed from the cinema as I could see people walking up and down in Dark Shadows on TV. however, this didn't stop me from enjoying the movie as I was bent on watching it by force by fire.

Importantly, please let's stop pirating movies. The pirators of this movie have spoilt the market of the producers of The Boss Baby in advance even before they decide to release it. I'm sure they spent millions of dollars in doing this animation. Biko, let's fear God o. And we too, let's not patronise pirated movie sellers. This is because if we do so, we are joining hands in supporting pirated movies. Let's fear God too.



The Boss Baby is a very interesting animation about a young boy of 7 called Tim Leslie Templeton. He's a very sweet kid and has a very powerful imagination. He is the only child of his parents. His parents works for a puppy company called PuppyCo as marketers and they also strive to give him the very best in all ramification. They always give him all the attention he craves and this makes him the happy child he is.

However, all these changed when he had a new baby brother who is the boss baby. Everything turned around in his life. His parents no longer gave him any attention. Everything was directed towards the new baby and this made Tim unloved. Asides from that, the boss baby was very rude and cried a lot too. All this contributed to Tim hating the baby.

Tim was then determined to find out who the boss baby really was and why he came to destabilize his happy family. From his outcome, he discovered that the baby could talk like a man and also received calls from a strange person. He tried to tell his parents but they never believed him and even ended up getting him grounded.

While he was grounded, he had a conversation with the baby where he realized that the baby was on a mission. A certain man called Francis Francis who is the owner of puppyco where his parents worked had a mission to build a puppy that would last forever and therefore take away all the love parents had for their babies whilst diverting it to this eternal puppy. Babies were upset with this and they decided to send the boss baby to earth, to Tim family so that he can discover this puppy and get rid of it.

The Boss Baby also made Tim realize that if he failed in the mission, he would be grounded on earth forever with Tim and he would torment his life forever. Tim was scared and decided to join hands with the boss baby to stop the owner of puppyco. So, they pretended to be best friends and therefore, Tim got his freedom.

One day, his parents decided to take them to work. They found this as the best opportunity to carry out their mission. They got to work and finally got their hands around the file of the new puppyco. Unknown to them, it was a trap by the owner of puppyco who intended to steal the boss baby potion. When they got the file, the ground started leveling and they found themselves underground in front of the evil master.

In summary, the boss baby potion was stolen, the boss baby and Tim haunted the evil puppyco master, interrupted the launch of the eternal puppy and the boss baby finally went back to babies world. However, he and Tim had already formed a strong bond and they both missed each other. Back in the babies world, the boss baby got promoted and had a huge office of his own but was destabilized because he missed Tim. Tim too missed the boss baby and his trouble and decided to write him a memo proposing his coming back.

The Boss baby received the memo with joy and resigned from the management babies world. He then returned to Lindsey's family as a new born baby with his naughtiness to the happiness of Tim and himself. At the end, Tim and the boss baby were all grown up and Tim had a daughter who he was telling the story to. Finishing the story, he told her that she had a new baby sister. The baby sister laid in a cot asleep. When she awoke, she was wearing a black suit too. Perhaps, she's the new boss baby.


This is a great movie and one thing I learnt is the fact that there is enough love to go round. Tim wanted to monopolize his parent's love. He didn't want to share with the boss baby. The boss baby taught him that it's important to learn to share. This movie is very excellent for kids. Every parent should get it for their child when the movie comes out. I don't know if it's still showing in the cinema. If it is, it would be N600 by now. So, y'all can go see it. It's a good time killer. A really cute movie.


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  1. Lol. Very interesting review. I feel like I've watched it already. I used to be like Lindsey when I was a kid. Lol

    1. @temitan, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Almost every kid was like Lindsey though.


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