Yam and Beans

It's very funny how people think Amala and Abula is the only good food you can get in Ibadan. Ibadan is actually the home to good food but aside from Amala, there are a couple of other good food you can get in Ibadan. Old Naija Blog gives us the top 5 food you should make sure you 'scabash' when next you are in Ibadan or if you are in Ibadan already. Besides, if you are not reading that blog already, you should start doing it now. Thank me later. 

The cosmopolitan city of Ibadan, the third largest city in Africa, lies in the south western part of Nigeria. Ibadan which is the capital of Oyo State is famous for its rich cultural heritage, historical backgroundpeculiar lifestyle and aura of liveliness which makes it stand as one of the most populated cities in Nigeria. When it comes to food, mouth-watering food, Ibadan cannot be shove aside due to its delicious and tantalizing delicacies impeccably prepared by masters in the art. So, when you are on a visit to Ibadan, here are five foods we suggest you eat before you leave.
Amala and Ewedu and Gbegiri
1. Amala and Ewedu Soup
This is the peculiar and number one food eaten by Ibadan people. No one can ever beat Ibadan women in preparing soft and smooth Amala with drawing ewedu soup seasoned with iru (locust beans). Occasionally, the Ewedu soup is mixed with Gbegiri (beans soup) to power up its irresistible taste. Already salivating? Visit Ibadan!
Booli and Epa
2. Booli (smoked plantain) and Epa (groundnut)
Three ‘gbosas’ for the women of Molete, Ojoo, Mokola, Beere, Idi-Arere and many other places in Ibadan. When you see smoke emanating beneath a big Glo or Eitsalat umbrella, wait a bit for the aroma to brush your nose. If it is the aroma of Booli, run if you have no money on you. The price of Booli ranges according to its size. There is N150, N100 and N80 Booli. Just order for one with N50 groundnut and your belly fold will forever hail your name.
Bread and butter hawker in ibadan
3. Bread and Butter
Roaming the streets of Ibadan, you can never miss the melodious voices of women and maidens calling people to buy bread and butter. Though, this is not an indigenous food of Ibadan, Ibadan people, however, have indigenize it. On your visit to Ibadan, find a bread and butter shed or just look around for its hawkers; place your order, be it a whole (odindin) or sliced one (gígé) which ranges from N50 to N200. Buy butter; N30 butter should be enough for N100 bread, and to save you the stress, these bread and butter experts will skillfully slice your bread and butter its inner fold. Sit back and enjoy your life!

Ogi and moi-moi
Ogi and Moin-Moin | Hariet Chi

4. Ekọ/Ogi (Pap) and Moin-moin
Excluding rice, the combination of Ogi and Moin-moin is the most eaten breakfast of average families in Ibadan. Ekọ, also called Ogi, is made from corn, and moin-moin, from beans. Moin-moin can either be prepared with palm oil or groundnut oil but most importantly, both will make you salivate. This perfect food combination is not hard to find on the streets of Ibadan.

Yam and Beans
Yam and Beans | Korje Blog

5. Yam and Beans
This is another perfect and sumptuous food combination the people of Ibadan cherish. Hardly will you see any canteen in Ibadan, be it in garages or on the streets, that doesn’t offer this life saving food combination.
SourceOld Naija Blog
PhotoCredit - Old Naija Blog
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