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First of all, I have great news for everyone (that cares to know). I'm done with the chapter one of my project. YAAY! Except you have written a final year project, you can't understand how happy I am. You know, I learn't one very vital life lesson. It's not about how far but how well. Also, it's not about who starts first but who finishes first. For many weeks, I was busy ranting on how my supervisor had refused me from starting my chapter one while others had started. I was frustrated and very sad. Just four days ago, my supervisor approved for me to start. Yesterday evening, I sat up all evening writing it and made sure I finished it while many others who have gotten approval since are yet to even start. That's one thing I want you guys to take from here.

Going to the business on ground, omo, getting a job in this Nigeria no be beans o. I was broke one time and I decided to even try getting a job. If you see the kind of sun that dealt with me ehn plus the numerous rejections. It was then I knew and understood the frustration of many unemployed graduates. I was reading the news some days ago about Governor Ajimobi giving the Oyo State waste management business to a private company and this post came to my mind. There are so many business ideas that would thrive in Ibadan but the most prominent and perhaps, the most overlooked are these:

1. Waste Management Business

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For a long time, people have complained on how dirty Ibadan used to be. We are however grateful that steps have been taken to change that into a misconception. However, a lot still needs to be done. We need to keep the city even more clean and it starts from making the market women more aware of their environment and that they shouldn't throw dirty water on the road because it can make it smell and attract flies. People should stop throwing their rubbish on the road. Asides from the grassroot level, you can also start a waste management business. I'm not here to teach HOW to start but WHAT to start. There is a whole lot of money in this business venture and asides from benefiting you, it would go a long way in benefiting the city and it's people.

2. Food Business

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There are a lot of cafeterias, bukas and restaurants in Ibadan. Notwithstanding, you will make a lot of money if you decide to open your own food business. It could be a local canteen where Amala, Eba, Pounded Yam and others are sold. Of course, Ibadan people appreciate their local dish. It could also be a restaurant where international cuisines are sold such as Chinese and Lebanese rice. It all balls down to packaging and most importantly, the proximity of your canteen to a heavily populated area. Do your homework if you want to venture into this business.

3. Cab Business

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In Lagos, we have UBER and newly, TAXIFY. You can start your own private cab business in Ibadan too. It's something people are yet to think of. A friend of mine started his own called KNIGHT Cabs but due to financial constraints, he had to suspend it. If you have the money, you can pull this off easily. People would prefer to enter a private cab with AC than a cab where the driver would curse their entire generation before they collect their change. You could change the face of Ibadan with this. This is obviously capital intensive. If you have the money or know where to source for it, this is a great business idea to pull off.

4. Being a tourist guide

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Being a tourist guide is one business that would fetch you a whole lot of money. This is because so many people really want to put on their adventure cap but do not have anyone to direct them. You can become one and get paid for it if you know your way around. I would have appreciated if I had a tourist guide when I newly came into Ibadan but I was quite stuck with google and having to ask people around for direction. I bet it with you, you will make a lot of money from this.

5. Your personal business idea

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Ibadan is a metropolitan city that is filled with people from different parts of the country who are ready to explore new ideas and opportunities as well as ventures. Your business idea, yes, that one you are nurturing will obviously thrive in Ibadan if you do your homework well. Nothing is too big or too small. The most important thing is for you to START.

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SideGist - Who is anticipating Alakada Reloaded like me? Well, I am! As well as The Wedding Party 2. Last time I went to the cinema, there were no thrilling movies. They should release new movies already jare.

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  1. These are great business ideas. Thanks for this.

  2. This business are obviously worth venturing into Emete. But I would love to ask, won't a fashion business thrive in Ibadan city or do the people there just love patronizing the local markets and overlook fashion boutiques? BTW girl I'm so anticipating the WEDDING are not alone. I love this post, keep it up please.

    1. @dominika goodness, sweetpie, that's why the last point states that YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS IDEA will thrive in Ibadan. If you are into fashion business, come build it up in Ibadan. Ibadan people are very classy and fashionable people. You will be surprised! They patronize boutiques and local markets altogether. And as for Wedding Party 2, babe, they fell my hand o. Can you believe it won't be out till december? Why the long wait na?

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