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After a few seconds, I withdrew myself.

          'I have to go now', I told him as I tried opening the door.

          'Why? It's not too late yet', he said and placed a hand on my shoulder.

I shrugged. 'I have to go now please'

He sighed. 'It's okay. However, I'm not sorry about what just happened. I just want you to know I really like you and would be glad if you give this a thought'

I maintained silence. I had a lot I wanted to say but somehow, I refused to say anything.

He drew closer and kissed my ear, unlocked the car and allowed me go.

I couldn't sleep that night. I felt disturbed. Timi seemed really nice. Looking at the situation of things, it's been long since I was in a relationship - 4 years maybe. I'm 27 and still single. The people around me aren't even helping matters. I need a relationship badly and the only available option is Timi. I called Bola before sleeping and she promised to see me the next day after work.

The hotel was a cool place but I needed somewhere homely. So, I suggested we go to her house. She lived in a little flat and had few neighbors. Her house was well - furnished with all the necessity of life any single person would wish for. She brought me a chilled chivita from her little fridge alongside a glass cup.

          'How are you?', she asked as she took a sip from her drink

          'I'm alright. You?', I replied

          'I'm okay as you can see. I'm as busy as ever. Yesterday night, you sounded low and a bit sad. What happened?'

I didn't plan to tell anyone about Timi but around Bola, I felt total peace.

          'Nothing much. Just relationship stuff', I said as I took a sip.

          'Hmmm. You never told me there was a lucky guy around the corner. What's his name?', she asked with a big grin.

          'Common, bola! There is no guy. I'm as single as the word'


          'But I met a guy recently though'


          'It's a long story but the summary is that I really like him and I'm thinking of giving it a shot'

          'Hmm', she said and adjusted herself on her seat.


          'Have you prayed about it?'

Okay. That's one thing I hate too hear and that's why I try to keep a great distance from religious people. They just have a way of complicating life.

          'Bola please', I said. 'If that's all you have to say then...'

          'Hey!', she interrupted. 'I asked a question that requires a Yes or No answer and not ramblings'

I was beginning to get pissed.

          'Bola, I really don't like the way you talk to me sometimes. Like, I'm an adult not your junior sister'

She sighed and kept silence for a minute.

          'I'm sorry', she finally said. 'I just...I really see you as a sister and I tend to converse with you the same way I would do to a sister. I didn''t mean to talk to you badly'

         'It's okay. I didn't pray about it and I'm not planning to', I said

She was baffled. 'But why?'

          'Bola, what's there to pray about? I have my common sense and I can tell when I connect with a person and when I don't. God helps those who help themselves. That's my belief'

Bola swallowed hard. I knew there was a lot she wanted to say but she simply kept mute.

          'I think we should just forget about all these', I said

          'I'm interested in your choice, Harriet. I don't want you to make a wrong choice. You are too special to be taken for granted'

          'Bola, no one is going to take me for granted. Let's end it all here. Infact, I'm leaving. We would talk later', I said, standing up.

          'It's not gotten up to that now', bola said, walking up to me.

          'I'm tired, bola. we would see later', I said and reached on to the door.

          'Can I at least hug you?''

I let her hug me but I didn't reciprocate.

I spent the entire night thinking about Bola. Inasmuch as I hated holier than thou people, I liked Bola a lot but she was beginning to piss me however.

When I got to office the next day, I saw a whole lot of red roses on the floor leading to my office. I could smell a rat but I needed to act surprised.

          'What's all these on the floor?', I shouted with pretentious anger

The flowers led to my office and when I opened the door, I saw a big package. I quickly locked my door and started unwrapping it. There was a really huge teddy bearing an 'I LOVE YOU' sign, there was a gold wristwatch, a perfume and a big card with a message from Timi talking about how much he loved me and promised never to break my heart. I felt like the most loved person in the world. I hugged the teddy bear tightly. When I was about hiding the package, my phone buzzed. It was a message notification and it read

I'm outside

I was so elated. I took my bag immediately and dashed outside.

          'You people should get this office cleaned up!', I told the workers.

I could sense their 'yimu' expression. Timi leaned on his Jeep. He stretched open his arms for a tight hug. He smelt really good.

          'I've not forgiven you for last night', I told him

          'And I'm not sorry either', he said and pecked me.

I laughed. 'You're totally annoying'

          'I know. Do you like the gift?'

          'I absolutely love them!', I exclaimed. 'Thanks darling'

          'The pleasure is mine. Anything for you, my queen'

He drove us to Palms Shopping Mall.

          'Pick anything you want', he said as we entered a clothe store.

          'You don't mean it', I exclaimed

He held my waist and drew me closer.

          'I always mean anything and everything I say', he said and gave me a partial kiss before releasing me.

I was so elated. It wasn't as if I couldn't afford to shop anyhow I wanted. I just didn't have the time and I was busy investing my money into other things. I commenced my shopping. There were a whole lot of awesome things I could pick from. After picking some really nice stuff, he brought out his credit card and when the entire cash was calculated, it was almost N50,000. I gave him a side eye but he didn't look worried in anyway. He helped carry some of the package as we walked to Coldstone ice cream stand. He got two cups for the both of us. The Ice - Cream tasted really heavenly. Leaving there, we went into Shoprite. He got some fruits for himself and got me some food as well. We found a place to eat.

          'What will you be doing this night?', he asked a he munched his food

          'Nothing much except for preparing for the next day', I replied.

He narrowed his eyes. 'Do you club?', he whispered

I gave a brief laugh. 'More than you do', I said.

He bit his lower lips. 'I like that. There is a new club that just opened at Molete. It's owned by my friend. It's going down tonight and I would like us to turnup together'

          'That would be great. Where is Molete?'

He laughed. 'My dearest Jonny - just - come. When we get there, you will know'

Evening came quickly. I found a really slutty wear in my box. If I dare bend down, my entire backside would be revealed and I wasn't wearing any other thing than a G- String. I did a really nice makeover and slipped into my gold heels. Timi called that he was outside already. I found my way out of the hotel and when I was just about hugging Timi, someone called out my name. I looked around. It was Bola. She wore a really long gown, a black beret and flat shoes.

          'What are you wearing and who is this man?'. she asked with great shock

          'Who is this?', Timi asked me

          'I'm going out Bola. We would see some other time', I said

          'But today is our weekly service in Church and Pastor told me to bring you along'

          'I said I'm going out and we would see later. Which part of my sentence don't you understand?'

I eyed her and walked into the car. I could hear her calling 'JESUS' repeatedly.

          'Who was that?', Timi asked as he drove to the club

          'A friend', I replied

          'I never knew you had Mummy G.Os as friends', he teased.

          'I don't like that. Respect my friends'

          'Hey! I was just joking here', he said and gave my hair a light stroke. 'You look delicious'

I thought that was really dumb though.

As we drew closer to the club, I could hear the loud music and the heavy beat. We arrived the club in no time. The colorful signboard read 'H5 CLUB'. I was really anxious to see the inside of the club whether it would meet Lagos Standard. He pulled over at the park and we got down. On our way inside, he kept greeting a lot of people.

The inside was hell. There were strippers all around. Some were pole dancing while others were lap dancing on some men. At the far end were some lesbians. So many people were smoking heavily and drinking. I could see danger in their eyes. I wasn't scared because I was used to all of it in Lagos but I was only surprised that Ibadan was as exposed as this. We found some long stools at the bar and Timi ordered for some really strong drinks.

          'Do you like this place?', he asked amidst the loud noise.

          'Great place', I replied.

The attendant brought our drinks and Timi helped pour my drink into a little glass cup. As I took the first sip, he placed his hands on my totally exposed laps. The drink was really strong. My sight went blur for a few seconds and I felt my brain touch.

          'You like the drink?', he asked as he drank a second cup.

          'Yea. Great', I said as he poured another for me.

Behind him was a girl who looked underage. She was stark naked and was dancing passionately while some men sprayed her money. Just beside us, a fight had ensued between two ladies over a guy. The other lady who claimed to be the guy's girlfriend accused the second lady of trying to seduce him.

          'I don't like the fact that you are looking around', Timi said. 'Focus on me, baby.'

I smiled and took another round. My senses were beginning to disintegrate now. I held my head tight. It seemed so big.

          'You okay, baby?', Timi asked but it sounded like his voice echoed a hundred times.

When I looked up at him, I could see him in 6 different places. It seemed so funny to me and I began to laugh hard. He poured another drink and gave it to me. I drank it immediately. Everywhere became blurry to me. Before I could think, Timi dragged me up and led the way into a dark corridor. I was not in my right senses but I could see what was happening but in a blurry vision. I could hear him unlock a door. We entered and he locked it back. I fell on the floor and held my head. The room was dark and the only light was a blur moon light that penetrated through the window.

He pulled me up and began undressing me. I was too weak to speak.

          'Wha- wh - what are you do - doi - doing?', I managed to ask.


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  1. Ghenghen! When aunty bola was warning her, she dinnur hear. Upload episode 9 biko. The suspense is getting too much

    1. @shantell, lol. Abi o. Episode 9 would be up soon. Enjoy the other posts.

  2. Ghen Ghen. This is interesting. Harriet don find wetin she dey look for. I hope he doesn't rape her.
    Emete! This your club description. Reminds me if some of my colleagues. Na them know all the club wey dey Ib.
    Anyway, I read two episodes today so make I no dey impatient.

    1. @abisola, ghenghen, I hope so too o. Episode 9 will be up soon


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