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First things first, HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

Like play like play, 2017 is gradually wrapping up. Oga o. No be small thing. God has however been good to us from January till now. Even if you think you don't have any testimony, the fact that you are breathing right now is a major testimony. Last year, I was happy and having a jolly good time with my family because school was on break. All of a sudden, I developed shortage of breath. I thought it was a joke till I could hardly breath. My people, my father had to rush me to the hospital around after 10pm or 11pm. I can't remember the specific time now. All I know is that it was very late. That was the first time I ever used an oxygen mask.

Prior to that, I didn't do anything funny with my self. My nose no jam wall. Everything was fine till the devil decided to attack. Please, is breathing not a testimony??? That you can breath properly, isn't it enough to thank God? So many people are in the hospital presently and are relying on an oxygen mask to breath while you are breathing without any aid. It's enough to thank God. If you have had an injury on your leg and you had to walk with crutches or walk abnormally, you would definitely thank God for your leg. When I was a child, I got my hand broken and they had to wrap it up...I can't remember what it's called now. Only one hand was useful at the time. Isn't it enough to thank God for good hands?

We have every reason to thank God. And we have an obligation to live for Him alone. The one who never sleeps not slumber. Our provider and protector. Our shield and fortress. The only one we can run to in times of danger. The merciful one. The Loving God. He loved us so much that He sent His only begotten son to die for us. What manner of love?! That's why we have to be real with Him. We have to draw close to Him for real. It's beyond words. It more of action. The month of May is not too late to start. How then do we draw close to Him then?

                      DRAWING CLOSE TO GOD THIS MAY


The Bible says for all have sinned not for few have sinned. ALL have sinned. God cannot communicate or draw close to someone who is in sin. He loves the sinner of course but He hates the sin. The first step to drawing close to God is by realizing that you are sinner and asking for forgiveness with the aim of never going back to such sin. It will be foolhardy to repeat mistakes multiple times. Many people ask God for forgiveness with the aim of repeating such sin. That is abusing the grace of God. That is abusing the mercy of God. If you really love God, you would make a deliberate effort never to go back to your sin which can be made possible only by the Grace of God.


In this Christian race, there are so many friends you would have to get rid of. Remember, the Bible warns us that we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Any friend that you have that is rather pulling you far away from Christ than pulling you closer to Him, please do away with such friends. And yes, such bad friends are present in church. So, don't think all persons in church are good friend materials. You have to be able to discern properly in order to be able to make the right choice of friends. The fact that you are co - workers doesn't automatically mean you should be friends. If you don't share similar values, you don't have to connect. When it comes to work, you work together but outside work, you wish them well and move on because having good and godly friends can either help you draw closer to God or away from God. I discovered that many of my friends are ones that tend to use the 'f' word in almost every conversation. They are so comfortable with it. I thought I could ignore till one day, I almost made use of it. Beware of your friends.


If you feel the church you are attending presently is not helping you move closer to God, please change your church. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. You are accountable to no one so no one should bother you with silly questions. Attend a church where the truth of the word is preached in an undiluted form not a church with twisted truth. Attend a church where Heaven is their focus and not prosperity. Attend a church where love and peace is preached without hypocrisy. Attend a church where Christ is their mirror and not the world. If your present church is not all these things, whether you are a worker or not, your eternity is at stake, please change your church and look for a Bible believing church.


This is a great way of drawing close to God. The word of God should be our mirror. I would prefer we use a King James Version alongside any other version we might want to read. This is because there are many things that have been changed and twisted in many of these new and modern versions. I remember our Pastor in Church telling us to open a particular verse of the Bible which was a very common one. When I opened The Living Bible Version, it was an entirely different thing that was there. No, the words weren't even changed or modified to make us understand better. I mean, it was entirely different. For example, King James is saying - God loves you and in the same verse in another Bible version, it is saying - Eat very well. Isn't there a problem? So please, read your Bible more often every morning before you step out or do anything and every evening just before you sleep. And when you do so, pray that the Holy Spirit would give you understanding because the Bible says the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. The Bible goes beyond those written words. You need the Holy Spirit to really interpret them properly to you. That's why many end-time churches are drawing people to hell with their different and wrong interpretation of the word of God.


If you don't even pray at all, please start praying now and if you pray once in a while, please start praying often. The bible admonishes us to pray WITHOUT ceasing. We are expected to pray at ALL time not sometimes. Not when the going is getting bad. Pray even when things are good. I was listening to a message Pastor Adeboye preached in 1998. He said, pray when you are about to build a house in order to avert every stumbling block. Pray while you are building the house in order to destroy anything that could stop you from finishing it. Pray when you finish the house in order to prevent it from being brought down. In other words, pray at all times. Pray when you wake up, pray even as you engage in your daily activities and pray before you sleep. If you don't know how to speak in tongues, don't engage in false tongues. It's a sin. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. If you don't know what to pray for, pray for Grace and Mercy.


It is very important that we live lives worth of emulation. We should always remember that we are in the world but not of the world. It's not an easy journey and that was why the Lord told us that WHEN we pass through fire not IF. Challenges of life would always come but we have to learn to be firm and strong in the Lord with the back knowledge that we have a reward in Heaven. Live your life to please God alone and not man. If God loves you, it's enough. If you loose all your friends for the course of the work of God, it's very much enough. God is enough for us and He has a plan for us. A good plan for us. For us to draw closer to God, it is beyond our words. It's more of our actions. I remind myself this anytime I feel I'm going astray.


How beautiful it is to know the Lord! There are so many people out there who are yet to discover and experience the Love of God. The Lord gave us a very important instruction before He left and it is for us to spread the good news to every corner of the world - to both Jews and Gentiles. There is a blessing attached to it. Don't wait till it's evangelism time in church. Start from those who are closest to you. Build a conversation around it. And if you aren't listened to, please don't force it. Simply dust your sandals and leave whilst moving on to the next soul. Let people come to Christ willingly. Never force anyone. The best you can do is to pray for them. It's not your words that would convict them but the Holy Spirit. Yours is to speak. Don't try to mince words to suit them. Say it as it is. Don't condemn. Rather talk about the love of God. I was reading a book written by Kenneth Hagin. He said there was a certain smoker that came to meet him to help him change from his addiction habit. He told him that he doesn't have to change but all he needs to do is to surrender his life to Christ and of course, Christ will do the changing. He didn't start mentioning the dos and donts. Even if the life of the person you are speaking to is the worst you have ever seen, it's not your duty to judge or start condemning or telling them that they will go to hell. Preach love and the death and resurrection of Christ. Preach Grace and Mercy and let the Holy Spirit do the changing.

In conclusion, Jesus said that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. Is your life showing forth the light of God or is it embellished in darkness and pure hypocrisy? It's never too late to run back to God. This month of May is another opportunity for a fresh start with God. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

And, that's it.

I'm so sorry my New Month message had to be this long but it was worth is right? 

On that note, it's a HAPPY NEW MONTH FROM ME TO YOU!

Have a great and blessed month ahead whilst basking in the Joy of the Lord!

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  1. This was indeed inspiring and great. A good motivation for the new month. May God help us draw closer to Him.

    1. @andah, I'm happy it inspired you. Amen to your prayer.


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