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Sometimes, being on the internet could become very boring and we find ourselves traveling in a circle...a monotonous circle at that. From Whatsapp to Instagram to checking our favourite blogs and back to Whatsapp. The only time we divert is when someone sends us a link to an interesting post and then we can surf around something new. Asides from this, we are left in our unraveling circle. What happens when we are able to get our hands wrapped around some very interesting links from different parts of the web? Afterall, there is more to life than we are living. Also, there is more to the internet than we are surfing. That's why I decided to introduce this post that would come up every Saturday on some interesting links from around the web. I hope y'all find it interesting! Enjoy!

Have you watched Omoni Oboli's Okafor's Law? If you have, then you would find this post by Oris Aigbokhaevbolo very interesting as he talks about sex been the enemy of the movie. To read, click HERE

Are you tired of sending emails and not getting positive response in return? Then, you should check out kacheetee's detailed post on how to send a good email and get good response. To read, click HERE

Being a blogger is not in any way easy. The most frustrating part is spending so much on your blog and getting nothing in return. If you are thinking of how to monetize your blog, then you should read tega enai's post on blog monetization. To read, click HERE

So you think you've heard the weirdest thing or news in the world? What about the story of the woman who got herself married to a train station? To read, click HERE

One of the greatest motivation in life is seeing others taking great steps. You would get all the motivation and ginger you need when you read the success story of Siana Bangura who is under 25 and refused to take NO for an answer. To read, click HERE

Girls love their makeup so much. However, guys secretly have some pressing and important questions to ask girls about makeup. Zikoko brings us the top 6 most hilarious questions guys are craving to ask girls about makeup. To read, click HERE

I hope y'all find these links interesting. It's not always sweet to limit oneself to a particular part of the web. Let's take time out to explore and spread far and wide our tentacles because YOLO!

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Side Gist - Wollup, guys! Sorry for the short break. I fell sick some days ago. Malaria tinz and I had to go home to get myself well - treated. I thank God that I'm very much better now! So, expect more and more on the blog!



  1. I like that you always come uo with innovative ideas on yourblog. Keep it up. I really enjoyed the zikoko and tega enai's tips. I hope you are better now, health-wise.

    1. @odunsi, lovely comment. I feel much better now. Thanks dearie!


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