Hello Guys!

How have y'all been?

Work? School? Relationship?

For me, I've been extremely busy. E nor easy. I leave my hostel very early and get back late because I have to go out and do one or two things. My project is still on the line. In all of these, I'm grateful to God for strength and wisdom. I was speaking with my 100level roommate yesterday and all she could say was that

          'Grace, you have changed. Grace, you have grown. Grace, you are now very matured'

And I was busy wondering if I was stagnant and immature before. Anyway, change is very constant in life. I remember in my 100level days when all I ever talked about was Marriage and Wedding. Whenever my friends wanted to describe me, they would say

          'That girl that likes to talk about Marriage so much'

It was that serious. I fancied relationships and love stories. Part of my influence was Harlequin Novels. I always imagined myself with a tall, fair, very huge and handsome guy. Years later, I got my dream guy but a dark one(Talk about God answering prayers😀😀😀😀😀). However, my perception about marriage changed and I began to wonder

          'Grace, where are you even rushing to? This marriage thing is a lifetime something o'

I discovered new things. So when my roommate asked me yesterday about marriage, I simply laughed and told her that that one na vision 2020 or latest, vision 2021. She was baffled because she thought I would be one of those girls that would jump into marriage immediately after school. Lmao. Me that I have a lot of things I want to do with my life. Marriage kor, Wedding ni. All we could grab from our conversation was the fact that change is constant.

People tend to change with time. The friend saying this today might be the one to say another thing tomorrow. You can't blame them. You never can tell what circumstance, situation and experience they have gone through that has finally shaped and reshaped their mind and lives in its entirety.

                              WHAT I'VE BEN UP TO LATELY

READING: I'm actually not reading anything presently. I'm one person that hates to read. I don't read news. I only read headlines and deduce the meaning. However, a friend gave me 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' book. I've read it before but back then, I didn't really understand it and I didn't find it interesting. I think I will pick it up now.

WATCHING: I'm becoming more interested in Youtube videos. Whenever I'm on Youtube, it's either I'm seeing a makeup tutorial video from Ronke Raji which I never practice because I don't like makeup but I just find her videos interesting. Or, I'm watching Sisiyemmie's weekly vlogs or I'm watching a video from Twyse Ereme or Maraji or I'm checking if Toke Makinwa has dropped any new video or I'm scrolling through Dimma Umeh's profile. If however I stumble on any other interesting video, I might decide to watch, most especially videos on how to slim down within one hour. Asides from that, I'm watching Jenifa's Diary Season 8. I feel this thing is getting too long and she should end it all in season 9. Three days ago, I went to see Fast and Furious 8. I would give you guys the gist later.

EATING: Currently chewing gum. I've been alternating between eating a lot and eating less these days because I can't afford to be obese.

MAKING: Well, I'm simply making plans of things I want to do after school. This session is running and in no time, I would be a graduate by God's Grace. I have to make the necessary plans and the compulsory cheddah.

WASTING: I've been putting my cooking skills to serious waste.Would you believe I haven't cooked since the inception of this semester and we are in the 9th or 10th week already. I'm just one lazy human being who is too lazy to enter market.

KNOWING: That I need to work on some areas in my life. I know God will help me in those areas that I'm lagging.

WISHING: I wish I could just be a billionaire already. I hate stress but I know there has to be a story before the Glory.

NEEDING: I simply need a car. God knows, I need a car.

WONDERING: I usually wonder how life would be when I eventually get married. Like, I can no longer babytease my parents. I'm responsible for my husband and kids. Waowu!

HOPING: Inasmuch as I've reduced my marriage talk, God knows I still hope to marry soon. I also hope to hammer businesswise as soon as possible.

WEARING: Currently wearing my dad's shirt which I fapped from him and a housegirl short jeans skirt and my sleeping net whilst chewing gum and typing this post.

FEELING: I feel happy that I'm loved by all the people I love - most importantly, God.

So, daziit. What's yours?


Besides, if you haven't seen Fast and Furious 8, what are you seeing??? Rush to the cinema now! That movie is the bomb. It was worth my every kobo.

Have a great week ahead, lovelies!

Thanks for reading!!!💗💋



  1. Fine geh, small pimples. You look hot, dear. Interesting post as usual.

    1. @feyi, hahahahaa..so you saw pimples abi. Wehdonema!!! Thanks for the compliment, sugar

  2. You look slimmer abi is it my imagination.
    I like the look and color of that dress.
    Good read and very enjoyable. Good that you have adjusted your marriage talk. God will make all things right in his own time.


    1. @Abisola, it's not your imagination o. Na picture ni. Lol.


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