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I ran to my room immediately. I could feel tears form in my eyes. I was really scared. I checked my door to be sure it was properly locked. I didn't want anyone to badge into my room suddenly.

I developed headache out of too much thinking and fell asleep soon.

A knock on the door woke me up. I yawned and stretched before checking who it was.

          'I'm a friend', the person said.

A friend?, I thought. I reluctantly opened the door. It was a lady. She was a bit taller than me and had a really nice skin. She looked a bit worried.

          'I don't think I've met you before', I said.

          'Your hair is rumpled. You should get a new wig', she said.

I was beyond baffled. Here is someone I don't know from Adam acting 'mom' to me.

          'Excuse me?', I said

She sighed.

          'I'm sorry if I was a bit rude. I'm Bolarinwa. You could just call me Bola. I'm sorry about what you had to go through earlier. I was at the scene. Some men are stupid, really'

          'He wanted to take advantage of me!', I blurted out

          'I agree with you. I was somewhere around you guys and I saw everything. I'm sure he wanted a one night with you'

          'Oh yea', I said as I led her into the room. 'He thinks because I'm pretty and have it all he can just take advantage but guess what girlfriend, I'm very expensive'

          'Hmmmmmmm!!!! Goals, baby! Goals!', the lady shouted as we laughed heartily.

Our discussion ran into hours. It was not until my stomach devils began to have a feast before I realized it was late already.

           'You know what?', I said

           'What?', she asked

           'I barely know you but it was just so easy to form a conversation with you. We've been talking like we've known each other for years. You don't even know my name!'

Bolarinwa bursted into a hearty laughter.

          'What's funny?, I asked, giggling.

           'Babe, nothing much. I just thought about what you just said. It's so true. It feels like I've known you for ages. I've seen you like twice now. From afar, I used to think you were proud and saucy but getting closer now, I know you are an angel. Too sweet for words'

           'Yea, I get that comment once in a while. I'm used to it. People don't wait to know you before they judge you. I don't blame them though. I'm harriet. You've got a room in this hotel?'

           'Nope. I live just down the street. Alone. I do come around here to have fun and all if I don't want to go too far. There are a lot of fun place in Ibadan, you know'

         'Really? I didn't realise that. I'm happy to know you, bola. You would be my tourist guide from now on. I really want to unwind and go somewhere fun one of these days'

          'That would be great. There is also one blog about Ibadan. What's the name now? Live In Ibadan. It's a blog about Ibadan. The blogger is a free writer and you can relate to every of her article. I think she's tryning to change certain misconceptions about Ibadan and showcase the fun side of Ibadan. Her blog would be very useful to you'

           'Wow!', I exclamed excitedly. 'Biko, give me her blog address'

           'It's You should bookmark it on your phone'

           'Of course, I will do that', I said as I scrolled thrpugh the blog. 'This blog is really nice. But that doesn't mean you won't help me around o'

Bolarinwa laughed. 'Of course I will. Anyway, I have to go now. I just thought I should see you because you looked really scared when it happened'

              'Awww', I sighed. 'Too sweet. Thank you, dear. Let me have your number and see you off'

She called her number and I saw her off to the hotel gate. I really didn't want her to leave but I understood she had other things to do. Her visit made me more calm and relaxed.

It was Sunday soon. I hadn't attended any Church since I arrived in Ibadan and I didn't plan to attend anyone this Sunday either. I was instead preparing for work the next day when Bolarinwa called.

             'Hey babe', I said as I picked it.

              'Love. How are you doing?'

              'Great. Just busy with work stuff', I said munching on Trident gum.

              'Today is sunday. Church day'

               'Spare me that biko. I don't really believe in all these church stuff and...'

               'Madam, we will discuss your salvation when we come back from church. Go have your bath and wear something churchy'

               'But I...'

               'See you in 10 minutes', she said and hung up.

I normally don't take orders especially from people that are not in the circle of my family. For whatever reason, I obeyed. Finding something churchy wasn't hard. My office clothes made a great substitute. Bolarinwa arrived soon. She was dressed indeed churchy and had a black beret on. Her heels were a bit old but fitted well.

          'Hope I look churchy enough', I said with a shallow smile.

She simply smiled and signaled for us to leave. I wanted us to drive my car but she told me there was no need. The church wasn't too far from the hotel.

Jesus People Church stood beautifully on a little hill. There were choristers rehearsing close to the church. We came a bit too early in my opinion. Normally, I would prefer going when the sermon was almost over. But it would be registered that I went to church however. We were about entering when we encountered the Pastor.

          'Bless you, sister bola. How did your week go?', he asked

          'Quite stressful but triumphant',  she replied.

          'That's the way it should be. You know when David... '

Okay. Now, the Pastor is preaching and I'm getting really bored. I almost didn't realize when he beckoned on me.

           'This is Harriet. She's my friend and she's new around here' bola told him.

           'Oh',  the pastor said while starring at me. 'God bless you, sister Harriet. May the good Lord increase and multiply you and supply all your needs according to His riches in glory'

          'Amen', I mumbled.

The service was an interesting one. Let me confess. I never knew Ibadan had 'Jasi' churches. I almost thought I was in Lagos. The choir ministration was fantastic. The sermon was short and awesome and I was welcomed with so much joy and excitement. Bolarinwa noticed how glad I was. I missed church.

When we were leaving, some ushers rushed to speak with me, hoping to see me the next Sunday. They also told me about upcoming programmes. I didn't promise but I assured them I would visit once again some other time.

Getting back to the hotel, I and Bolarinwa kept on gisting about the service. She was famished and we branched at the hotel's restaurant. Akinola was on duty. He approached us and asked what we had like. I noticed he looked a little off today. His beards had overgrown and he didn't have that usual attractive smile.

          'What's up with that dude?', bola asked when he left to fetch our order.

          'I don't understand', I said

          'I noticed the way you became kind of self conscious or timid or something when he came. Do you know him?'

          'He's simply a waiter and I don't like him', I said almost immediately.

          'Girl, who said anything about liking him?'

          'Bola, please', I sighed

          'Just teasing you Jor', she said with a sheepish smile.

Bola left immediately after eating. She promised to chat me up later that night. I went back to my room and changed into something casual. Toba arrived the hotel. He came to warm the car. I locked my room as I came out. I was about going downstairs when I saw Akinola. He looked so worn-out and walked briskly. Curiously, I followed him. He soon entered into the male toilet meant only for the hotel's staff. I pushed my ear on the door to see if I would hear anything. It seemed kind of weird. I was about backing off when he opened the door.

My room key fell out of total shock. I shivered.

          'I'm so sorry', I stammered as I bent down to pick the key.


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    1. @adebola adeniran, lol. I'm so sorry love. Will post as soon as possible. Been a bit busy. No vex sweet

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