"Good Day, Ma. What would you like to have? ", he asked calmly.

I wanted to say Ofada but I remembered that the last time I placed such order, someone else delivered. I picked up the menu immediately. For whatever reason, I became quite shaky.

"Uhm, I would have Braised Abalone and calamari", I said at last "and I would be glad if you get me a drink at the bar"

That's the perfect way to make him come back. Clever idea, I thought.

"Alright ma", he nodded with a smile and left.

There was something confident about the way he walked. Something assuring. As expected, he came back with my food. All the time, I was starring at him,  hoping he would cut an eye but he never did. He never looked my way.

"I would go get the drink now", he said.

I simply nodded and he left. I wasn't sure whether to start eating or wait till he got a drink. My stomach devils were starting a party already. I had no choice than to dig into the food. Few minutes later, he arrived with my beer. He looked quite stressed out.

"Apologies, Ma. The bar was just stocking up when I arrived and I had to wait till they were done before I could get a drink"

"It's okay. I even almost forgot I sent you to get a drink", I lied. "By the way, call me Harriet not ma"

He smiled and narrowed his eyes. "I'll remember that'

He was about leaving when I called him back.

"What's your name?"


"Alright, Akinola. See you some other time"

He gave a side smile and left.

"Whew!", I exclaimed.

Perhaps, I shouldn't have created any form of familiarity but a little wouldn't hurt, would it?

I woke up very early the next day. It was a Monday and I could hear cars passing amidst hooting horns. I carried my document and headed out of the room. Toba was in the reception already. I gave him my bag as he led the way to the car. I was about entering the car when I sighted Akin. He was coming in through the hotel's gate. He carried a bag which he hung behind him with one hand. He wasn't in his waiter's uniform. He wore a body hugging polo that emphasized his biceps. His Jean trouser was well fitted and his shoes were shinning black. There was another lady with him who seemed like a co-worker. She was urging him to walk a bit faster because they were late already.

Instead, he pulled her back and wrapped his huge hands around her. The two of them giggled like lovers. I swallowed hard. I should have entered the car but I didn't. I wanted him to see me. Just as I wished, he caught a glance of me. I gave him a brief eye and entered my car. Toba reversed and turned to face the gate. Now, I was wishing the company had given me a car with tinted glass. I didn't want him to see my face till I was out. I picked my document and pretended to be searching for something. As Toba drove out, I watched him from the fore mirror. He wasn't looking back.

We got to the office soon enough. It is located at ring road. I was glad that there was a shopping mall in that area. Someone once told me that the shoprite there is the biggest in Nigeria. I am yet to clarify the authenticity of such fact.

The six staffs the company promised to send were already in front of the gate. Amongst them was a fellow colleague, Hadassah. We were both in the same level back in Lagos but after I came top at the presentation, I was automatically promoted and sent here to head the Ibadan branch. Meanwhile, she was still stuck in the same level. I never expected that she would be sent along with the other staffs

I got out of the car and sent Toba on an errand for the company. He left immediately.

"Good Morning, ma", they greeted except Hadassah who simply looked elsewhere like I was the one who delayed her promotion.

"Morning, guys. How was your journey down here? "

"Great", one of them said

"It was stressful o. To be frank", one of the guys inputed.

"But it was fun all through", another guy said. "We gisted, played songs and the other people in our bus were staffs from other companies. So, we were able to network"

They seemed delighted.

"That seemed like fun", I said. "I'm glad you all enjoyed your ride down here. Today, we will be doing more work than play. I'm very sure you were all informed that I was transferred here to manage and revive this branch. Your coming here would be a means of support to me. I need you all to be cooperative and work as a team. Team work makes the dream work. Once in a while, representatives from the head branch in Lagos would be sent to check our activities. We have to show that we are effective and efficient indeed. If you cooperate with me, there would be no problem whatsoever. Any question? "

They all nodded in the negative.

"Alright. If there are no questions, I would like you all to introduce yourselves starting from the guy on the left"

He smiled sheepishly. "I'm Afolabi Orisaguna. People close to me call me Afo"

They all bursted into laughter as they introduced themselves one after the other. Hadassah was the only one who maintained a frown.

"That was a good introduction. I'm Harriet Ugochukwu. As you can all see, the company's building is in a very poor state. I would be contacting the head office so that they can send an engineer and begin repairs. However, in order for today to be productive, we would all get involved in a bit of manual labor. From cutting the grasses to sweeping, to throwing away unwanted materials around. There are some equipment behind the building that would be useful to us. And lest I forget, we would need to employ a security man because people around have turned this place to somewhere they can come mess up. Last time, I saw a little girl pooing at the back of the building.

'eew!', they said disgustedly

'So, that's urgent. Any questions?'

They nodded in the negative.

'Alright then. Please let's commence work"

They found some equipments at the back such as cutlass for the grass cutting and some overused brooms. I rolled up my sleeves and joined in the activity. When Toba arrived, he joined us. I was happy at the joy they exhibited even at the manual labour which wasn't part of their job description. Hadassah was the only odd one out.

Afternoon came soon and the sun shone strongly. Everyone was tired already. Looking around, the compound looked tidier and had more space. It was really impressive. They sat down on the outside tiles talking and laughing. It occurred to me that they might be hungry. I asked them if they would love to take a stroll down to palms mall. They replied in the affirmative. Instead of carrying the car, I decided to walk with them while I told Toba to stay behind and secure the area.

I felt like a cool boss as I talked and laughed with them. Afo was the really funny one. He was absolutely comical. We got to palms shopping mall soon enough. We got food at shoprite along with some drinks. We found a spot where we sat and ate. Afo threw some jokes while Anita, one of the staffs, showed some of her dance moves.

None of us felt like leaving but when I checked the time, it was far spent and we had to leave for the office. Getting to the office, Toba was sitted in the car fast asleep. I addressed my team and announced the closure of the day. I also gave them some quick assignments before allowing them to leave.

Toba had woken up already. He reversed out of the compound, went out to shut the gate before leaving for the hotel.

I was very tired when I got to my room. I switched on the A.C and got my clothes off. I didn't have time to check my phone or write a report on my laptop. I fell asleep immediately.


[Read Episode 3 HERE)



  1. Awwww @cool boss. I wish bosses could be this cool

    1. @anonymous, lol. I wish so too. Perhaps, it exists more I fiction. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Yay!
    Cool boss. I agree with above comment. Leading by example. Not sitting down and ordering people around or thing people you are hardworking.


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