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Oh God! Not again!

Morning came too quickly. Peeping from beneath the soft blanket on me, the time read '7:42am'.

    'Still too early', I told myself and rolled back to sleep.

I could hear the sound of my snore as I pushed the pillow off my head. The sun rays penetrated through the curtains. It was enough to wake me up.

      '9:33am', I muttered as I sat up with sleepy eyes. The hotel room was endowed with mirrors at different angles. I starred at myself. I was a total mess. Reluctantly, I went on to freshen up. I needed to visit the office site because I was obligated to write a report tomorrow. At least, that would show that I was taking my work very serious.

I ransacked my box for a comfy wear, throwing different clothes into different direction. Finally, I saw a depressed grandma jean. Just beneath it was a white polo.

    'Perfect match', I said to my self with a big grin.

Slipping into it was super easy. I had lost a little weight. It was Sunday and I really wanted to look very natural so I did a very natural makeup. The nude lipstick worked like magic. My lips were on fire. How could I ever forget my Mon Guerlain Perfume? Right now, it's my fave. I sprayed it all over. I looked at myself in the mirror.

     'Something's missing', I thought.

I went back to my box and searched for anything that could complement my look.

     'There it is', I said, bringing out one of my old jean face cap.

Slipping it on, I saw a sunglass I purchased for N700 at Balogun market. It looked too elegant for N700. Seun spent all day disbelieving that I actually got it for N700. I nodded my head at the silly memories. I picked up my bag, slipped into my light blue sandals and  gave myself one last look at the mirror.

     'Mwah! Fire!', I said, feeling myself.

Toba was at the reception already, waiting for me.

       'How are you?', I said and gave him my bag.

     'Very fine ma. I sleep well.', he replied with a huge grin. His massive teeth was a major distraction.

     'Slept well', I mumbled.

      'To where ma?', Toba asked as we got into the car.

      'The office, please', I said.

I took out my phone from my bag. I had several missed calls. When I checked it, majority of the calls where from my roommates while the rest was from my mother. I could conclude that these were the only people that cared about my existence. First things first, I needed to call my mother. The phone rang for a while before she finally picked.

     'Good Morning, mom. Saw your missed call'

     'If you didn't see them, it wouldn't cross your mind to call'

I took a deep breath. I knew my mom was about to spill fire on the phone and I was not in for that.

     'Sorry', I managed to say.

     'Sorry for yourself', she replied. 'How is Ibadan? How are you coping?'

    'Well', I said, biting my lower lip. 'I just arrived and I can't draw a conclusion. At least, I can say that the hotel is good. I like my ride and everything is going on smoothly for now'

    'Hmmm', there was a string of worry in her tone. 'Just be careful and shine your eyes. I know I want you to bring a man home soon but not from those people. Not from the west. I have been telling you about coming to the east. There are so many Igbo men here that would not think twice when they see you. Even mama chimobi's son that travelled to Egypt 4 years ago just arrived and asked of you and I...'

      'Mom, mom, mom, biko, it's okay. Please. Oh??? I've got work to do and right now is not a good time to discuss marriage and your preference. I've told you. I'm Nigerian before Igbo. I'm not tribalistic'

    'Will you shut up?! What do you know? Do you know what those people did to us during the civil war? You are first Igbo before Nigerian. Do you hear that?'

     'Mom, I will hang up o. I don't like all this'. 

I was really angry now and totally offended. Toba was busy peeping through the fore mirror and I gave him a bad eye.

    'I'll talk to you later', I said and hung up.

She called back but I wasn't interested. My mother had not changed one bit. That was the same way her friend influenced her daughter in getting married to an elderly Igbo man. Just last week, she gave birth to her 7th child amidst the beatings and domestic violence she has had to face in her marriage. No one and absolutely no one would ever influence my marital decision.

Toba pulled over in front of a brown gate.

     'We have reach', he said.

I got out of the car. The gate wasn't locked. I entered the office compound. It looked totally devastated and there was overgrown grasses in the compound. The place looked desecrated and the building itself looked like it had been left untouched for years. I took off my sunglass and inputed it on my polo. Planting my hands on my waist, I went round the compound, surveying it. Some of the glasses had broken. There was an ATM Machine that of course wasn't working anymore. I could conclude that this particular branch had been closed down but why would they send me of all people to come revive an Olympus has fallen building?

Just when I was about leaving, I sighted a little girl pooing beside the building. This is so wrong!

      'Excuse me', I said as I approached her. 'This is not right. Can't you use the loo or somewhere else. This is an office'

The girl looked up but said nothing. Almost immediately, a young woman approached us. She had a crying baby wrapped behind her.

      'Se kia jare! (Be fast)', she shouted to the kid.

I was in between pissed and dumb founded. Now, there was a problem. I had little understanding of Yoruba. Big Problem. I signaled to Toba and he ran towards us.

     'Tell these people that this is an organization and what they are doing is illicit', I whispered to him.

      'Illicit? Me I no hear illicit'

      'Oh my God!' I sighed facing the sky. 'Bigger problem. Never mind. Let's go'

One thing leveled my worries. The company was sending about 6 staffs tomorrow and they were Yorubas. That's enough reason for me to be thankful. At least, I would get an interpreter from any of them.

      'To where ma?', Toba asked inside the car.

     'I'm really hungry', I told him

     'Aha!', he exclaimed. 'I knew one place wey you can eat. Oga, if you eat for dia ehn, uhhhhhh,oluwa, except pe, issnor my mama that call me Toba, you got chop your ete'

     'Yuck!', I scoffed. 'Dramatic man. Please take me back to the hotel. I would make do with their restaurant'

The drive back to the hotel was a smooth one. There was no hold - up compared to Lagos. The road network was really good. There were many brown roofs but at some point, there were modern houses and a lot of mini offices. Ibadan seemed like a good place. The sound of different churches amidst praise and sermons filled the hair. Drums, pianos and loud voices of desperate choristers and shouting pastors disturbed the air and I couldn't wait to get to the hotel.

We reached the hotel soon.

     'Oga, I fit go?', Toba asked when we got out of the car.

     'Yes. I would call you when I need you', I said, ready to leave.

    'Ehn, oga, anything for your boy?', he asked with a mischievous smile.

I couldn't help but laugh. 'See this old man calling himself a boy'

I hissed and searched for change in my bag. I found a squeezed N200 note and handed it over to him. As I walked into the hotel, I could hear his voice as he thanked me endlessly. I located the restaurant and found a seat. Soon enough, a waiter walked up to me. It was that same waiter guy of the other day. I'm talking about that cute one with a body builder's body. I bit my lips as he approached.


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  1. Emete, you and suspense ehn. This is not fair at all. Episode 4 pleaseeeeeeee

    1. @Tade, lol. I'm so sorry o. Episode 4 would be out in two days. The story series comes up once in every two days. Enjoy the remaining post!

  2. Love this series. Do and post the next one soon.

    1. @abisola, I'm glad you love it. The next one will be out next tomorrow. Enjoy the remaining posts!

  3. Hi Emete. Nice stuff. Patiently waiting for Episode 4.

    1. @anonymous, thank you love. I'm glad you are patient. It would be out tomorrow. Enjoy the remaining posts.

  4. Hi Emete. Nice stuff. Patiently waiting for Episode 4.

    1. @anonymous, thanks dear. It's up already


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