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Let me remind you of what you already know.

           'The only person that wants to see you shine ehn, na your mama and papa'

Not the Nigerian System

Not your friends

Not your boss

Not the environment

Left to me, I would have said - God is the only person that wants to see us shine because there are some families where some parents want some kids to come out better than the other.

Knowing fully well that the world at large is polluted, staying motivated even in one's passion could be the hardest thing to do.

This is April. There are goals I set for myself in January. Ask me about them. I am yet to achieve any. Well, I'm not the only one in this. You might have achieved some of your goals and there is a high possibility that you have achieved none. However, I am rest assured that before I go for the next crossover service in December, I would have achieved ALL my goals because I have chosen to stay motivated and focused.

In this period where staying down and depressed has become a tradition, this post should come in VERY handy. If it's helpful to you, please share and share. You really don't know who might need it. Beyond that expensive hair, classy makeup, elegant dress and pretty look, someone might be dying within. Behind that strong and masculine look, clean cut face, fresh aura, a man might be giving up on life in it's entirety. Be the motivation someone needs by sharing this post.

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This cannot be over - emphasized. There is a high possibility you will always see it as the Number One point in every Happy New Month Post. The reason is obvious. We can do absolute nothing without God. As humans, we need to have something to hold on to. We need to have someone to cling unto when every other person turns their back. Yes, even family can shut its door. I have a friend who opened up to me about his family and how he is painted as the black-sheep of his family even by his own mother. When everyone has deserted you, who will you turn to? It's beyond sermons and messages about staying in the presence of God. This is a call for practical living. If you don't know God, you need to know Him. If your church is not drawing you closer to God, you need to change Church this Sunday. You need to get closer to the Bible than any other book. Study to show yourself approved. You need to get your phone soaked in gospel music and christian teachings. It's easier said than done. It's easy to procrastinate these things when the going is yet good. It's better if you start from this instance. It's good to have a Bible on your phone. But dear friend, get a Bible that has a leather back. It's not just about reading to fulfill all righteousness. It's about reading and practicing. Get acquainted with Hymns and you will realize that there is no greater friend than Jesus. He is always there and will always be there. There is no greater love than that of a man who died to save us. I'm not here to preach but you know that one person you can always call when it comes to matter of the word of God. If you want to ALWAYS stay motivated, get closer to God. He will give you Joy unspeakable beyond temporary happiness.


Finding purpose is the best thing that can ever happen to a man on earth. If you haven't found purpose, you are like a wanderer on the earth. Purpose is not about your 9am - 5pm work. That's just stuff to keep you boxed up. Purpose is not school. Purpose is that thing God put you on this earth for. If you find purpose, you will be on track. The next thing is for you to pursue it with every passion, every sweat, every dime you have. Finding purpose will help you stay motivated. How? When depression winks at you, when financial challenges gives you a peck, when discouragement embraces you, when disappointment pats you on the back, there is only one thing that can weather the storm and that's Mr PURPOSE.

    'Hello Depression, I know what I am doing'

    'Hello Financial Challenges, I know where I am heading'

    'Hello Discouragement, I know what I was created for'

    'Hello Disappointment, I know what I am pursuing'

     'Guys, I'm on the right track and absolutely nothing can stop me'

It's funny how even successful people in the world need to remind themselves of this. Finding purpose is one thing. Pursuing it is another. Fulfilling it is another and staying and maintaining it is another. Even your mentor can get depressed at times but he has to look back at how far he has come, the amount of people looking up to him and therefore stay strong. These people have greater depression to battle because people feel they have reached their peak and have no problem. If they can weather the storm, you can also. Finding purpose is like knowing that I was created to travel to Abuja. Once I am aware of it, no matter the storm, the rain, if snow like, make it fall, I won't give up because I know my destination. If you don't know where you are going to, any little thing will bring you down. Find Purpose today.


Everyone cannot be your friend. Everyone won't like you. However, someone can be your friend. Someone can like you. If your passion and purpose is to set up a foundation where you help the less privileged and the handicapped in the society, please, what are you doing with 'slay queens and kings'???? If your purpose and passion is to touch hearts through your music, please what are you doing with people who feel music is trash? You are the product of the company you keep. Recently, some people started telling me that I have mellowed down. I talk less and whenever they see me, it's either I'm going somewhere or I'm doing something or I'm sleeping. While other people are saying that I've become more open to them. I talk more to them and all. Please, if you are not adding to my life, why should I be more open to you? Purpose Driven people will help you in the course of achieving your dreams. They will be there to encourage and empower you. They will be there to tell you about their experiences and how they weathered the storm. They will be there to chastise you when you are going out of track. They will be there to cry with you. Their heart is always like a big shoulder to lean on.

Let me surprise you. They really don't have to be physical friends. They could be friends you met online. I have met and spoken with some people online and such conversation was simply destined for greatness. They don't have to be your age group, my friend. They could be way older than you and funny enough, they could be way younger than you. If you are moving with people who are draining you financially and are telling you that nothing is possible or are overly jealous and envious, run for ya life! If you manage to even succeed, I tell you, they will be the same people to bring you back to square one. Look at where you are now. Let's say in the next 5 years, you have finally reached your goal, would you like to come back to where you are right now???

    'WHAT??? HELL NO!!!!!'

So, dear, RUN!


It's very easy to be motivated but if after the entire motivation, you loose focus, you are going to be doing yourself some major bad job. Staying focused means staying far away from distractions. There are so many things that can distract you. For the men, ladies are a major distraction. In my 200level, I met a guy I so much respect. His name is Akin. I would say, he made a great impact in my life and he is someone that I would not forget in a long time. He is a fine young man. Very Intelligent and brilliant and from a wealthy home. Very godly. I had a huge crush on him at some point which I later molded to great respect. When it comes to staying focused, Akin knew his cards well. Ladies where always flocking around and he never for once decided to taste the other side of having a lady as a friend. If you know where you are going in life as a man, you would know that the only woman you should give your all to should be that woman you would make your wife. If you are already married, no other person than your wife should get your all, NO MATTER WHAT. If I'm not a better adviser, the biblical book of Proverbs should do good to you. As a man, you should hold the book of proverbs dear to your heart as you walk the walk of life. Every other vanity such as drinking, smoking, clubbing etc should be given little or no attention. You have to be focused if you want to achieve your goal.

Ladies, men are a big distraction. The only man you should give your all is that man wey don marry you. That man that is ready to call you his wife. Every other guy is a friend and should be treated in respect of a friend. We all should learn to stay focused. Money will come. Cars will come. The mansion will come. There will be a time you will be so loaded that you can travel to any part of the world of your choice. See ehn, you will have so much sex with your spouse that it will eventually get you tired. So why allow such distract you now?. No other person than you will help you stay focused. If you are focused, it will very hard for you to loose motivation. If you are always looking left and right, soon, your vision will blur and all will end in regret.


Your purpose in life should guide you on the kind of materials you read and listen to. Of course, there are times one can read and listen to materials outside one's jurisdiction but those times should be very few. If you are studying engineering and you are reading books on Yoruba, well, I want to believe you are just reading it as a leisure and not putting in so much of everything when you know it doesn't concern what you are doing or studying or what you want to achieve. I was with a friend some weeks ago. He said he wanted us to take a stroll which we did. He asked me a question,

    'What books do you read?'

A confused me that reads anything interesting said,

     'I recently read 'On Becoming' by Toke Makinwa. I also want to read this 'Smart Money Woman' by Arese Ugwu'

He smiled and said,

     'I don't read such books. I read books on Agriculture, Science, Medicine etc'

Mind you, he is currently doing his Phd in the University of Ibadan and looking at him, he won't be older than 27. Now, it wasn't wrong for me to have read those books but I learn't something that day. The amount of passion you dedicate to the books that will help direct our path should be much greater than the energy and passion you dedicate when reading other kind of books. Since then, I've been putting things in order and trying to get books that will help me stay focused and motivated. I have even started unfollowing so many time wasters on Instagram and following people that can help me get all the inspirations and motivation I need. If you are on Instagram and you open your feed and all you see are things that will waste you time and date, simply unfollow them.


I would chip in two other points because I don't want this post to be longer than this. Like I said earlier, invest your time in the right things. Invest your money in the right things. It's good to buy new clothes and shoes but if that's all you use your money to buy, there is a problem. It's good to buy 100gig data but if after buying it, all you do is download the latest movies and waste time online, there is a problem. I'm also trying my best financially but the little advice I can give is you have to set priorities. Invest your money in things that will enhance your vision and are in line with your purpose. Invest your time in the right things. Talk is cheap but talking to cheap people is dangerous. Listen more and talk less when you are with wise people. If you are passionate about design, that's where your money should go into.

Also, don't always listen to everybody's advice and don't always tell people your plans. This is very crucial. If you have a plan, keep it to yourself. No one should know till it has been executed. Learn to surprise people. Know that staying motivated goes beyond  the words you are reading. If you don't choose to be motivated, there is nothing that can be done. Choosing to be motivated is like choosing to be happy. It all boils down to the choice you and I make.

And, that's it.

I'm so sorry my New Month message had to be this long but it was worth is right? 

On that note, it's a HAPPY NEW MONTH FROM ME TO YOU!

Have a great and blessed month ahead!

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  1. Word! My sister, word! With this, you are going places. You really don't know how mch you are encouraging people through this platfrom.

    1. @John Adebo, awww. Thanks a bunch. I'm very glad you are encouraged. Please endeavour to share. Thanks.

  2. Awwww.i loved this. Everything was on point. I don't even know which is my favorite.
    Any body who is going somewhere and knows it, needs all of the above. There's no purpose driven life without God.
    I love all of the points. One thing, why leather back Bible though?

    Six things to start praying about NOW

    1. @bisola, thanks. You are very right. I mean leather back Bible in the sense that a Bible that you can hold on to. I hope you understand.

  3. As smiled all the way as I read through. It was definitely worth it. Thank you Emete.

    Hope you are having a beautiful Easter holiday? :)

    1. @nwamaka, I'm glad it was worth the read. Yes, my easter holiday dey make sense no be today. What about yours?

  4. nice doing great works live in ibadan
    i pray for you and all bloggers to keep going far beyond limit

    1. @solomon temple, thank you so much. Bless up!


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