If we are going to talk about Ibadan, we cannot leave the one very important part it encompasses which is the educational aspect. It is no news that Ibadan gave birth to the first ever University in Nigeria which is The University Of Ibadan. Asides from being the first tertiary institution in Nigeria, it has always stayed true to being the first and the best by being on the top and leading spot above every other University in Nigeria.

*scratches head* 👀👀You know, writing like a pro isn't my thing. Let's yarn better talk. Simply sit back and relax as I take you into the University of Ibadan. It is one place you should visit when next you come to Ibadan. Enjoy!

                      THE UNIVERSITY
Just opposite the enormous Agbowo Shopping Complex is the University of Ibadan. There are two gates. The left gate is the exit gate while the right gate is the entry gate. If you are coming with a car, trailer, bus, bike or keke maruwa, you will need to pause at the gate to get a pass from the security officials. However, if you are coming with your leggedisbenz model 2017, you can just walk in like a boss. There is a walk way. For security reasons, you might be stopped by a security official for you to be checked. This can be caused if your face is too strong or you are being a 'lukman' or you are carrying so much load that when weighed side by side with you, the load will weigh more.
The first place you will see when you enter is the garage. You will see buses and cabs. The bike section is just in front...front front. There are no maruwas so you would have to make do with the cabs and buses. They really don't cost much. It's just N30 to some specific places. If you will be taking a drop, it's just N120. Things weren't this expensive but after Daddy Bubu came on board, everything had to 'CHANGE'.
If there's one thing you will enjoy in the University, that has to be the good road. The roads are smooth and you will hardly enter gallop. That's why you will experience students that own cars driving as if they have made up their mind to jam electric pole. However, if you are going to be walking, a small umbrella should come in handy because this Ibadan Sun no be today.
Not too far from the gate is the Heritage Garden located just opposite the first female hall in the University, Queen Elizabeth 2 Hall. Now, if you've been trekking since, just branch here so that you stretch your back and your legs. There are cemented chairs available for you to sit. You may sit on the ground if you want because the place is always neat. You can just rest your back and enjoy the cool and serene environment. You can even use style to think about your life here. No too much noise except if some fellowship group decide to turn the area to a praying ground or for choir practice. If that's the case, carry yourself and let's be going.

The school's Alumni Centre is just behind the Heritage Garden. Behind the Alumni Centre is the University's Guest House where you can lodge at an affordable price. I stayed there with my mom when I came to write my post - jamb in 2013. The place is very neat and fine. As great as a hotel. The AC almost finished me ehn.
Ahead of us is the popular Trenchad Hall. In the past, this was where Matriculation and Convocation used to hold. But now, the school has successfully built a bigger conference center. Presently, events and shows and programs are hosted here. The recent #MadeInUI with LafUpCfr was held here with notable Nigerians in attendance. It is unique for it's white structure and the clock figure at it's peak. I'm talking about the tall white structure in the picture above.
Swerving to the right, the University's Bookshop stands gidigba. Here, you can get any book you are in need of. This is where freshers get their files as well as finalists. This is where lecturers will instruct students to get their textbooks from or the book they themselves wrote. I can count the number of times I've been here. It hasn't even reached 10 times sef. Be rest assured that you can get any book you are looking for here. If you don't find the exact book, you will eventually find a book similar to it.
One of the beautiful masterpiece in the University is the Catholic Chapel. Would you believe that since my stay in this University, I entered this place for the first time this year. I know I need to be caned. This place is actually beautiful, calm and peaceful. On Sunday, one can catch a glimpse of the Catholics dressed glamorously and elegantly. To be frank, the catholic girls here dey dress for africa ehn. And they have one of the most handsome breed of guys in the school. I couldn't take a perfect picture but whenever you come to the university, you should bookmark this place as one of the places to visit.
In front of us is a roundabout. If we move to the right, we will be heading to Pharmacy Department and PG School. The left will take us to the faculty of arts. Why don't we move forward then?

To the right is the University's Hotel. Yes, the university gat an hotel. I've entered here severally. The only time I entered one of the rooms was when my parents came visiting and they lodged in the hotel. The inside was nice and okay. On other days, some fellowships meet here for week services. Fellowships like Saints Community. Last time I checked, it was more of a church than a fellowship. I've attended their service uncountable times even though it's not my church. I love attending because of the AC. Omo, your brain go cool. Lol. But I've stopped though. Time to be serious with life. You can also get chicken and chips here as well as shawarma. I remember Kester getting me chicken and chips here. Kester, I sight you! Then, Sunday got me Shawarma here. Chop Knuckle, bro! Funny enough, that was my first time eating Shawarma. It was too nice to be true.

Right now, we have to turn back because if we move further, we will be entering another part called Abadina. But that's not without acknowledging one of the most social spot on campus called Spices. The first time I came here was when my friend's boyfriend was celebrating his birthday. I was so self-conscious make my church people no go catch me for there because I heard it's a place where people come to drink and all. At that time, I was a leader in the Church I was attending off-campus. Overtime, I have come to realize that Spices is more of a hangout spot. Just come, chill, relax. When my parents came visiting, this was where I brought them to eat. I successfully convinced them into buying chicken and chips for me You can also get Asun here as well as Nkwobi. They sell food too and they sell drinks too. You can hardly find singles here. They either come with their boo or their bae. You can also find some lectur...*coughs*...with their bae.

Now, we have turned to the other side. If you are trekking, erm, simply cross over to the other side. On the right, you will see the School's Chapel. Ever white, ever pure and ever beautiful. This is where I come to every Sunday. My fellowship holds service here by 2pm till whenever the preacher is led to end the sermon. Nowadays, I leave immediately the preacher is done because the announcement fit take like 10 minutes and tomorrow is Monday.

      'Good Evening, How was your day? We want to wish so so so and so a Happy Birthday...'

       'Choir members please wait after service'

        Sister A and Brother B, please wait after the service'

        'If you gave your life to Christ, please follow Brother B for counselling'

        'First timers, please wait to see sister z. It would be brief'

        'Finalists in the house, shout Hallelujah. Please we need to...'

         'If you wrote down your name to give to the crusade coming up, please wait to see...'

You know what, I simply take my bag, say my own closing prayer and RUN!

Meanwhile, other fellowships hold their service here too like The Youth Forum (TYF) and SCM. In the evening, it's a time when groups and individuals converge to pray to God. I once did over night prayer here too with my church group in 200 level. It wasn't a small something that day. I slept like no tomorrow the next day. There is also the chapel hall where crusades and programmes are held. Wedding receptions are also held there.

Another beautiful artifact you will see is the tall cross representing Christianity and the tall crescent representing Islam. Now how beautiful is that? No matter your religion, we are one Nigeria. I just had to capture it. I wish I was a better photographer. If there is one photographer I would love to hire, that would be TYBello. Dreams do come true, you know. The School's mosque is just behind the school's chapel. It's very big and beautiful. Visit the mosque by 12 on friday. Oh my God! Your car will hardly pass and your leggedisbenz will be stuck in human traffic. It's always a beauty to behold. Big cars would be parked around the mosque. You will see people buying and selling beautiful jalamia and hijabs. It's always wonderful to be around during that time. Lectures are always suspended since the muslim students will have to go and pray. Hehehe...happy hour!

Following that same lane, the premier Faculty Of Arts which is the first faculty in the University would be in sight. That's my faculty but shhh, not too many people know. I'm like a ghost there. I mind my business. Enter when necessary and leave unnoticed because when my mama and papa come and start asking, I will be described as a gentle, quiet and good geh. Also, I'm a shy sort...kind of. Anyway, it's a beautiful faculty that hosts many departments. There is the faculty library too. A Nescafe lounge, a yellow garden...I don't know the exact name now. There is a gossip arena in the large lecture theatre area. There is a quadrangle within. This time tomorrow, I will probably be there with my classmates either in class or looking for a class to use. Wait, how many days before this 400 level finish sef?

We have finally reached the central part of the University. Because of my cab driver who carried me round and who is also a friend was being a bebeto, I couldn't capture the school's library. So sad. The name is Kenneth Dike Library. Very big and fine. I'm supposed to be there now sorting materials for my project but my lazy self will rather rely on online sources. People have mentioned that it has a lift. Lol. I haven't verified though. It's beautiful and calm. There are lots of books and chairs there. But during exam period, you will hardly find somewhere to sit. It's always filled up with people who have come to read, people who have come to eat and people who just came to grace the library so as to convince themselves that they are not unserious. At the end of everything, they have come to eat, press phone and do amebo more than they have come to read. A good example is Me. Don't worry, I've changed.

The central part where every human that schools in the University must pass is the Student Union Building popularly called SUB. People buy and sell here and there is also a garage where you can board cabs. Nowadays, bike men have up their game and strategy. They would stop there so that passengers can call them. Well, they have made my life easier. After a stressful day in the faculty, na to just do that 'HEYSSSSS!!!' and they will come and pick me. Just opposite it is the school's field. Shows are held here too.

Now, the faculty of science is visible and the departments are scattered within. Moving on, The faculty of social science is ahead and just opposite it is the faculty of law. Like I said earlier, the road network is very excellent. So, enjoy a smooth ride. As for my trekkers, there are huge trees to give shade when the sun starts misbehaving.

We are finally at the faculty of social science. This faculty has the finest and classiest girls on own opinion sha ni o. Their guys try sha. In 200 level then, they used to have a lot of beard gang guys. Just opposite it is the faculty of law. They can intimidate you for Africa. Their girls can dress for Africa. You would think wearing white and black is monotonous and boring till you meet their girls. They are as hot as fire and their dress sense is top notch. Being law students, many of them still account for the most social on campus. Right now, we are going to just highlight a bit of tech.

I have no idea how this my friend drove. We are supposed to be seeing tech by now but instead, we are at Obafemi Awolowo Hall. This is one out of the three female halls we have in the university. I talked about one at the beginning of the post. The other one is Queen Idia Hall. The Idiates argue that they are the realer queens than the Queen Elizabeth queens. I tire upon argument. The most popular description is that Queen Idia houses 'wife material ladies', Awo hall where we are presently houses 'ajepako girls' while Queen Elizabeth hall houses the ashe...*coughs*...I mean't to say the 'ajebutter girls'...#winks. Queen Elizabeth hall is kuku my hall. I cannor come and kill my self. My own is to sleep and wake up peacefully. The argument doesn't hold water for my side.

Just after Awo Hall is the Awo Stadium. There is a gym there and I once made inquiry to join the gym here when I started weighing 76kg. It was as if my whole life was crumbling. 76 what??? Anyway, I ended up not going back because it was holiday. The kind of exercise I did when I got home be today. I ended up loosing the 6kg and weighing 70kg back. My dream weight is 55kg though. That's what my elder sister weighs. We will get there.

Right about now, we can visualize Awba Dam. If we go further, we will see various places but since I don't want a longer post than this, it would all be in pictures. There are some important places I couldn't capture such as Jaja Clinic which is the school's clinic, all the male halls, St Annes female Hostel, Imoran, Kenneth Dike Library etc. The other places you will find in the pictures below include Queen Elizabeth Hall, Botanical Garden, UI Zoo etc. Simply enjoy the exclusive photos below

                        ADDED INFORMATION
The University Of Ibadan is one institution with so many tourist attractions. When next you visit the University, stop at The UI Zoo. After that, take a trip to the Botanical Garden. From there, take a stroll down Awba Dam. There are also recreational facilities such as the University's Swimming Pool located at the Student Union Building (SUB). There are good restaurants around. When you come, ask for Mama Anat. That's one place I can guarantee that you will eat and ask for more. If you are into the Amala Ministry, ask for the Amala spot at the back of Chapel. If you are looking for bread and fried egg otherwise known as Student's Burger, I can guarantee you of the one sold at Tedder and Indy. And if you are confused of the University to attend, well, here we have it, tick the University Of Ibadan where every student is worthy of character and learning.

ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN - N1000 - for singles only (This should cover food and all the drops you might want to take. Perhaps, you might want to buy some snacks for your yard people too.)

Photo Credit - Myself

Phone Used - My humble Infinix Hot 4 Lite X557

Side Gist - Why on earth will ASUU call off this strike? I thought they were about to embark on a one month strike. I tire o. I seriously needed the strike though. Project work on my mind.

Thanks for reading!!!💗💋



  1. Awwww. A beautiful capture of my almamater. I enjoyed every bit of it. Your sense of humour is top notch. I love your blog!

    1. @Yemisi, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lol..thanks for the compliment.

  2. This is such an interesting and engaging post.

    You paint UI in a very beautiful light. I've been to the zoo as part of a school excursion back in the days. I remember seeing snakes and a bear. Are they still there?

    Lol @ needed the strike. My fwen, go to school!

    1. @nwamaka, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The snakes are still there. The bear? Not so sure.

  3. Keep up the great work! Greatest Uites!!!!! Alumni 1998

    1. @anonymous, waowu! Greattttttt!!!!!!!!!


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