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As usual, I'm one of the last persons to wish you a Happy New Month. I'm actually not going to be the last because I'm very much assured that there is someone who might still wish you a Happy New Month on the 20th. Lol...Just Kidding.😝😝😝😝😝

I've decided to make this a trend on the blog. I would always do a new month post every new month and use it to give us the ginger we need to commence and continue the new month. Every month's topic is relevant to every month. So, if you haven't read February's post, you should do so right away. You can do so by clicking HERE

Yesterday, I wasn't very happy and it was for no reason. I just wasn't happy. I was seriously down and all I wanted to do was sleep or be alone. Yesterday wasn't the first time I would be sad. It happens once in a while and I've tried to dig out the reason for such and I basically haven't found it. It can be likened to sudden depression. It was after I put in somethings and did somethings before I was able to get myself happy, bubbling and smiling.

I know this stuff happens to many of us. We might just get sad for no reason. Asides from it being psychological, other factors can contribute. Other times, some other things like a break up, betrayal, isolation etc can contribute to depression.

However, we really don't have to be sad or depressed. That's the reason for this post. We actually can be very happy and bubble throughout March and every other day and month. How can you do that?


No one else can make us happy. We are the only ones who can make ourselves happy if we choose to. You really have to choose to be happy and the points I will be listing will be a crown on your choice.

1. GOD

I'm not about to preach to you but even psychologists have come to accept that by engaging in a spiritual activity, you are more than likely to be very happy. As a christian, God can make you very happy. How? Just by knowing that He loves you can cheer you up. So take two seconds to swallow that. Reading your Bible can make you very happy. This is one of my secret of staying happy. Anytime I read my Bible, there is always this feeling of Joy, happiness and hope. Most importantly, Love. Praising God can make you happy. This works with your psyche because you are not lamenting but you are actually Joyful. Fasting can make you happy. I'm not talking about hunger strike whereby you are broke. That one is a free ticket to depression. Fasting even when you have a lot but you just want to stay separate in food and every other thing to God. You will be surprised at how happy you will end up being. Praying also triggers happiness because there is a knowing that you have spoken your thoughts to someone who loves you and will never judge you. You will be very happy. It goes beyond saying you want to be close to God. Start practicing it and you will be happy at how happy a person you will become.


I didn't copy any of my points from Google. I'm sharing realistic and true truths on how to stay happy. Water can make you very happy. Drinking sodas like coke, fanta etc cannot really make you happy. They can only excite you for the moment but its a short term feeling. Water is an asset God has given to us that we have taken for granted.There is something about it and one feeling you get when you gulp it in. I'm not talking about after meals. Of course, it's very important after meals. I'm more particular about taking water when you feel you are just not in a good mood either because something happened or for no reason. It could be chilled. It could be warm. You will be surprised at the effect. Thank me later!


This is another one that works like magic. It's very important to create happy memories with friends, families and strangers. It might not even be an event. It could be a joke you heard a while ago. It could be a funny movie scene or a delightful event. It could be a memory about the funny way someone spoke or walked or danced. Happy Memories always put you in a good mood and is a good ginger for a new day or new month. In fact, the memory of your crush sef can do the magic...lol.


No matter how bad people are, NEVER CHOOSE TO BE A LONER! Relationships have a way of making you very happy. Being with people you love can make you VERY happy no matter how sad you were initially. Be sure you are not in an abusive relationship. Relationship in this context is not limited to boyfriend - girlfriend thing or husband and wife. It is very much applicable to friends, family etc. By being with them or calling them or chatting them up, it just places you in a very good mood.


This should have gone hand - in - hand with water. The only difference is that you aren't drinking. You are actually having a cool bath. You know, a sunny and hot day could actually make one down. Just by taking a cool shower, your mood can be uplifted. I tell you, this one works wonders. You will thank me later. Have a cool shower, wear something light and continue your day or better still, sleep.


It's not compulsory you go in company of friends. Just like me, you can go out alone and have a nice time. In this situation, you can go see a movie, go visit friends, simply go to somewhere cool and not somewhere hot because it would only aggravate the situation.


Errr...it should have been music alone but there might be other people like me. So, I had to add games. I have almost 20 games on my phone and they actually make me happy. If you want, I can list them so you can download them and start being happy...lol. Music is generally known to uplift the soul. I don't think you should be listening to celine dion or beyonce when you are not in a good mood. I feel something uplifting should be played. Like, Gospel music. Well, it depends on your person. For someone like me, you can only find gospel music on my phone and they lift my soul every time. There are some slow gospel music and in this kind of situation, I don't listen to them. Not because they are bad but because they are slow. I prefer something loud and dance-able that can make me move even if I don't want to.


Your passion has a way of creating happiness in your heart. So, why not do what you love? Maybe draw or take a picture or cook or dance or sing or read or write or talk(Yes, you can talk to yourself when you are alone with yourself. I often imagine myself giving a speech to a large crowd of people so I practice it by talking) etc. Anything that makes you happy, just do it and you will be glad you did so.

An extra tip is looking at colorful things. They ignite happiness in you. Also, feeling good about yourself makes you very happy. It doesn't matter if you are very fat or very skinny or if you have stretch marks or hair all around or you have a funny kind of face or body part. You should love yourself because there is little or nothing you can do to change your look at the moment. Don't listen to people that would give you negative feedback about your person or make you have low self esteem. Stay away from them and feel good. Stop staring at those girls with perfect bodies on Instagram. They will only frustrate you. Embrace reality and stay real. I know a very fat girl who is always more than happy whenever she stares at the mirror. She's always smiling and feels like the most beautiful girl on earth. If she goes out in that state and one okada man calls her 'orobo', if she's positive minded, she will laugh it off as a joke and keep feeling good. This supposed to be a point sef. Just feel good always and be happy. If you want to, work on your flaws but while you are doing that, embrace them. Stop following all these perfect body girls and guys on Instagram. Be like me, follow food pages on Instagram and you will be happier!

And, that's it.

I'm so sorry my New Month message had to be this long but it was worth is right? 

I know someone was expecting me to add food. Just like soda, food makes you excited for a while except it's coupled with an activity. So, don't snack on food when you are down except you are pretty hungry.

On that note, it's a HAPPY NEW MONTH FROM ME TO YOU!

Have a great and blessed month ahead!

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  1. Yea...right. Noted. The one on loving yourself is the part for me. Thanks for this.

    1. @Ibukun, you are very welcome, hon. Time to love yourself more! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  2. All points listed and stated clearly are true as I have experienced them and they really do make me happy even when the world tells you there is no need to be happy. Thanks for the info.

    1. @oladapo folorunsho, I'm so glad you affirmed to this. Keep staying happy. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back


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