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It's been long and just like magic, February is over! How much can you say you accomplished in February? For me, I can't really specifically point out to things I set out to accomplish that I really did achieve. Procrastination is my greatest enemy, I know and I just have to re - read my blog post on February. Many people texted me and told me it was truly inspiring to them. I must kick-start and continue my March with such inspiration. You can read it HERE.
So I got a mail from a blog reader who asked me to tell her about some places where she can farm in Ibadan because she is relocating to Ibadan very soon. Do you know that it is majorly because of this post that my blog has been quiet for a while. I was busy contacting people and making my research. I'm glad I got off with it and I can finally put it up on the blog.

The major reason why I'm putting it up on the blog is because I know it would be needed by many other people. If you have other suggestions, be nice enough to place it in the comment section. I also have another pending email post and I'm working on that. It would be up either tomorrow or next week. For now, let's go Agricultural!

I don't have to define Farming or start giving Framing history or lessons but I will like to say that there are three major things to consider before farming. This tips were given to me by my friend farmer, Morayo and he's doing very well with his farm here in Ibadan.

  • LOCATION - Many people have farms within their houses or somewhere around the city but the best of farms aren't located within the city. If you want to go into large scale farming, it shouldn't be located within the city.
  • LAND AVAILABILITY - You have to be sure that there are very much available lands in the location you are considering to kick-start. So it's important you do your homework.
  • POPULATION - It is important that the area where you would love to start your farm is less densely populated. There should be lesser humans than lands.
Taking the three points above into consideration, we can now dig into the places you can farm here in Ibadan.

*NOTE* - This is strictly my opinion and product of my research. If you have a contradictory opinion, please state in the comment box below. Thank you!


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This area has the mixture of rain forest and Savannah. However, it is more of the rain forest belt and it is a very good area for farming here in Ibadan. There are available farm lands in this area. There is a recently discovered farm area in Ibadan that many farmers are rushing to pitch their tent. You shouldn't miss such goodness. You can know more about it by clicking the link below.



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This is a notable Rain Forest Area where a lot of farmers have taken hold of and it is one opportunity to grab. If you are thinking of going into the Plantain business, this is one area you should consider because it grows very well here. There are farm lands especially on the way to Asejire towards Osun State but you won't have to reach Osun State.


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Moniya is one very popular place for Farming in Ibadan as you can see a lot of Farmers rushing to pitch their tent here. It is of the Savannah belt. Water Melon, Sorghum and Millet will do very well here and it is one very good investment. You can trust me on this one.


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Ido Local Government area is one Rain Forest area that is very good for farming. This area has a very large expanse of land. You can get as large as 50 acres here at a very cheap rate. I recently saw a bargain of N250K for 50 acres here in Ido. You should start making your contacts now!


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This is one of the most popular places to farm in Ibadan. You can never go wrong with farming in Akinyele. My friend who was generous enough to give me some farming tips has some acres here in Akinyele. He owns some and he got some others on lease. Akinyele has more of savannah like temperature. It has a whole lot of arable lands and due to this factor, there are a lot of herdsmen that bring their cattles for rearing and you know, for grazing. We jokingly referred to the Fulani Herdsmen but on a serious note, you have little or no problem with them. Just like Moniya, watermelon, sorghum and millet will grow well here. This is one very good bet if you want to farm in Ibadan.

Here we are! Our Five Top Places To Farm In Ibadan. I hope it was very helpful for everyone. If you know anyone who needs this information, be kind enough to share and share! One reason you would love to consider Ibadan in your farming scheme is because lands are very cheap here. You can get a land for as cheap as N5000 here in Ibadan. In case you didn't get that right, I said, Five Thousand Naira Only! Simply do your research  and you are ready to go! Another very vital information I need you to check is embedded in the link below. Please don't leave this page without clicking on the link below. Thank me later!


Do you have any question for me? Any topic based on Ibadan you would love for me to do my research and make a post on? Then, contact me on experienceibadan@gmail.com OR smartemete@gmail.com OR 08129033838 OR 09098265695. (No calls please. Whatsapp only)

PHOTO CREDIT - Google and Nairaland

SIDE GIST - Back to my personal ramblings, I'm starting off my final year project soon. Do you know school's resumption isn't up to four weeks and I know someone who is done with his Chapter One. I never even start. Why? Because the person who will give me my final year file and a go - ahead isn't on sit or I haven't sha seen her. Hopefully, on Monday. I hope I get a topic of my choice.

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  1. OH my! Just the information I needed! I always know that whenever you go on break like this, you are coming back with a bomb. Thanks for this!

    1. Lol. Thanks Sarah and I'm glad it was very helpful. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. I love how you rep Ibadan positively and how you stated what land in each area is good for planting.
    Where you come see land 5k? you waka gan oh.


  3. @bisola, lol... I dey waka gan looto. LMAO. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back


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