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Just like yesterday, we were shouting Happy New Year and like play like play, February is here. Before we close and open our eyes, March would be knocking and April will be peeping. In other words, there really is no time for smesme this year. On whatsapp, I was seeing memes of people complaining that January was getting too long. Some were like 'how many months do we have in January' to indicate how long January was looking already. I can bet that more than half of those people have not really done something meaningful with January, yet, they were complaining.

There are so many things we wrote down in December. So many things we planned in our head in December and so many things we planned on implementing in January that we failed to do either because we lost focus or we just got lazy. Loosing focus could include getting distracted, getting discouraged. Being lazy could include constant procrastination and failure to rise up and work.

But really, it's not too late to get up...really. It's always better late than never. February is here now and we just have to be focused in order to create and make meaningful steps.


It's no news that February is going to be pretty short because we have just 28 days in the month and 29 days every leap year. Is it really enough to break grounds and hit the mark? Well, it is more than enough! How can we make the best out of February?


I know you have heard this so much that it might not be making so much sense to you anymore but really, what can we do without God? I read so many blogs where many said their new year resolution was to draw closer to God. So many people said so too but they only read their Bibles once in January. Right now, there is a high possibility that they are back to the same way they were last year. Does that sound like you? We have to learn to be consistent with whatever we plan and set to do. It is imperative we put this month in the hands of God and let Him lead the way


Today, being the first day of the month, is the best and 'bestest' time to make plans for the month. Making plans also includes setting goals...realistic goals. Another thing about setting goals is that we should set goals that we are very sure we can achieve. I prefer setting lazy goals that I know I would be able to achieve than setting great goals that I know months from now, I won't have done anything about it. For example, a lazy goal for me would be to increase my blog's traffic from 40k to 50k within this month. An unrealistic goal would be for me to want to increase it from 40k pageviews to 1million pageviews within this month. The both of them are goals but one is realistic while the other one is what I call 'YOU ARE JUST DECEIVING YOURSELF'. So, that business, your academics, your spiritual life, your place of work, your relationship, your marriage etc. Set realistic goals this February.


Many times when we read motivational books and quotes and watch motivational videos, they are always fond of telling us to START NOW! Biko, do they want us to go and steal? Let's say I have a business idea worth 2million and all I have in my bank is 20thousand Naira and I'm watching a video where I'm being told to start now. How do I do it? That's why you should stop reading and watching UNREALISTIC motivational books and videos. First of all, get resources. You have made plans and set goals  but you don't have resources to kick-start it. Now is the time to source for resources. In fact, you can set long term goals and use the entire February to source for resources while March would be for implementing. That sounds like a lazy goal but it's far more better. This is because business wise, you will get more NOOOOOOOOO than YES from sponsors and Angel Investors. Not just business wise. Spiritually, you might have been praying for the Grcae to hear from God. This month might be the time to cry out to God, fast and pray and do all sorts just for your patience and persistence to be tested before you start hearing.


You would be very lucky if you can gather enough resources to kick-start whatever your plans are. What remain? Please start immediately! No time and space for procrastination. By procrastinating, you will waste time and opportunity. One of the prophecies my pastor declared during my Church's cross over night has to do with opportunities. He said God said we should grab and embrace every good opportunity we get this year because it might be hard getting another one. So, what are you doing with the opportunities teasing you? Grab them now! One important thing we should note is that we shouldn't wait till we get ALL the resources at once before we implement. If you get a substantial amount or piece, go ahead!


All work and no play will make you very sick. You can't come and kill yourself because you want to be very serious with things. Saturdays are for resting. Please rest. Sunday is another great time to rest after Church. Getting enough sleep is also very important. Many people hardly get 8 hours sleep not because they are doing anything sensible o but because that is the time they decide to play games, chat with friends, surf the internet and just while away time. A good example is ME🙉🙈. I'm very guilty of that. I'm a game freak and I've spoken to myself already. I'm dropping that...wait...not entirely. I'm simply reducing it. We have to be honest. Sleep is good. Exercise is good. Drinking lots of water is very good. Resting is good. Resting doesn't necessarily have to be sleeping. Just sitting down, resting your back for few minutes counts as rest. But, don't over do it. Little breaks are good for the year beginning so that we can have long breaks at the end of the year. But if you have a long break now, you will have a little break at the end of the year. Choose one.


I was listening to Pastor Adeboye's message he preached in 1999 and he said it is very important that before you start a project, you must pray. While you are doing the project, you must pray and it is even more important that when you end the project, you must pray because it is easier to pull a house down than bring it up. Rome wasn't built in a day but Rome can be destroyed in a day. How? An atomic bomb will do. When the month is coming to a close, you have to thank God for everything you did in the month and put everything back in His hands. Let Him order you steps and perfect it all. It's not a time to be telling friends how far you have come. It's a time to thank God for even greater things He will do in the next month.

And, that's it.

I'm so sorry my New Month message had to be this long but it was worth is right? 

I pray God helps us all and help us get the best out of this New Month.

Have a great month ahead!

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  1. Thanks for this. It is wonderful.

    1. @anonymous, you are welcome, dear. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  2. Enter your comment...A good reminder

    1. @Patric Edem, it is a good reminder indeed. I hope it comes in handy. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  3. I like this post. So funny and inspiring

    1. @samuel, lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.


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