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When a soon - to be - retired foodie like me decides to do a post on a food related countdown, you should know that it would be the TRUTH because I can't mislead you guys food - wise...lol.

Amala is the major food eaten by the people of Ibadan and so many people have testified that Ibadan's Amala and Abula is second to none. It is part of the culture and everyone has come to embrace it. Due to it's uniqueness, Amala has travelled far and wide therefore promoting the city of Ibadan in it's own little way.

Let me quit talking and go straight to the koko oro of the matter. Why spend so much this valentine when you can easily either make Amala for bae or boo or take them out to an Amala spot here in Ibadan. This post will serve as your compass for the 5 top Amala Spots in Ibadan where you can spoil your valentine or yourself at any point in time. I'm also grateful to NiyiTabiti's Blog for some of the tips.

Like I always say, this is strictly my opinion. If you know somewhere else you have eaten Amala in Ibadan and you know they scored an A1, don't hide it from us o. Tell us in the comment section.

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After I dumped my former 'customer' in school, I was opportune to locate Mama Anat after hearing fairy-tales about the place and I haven't turned back ever since. They make really good Amala and Abula. Their Jollof Rice is also a winner but our focus right now is their Amala. You can't go wrong with it. The joint also got it's name from its location beside the department of anatomy inside the University of Ibadan. It is mostly frequented by lecturers, students and non-academic staffs of the varsity. She manages the place with her children. It is located inside the University of Ibadan.

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 This super joint is located at challenge round about. It serves the challenge-ring-road axis. This canteen is so popular with its very tasty meals that one can’t resist the hot Amala, ogufe and fresh fish. Her children also come around to supervise the staff when Iyadunni is not available. When next I'm at challenge, I will branch at her place.

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One epic thing about this buka is that it has been around for a very long time. I think, the 70s. It is located beside the cultural centre and not too far from the state secretariat. Inastrante was founded by Ahaja Muslinat Akanke Tijani of blessed memory. It is tagged as the most popular of all. This joint is managed by the late Alhaja’s children and they are patronized by the high and mighty in the society. Inastrante, is endeared to the peoples’ mind because of its great hospitality.

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Though owned by Iya Adura, it is popularly known as SOCIAL because of its location inside the SOCIAL WELFARE compound in the state secretariat behind FIRST BANK in Bodija. Their Amala is also very Epic. You can never go wrong at this place.

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A standing ovation for the buka that has always been there for us both in the good and bad times. I don't know about you but this is my honest opinion. It is located along the BODIJA/UI road. It’s popularly called Skye Bank because of its very close location to SKYE BANK Bodija. It is owned by an Alhaja, who is popularly called by the name of the canteen The food is all shades of awesome and the smallest amount of meat goes for #50. The place is patronized with its closest customers, the bankers and even students of the University of Ibadan. The Alhaja’s children also help in the management of the canteen.

How can I roundup without acknowledging the honest efforts of my before before 'customer'. I feel so bad that I don't even know the name of the canteen. Maybe it's because their Amala is so delicious that you would easily forget your name. It's located in the University of Ibadan and it is at the back of the School's Chapel.

So, here we are. My 5 Top Amala Spots in Ibadan. Anywhere you eat Amala and you don't sweat after, just don't go back there. They didn't turn it well niyen and yesssss, there is also one Amala spot at Agbowo side opposite University of Ibadan. When I'm not inside school and I waka outside, you can find me there wanking Amala. It's one of the best too.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you are an Amala addict like me, lick your lips. Yes, that's what you do when the Amala takes your taste buds to tokyo.


SIDE GIST: I'm coming to Ibadan next weeeeeeeeek!!!! Yaay!😜😜😜😜😜 You guys noticed I've been doing countdowns since. Yes, that's because I'm presently not in Ibadan. I had to come see my parents and other family members. So, I will be coming to Ibadan next week. Glory to God. School also starts next week, I no sure sha. I'm mostly glad that I'm a finalist. Only God can do it. Can you imagine I've been waiting patiently since 100level for me to be a finalist?...lol. Maybe because I decided to be anti - social in school and rather jollificate after school so I can't wait to be out. By the way, wedding is doing me. Who is getting married? Please, invite me...#shinesteeth

Thanks for reading💗💋



  1. Emete, may God forgive you for just killing us with these tasty amala pictures. Mehn, these places are goals o

    1. @oreoluwa, I'm so sorry love. Twasn't intentional...lol You should visit these places soon. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

    2. As in. Those pics were too much for someone who hasn't eaten this morning.
      Great list. And I am familiar with a few. I am not really an amala person plus when you go to some of those places and you have to wash your plates and queue, me I don't like those kind of places.
      I went to School with Halima, the child of Inastrait. The last time I was there, I ate free food.

      The time I was accused falsely

      You are not holier than me

    3. @bisola, I apologize though. Really? When next u r going to inastrait, take me along too o. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  2. This girl! Why have you chosen to torment me this early morning ehh... my love for amala knows no bound. God knows I eat in every and any buka and Thank God i have a stomach for it. Let me just look at the pictures one more time and salivate. well done ma!


    1. @tega Enai, LMAO. The torment wasn't intentional. You should try one of these bukas anytime you visit Ibadan. #wehdonema... Lol. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  3. Yummy! I must eat some amala soon!


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