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Voila! And it's not being so long but yet, it's being too long!

As I go down on my knees, let me explain. Firstly, I'm presently not in Ibadan. I traveled to Benin for a wedding related stuff. From Benin, I traveled to Lagos to check how my siblings are faring. Also, I traveled to Ogun State to say 'Hi' to my other family members. You know how the extended family can be dispersed in different location so you have to love travelling by force. That's why I've been off and busy. I totally apologize. Can I stand up now? Yaay! Thanks for forgiving me! #hugs

This post was actually inspired by a blog reader. You know, my number and email are on the blog so EVERY blog reader is free to chat me up or use the chat widget on the blog. A blog reader chatted me up and we spoke and became 'ore, ore' eventually and she told me of how her family members are planning to relocate to Ibadan soon and I was glad because Ibadan is a great place to live in Nigeria if you desire a stress-free life. To honor this blog sweetheart, I decided to put up a post on places you can live in Ibadan so she can choose. Isn't that sweet?

So, YES! You can chat me up and tell me what you want to know about Ibadan. People do that a lot. I will make my research and do a post on it. Trust your baby girl to make it fun and interesting!

Now to the main post. Sit back, relax, is Big Brother Naija airing right now? Err, mute it and take just 4 or 5 minutes to read this post. Enjoy!


Firstly, this list is simply my opinion. If you have a differing opinion, please state it in the comment section so that anyone who wants to make a decision would have different options.


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Yes! It has to be Bodija for me. Now, there is the Old bodija which I think is the most popular and there is the New Bodija which is the envy of all presently. I've been to both and I can say for sure that Bodija is a great place to live. The cost of living is minimal compared to some other places. For foodies like me, food no too cost like that. It's the home to Bodija Market. Remember I did a post on it. You can check it out HERE.There are points of attraction that are close by and it is linkable to other nice places in Ibadan. You can leave for a place in Ibadan and arrive back at your place of abode in Bodija in no time. The security is okay as well. Transportation...Correct and yes, the New Bodija has a whole lot of literate and educated people with fine fine houses. It's a place you will love to relocate your family to. For the fact that I'm not presently in Ibadan now, I will do an update on this post and list the point of attraction for  every place stated. So, stay tuned!


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Yelz, it has to be Agodi G.R.A taking the Number 4 spot and I will tell you why. I've been here a couple of times and I can tell you, this is a great residential spot. Like, It seems like the area was planned purposely for residential purpose. It's peaceful, calm and serene. The houses aren't clumsy at all. Everyone get their own compound...almost everyone and everyone minds their business. The road is very good. I like that it's very clean and it doesn't have this 'shouting' attraction. If you are looking for a place that won't cost your peace, you should embrace Agodi G.R.A. I would love to know how much land and houses cost in this area. So, stay tuned for the updated version of this post. The Oyo state secretariat which houses the Governor's Office is also located here. In other words. 'celebrity things'...lol


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Yes o. If you know me well, you will know I love this Jericho area for whatever reason. The Jericho Mall is currently under construction...last time I checked. This is why you should carry all your yard people to this place kiakia. Jericho is a great place to reside, I must say. The road is very good and the area is very peaceful. The houses aren't all clumped up together...it reminds me of the estate life. There are good restaurants here and like I said earlier, the road is very good. The area is serene and just like Agodi, it is a place where everyone simply looks straight and mind their business.


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This is another wonderful place to live. It is quite affordable and like what I always pinpoint, the road network is very good. Perhaps, when I update this post and make a price list of lands and houses, then you can choose the exact place you will love to stay. Eleyele is another good place to stay as well.


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Now, let me do a quick confession. I have never been to this place before BUT while I was doing a bit of research for this post, I saw it on some sites and I will definitely check it out when I get to Ibadan. So, I can't guarantee you this area. I hear it's a place for the 'omo olowos'...hmm. A million and one reason why I must do amebo and reach this area...lol. I won't write so much about this place till I check it out so please, check back for the updated post and share!

But as part of the convenience tips, please click HERE or click the link below. You must not go without clicking the link below o. Thank me later!


I hope you enjoyed the post?! If you aren't 100% satisfied, please send me a message on what and what you will like me to include in the updated post. My Number and Email dey the blog. Let's connect. And for the convenience tips, that will also be in the updated post.

NOTE - All the pictures are of houses taken from each of the different locations. They are real as recorded by Google.com

Photo Credit - Google

Side Gist - And so, Big Brother Naija is now airing. It's unlike me not to follow such shows. Acshuali, there is no time ni. But I'm hearing pe the government wants to investigate why it's not been done in Nigeria. Wow! #wehdonesir o. I think that's simply a misplacement of priority. We have better and more trivial issues. When will our leaders grow up though? By the way, how are our New Year Resolutions going? Don't tell me you haf join those people dah af broken the resolution before the next day of making it...hmmm #sideeye

Thanks for reading💓💋



  1. Emete is back!!!!!! Come and hug me please! And shes back with a bomb post! Welcome love. Missed this blog!

    1. @Eniola, lmao...ese oooo. I missed y'all too! And I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. Ibadan Ibadan,hmmmm,the places are all nice, have been to Ibadan, but have never had the cause to sleep over, but Ibadan is on my travel list, plan to explore, you should help us look for affordable chalet or hotels (am not talking about places like 'travel budget house' ooo), like a really affordable and comfy place to lodge as per student traveller.

    Madam don't run away again ooo.


  3. @seyi,I will do just that and I will make a post for that. So please, subscribe to the blog to get alerted immediately it's up. And I won't run away again. Lol. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  4. Ibadan is really beautiful. I'm proud of it. Bodija has to be my favorite because it's kinda central plus almost everybody knows where it is. Has lots of nice places like foodco and KFC. Lol
    My Jumping Tale

    1. @Olaa Bobade, beautiful city indeed. Yes, to bodies. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  5. This brought back so many memories!!
    I did my NYSC I Ibadan some years ago and I remember looking for a place to live was such a big decision for me as I am an "Omo butter" I didn't want stress atall. This post would have come in handy then.. :)
    Luckily I got a nice apartment in New Bodija and I can testify that I had an amazing time there!!

    1. @yevandy o, Awww... I'm glad you had a great time at New Bodies. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  6. Yes oh. Bodija all the way. But the houses can be a bit old sometimes. I don't really like old houses sha. But the road network and accessibility. Marvelous. I like Laitan's way of thinking.
    Proximity to Kfc and Dominoes Pizza, Bodija Market is another plus.lol.
    Oluyole is also nice.
    Great road network too. And if you work around there, even better.
    Jericho, Iyaganku, Agodi are really reserved areas.

    Eight good reasons to leave that job now

    1. @bisola, The reserved areas are the reason I love them though. I'm glad you like Bodija. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. Great way of making people know Ibadan is a nice place to live. Many see it as a place for the old but trust me, like you have posted it's indeed a place everyone will love. Thanks for bringing this facts out about Ibadan.

    1. @unknown, thanks for appreciating the post. Ibadan indeed has a whole lot more to offer! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  8. You have a great sense of humor Emete. I would really love to know about the cost of accommodation in those places cost, ranging from self-contains to duplex.

    1. @dominika goodness, lol. Thank you! I'll do a post on that soon.

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    1. @engr. md. anwar hossain, that's great. Thanks for stopping by!


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