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Hey guys! I really don't know how to start apologizing sef but you just have to forgive me. Many plans have been made but things haven't been working in the direction I imagined all because of I've been too busy to keep up. I assumed I would be less busy after exams...iffa hear. Everything is in a bit to make this Christmas make sense. It just has to make sense! For busy peeps like me who might be too busy to cook anything on Christmas day, Tire Ni Oluwa Food Canteen And Restaurant has got our back! Enjoy the post!

So I was very hungry...like seriously famished and I just had to get something into my belly. I was at Osuntoken avenue which is located at Old Bodija road where the canteen is located. I did a post on a place I visited in this same area. You can read it HERE. Actually, someone described this place for me using zenith bank as a pointer. I was very hungry so I rushed in to eat but I was redirected. The canteen is located inside Bimtos Guest House...just behind the bar. So I had to find my square root to the back.

                 INSIDE THE CANTEEN
The appearance has the exact look of a street side buka...the kind of buka Nollywood often showed us where the food attendant was ready to snatch a married man by chipping in white love potion into his food after looking left and right👀...the ones our mother warned us about so we don't let our boyfriends or husbands eat from there if not they would become die - hard customers and would eat home food less...in other words, they make reallyyyyyy good, delicious, tasty, sumptuous meals here. A trial will convince you!
You know, I was baffled because the inner part of the canteen was VERY neat...to be frank! It didn't have that wierd smell you get when you walk into a street canteen. It smelt fresh air and was very neat and welcoming.
As you can see, their stuffs were well arranged. They really impressed me! For people thinking Ibadan people are dirty, this post is for you!
The only problem I had was that the place was very stuffy. The fact that I came in from under the sun made the matter worse and I couldn't thank one of their regular customers enough when he jokingly told the 'secretary' to put on the generator which she did. And yes, there is a 'secretary' or is it 'cashier'? Her job was sha to collect money from customers for the food bought. I like this method a lot unlike an amala restaurant I once went to where you pay the serving guy immediately you buy your food which would delay other customers because instead of him to continue serving others, he would be looking around for change. Innovative enough!
The food looked 'healthy' and the place was neat as well. The only problem I had with them was that they could talk for africa...hian! They were just shouting, talking and joking while serving customers which I detest a lot. Aside from that, they are very okay and cool.
They have a television which we all enjoyed immediately the generator came on.

                           WHAT I HAD
For whatever reason, I didn't want my ususal amala and abula. I didn't want to be too filled up so I don't develop a protruding tummy. So, I had ofada rice with a big meat. This cost me about N200 to N300...I can't remember the actual price now. It could be less but all I know is that it was pretty cheap.
You know, they didn't use the normal ofada stew. They made an extra sumptous stew...too good to be true. I made sure I scraped the plate and I silently blessed God that they didn't give me ofada stew. I should have asked for the stew's recipe...forgetful me.
Sometimes, satchet water instead of coke and fanta. I'm seriously watching my sugar level. It's very normal but of late, I've been taking too many sugary things and just when I thought I was achieving perfect abstinence, someone bought a packet of very delish chocolate at home that I've been fapping since yesterday...choi! Get behind me chocolate!

My experience here was one of a kind...I must say. They have every local food you can think of which they prepared in a very unique and delish way. The inner environment was very clean BUT I really don't like the outer part. I really don't know if it's the guest house or the restaurant itself but there is a refuse dump close by which I really don't think is too healthy for a restaurant. They should do something about it. I like that the staff were gay and jovial but less talking when serving please? What else? Yes! The generator should be put on whenever there is too much heat so we don't sweat too much when eating, abi?

Aside from all these, Tire Ni Oluwa Food Canteen and Restaurant is really great! A trial will convince you! For married peeps, make sure your spouse doesn't discover this buka. If they do, don't bother too much on why they no longer worry about eating your food. Tire Ni Oluwa ti take over! I warned you!😉

ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING TIRE NI OLUWA FOOD CANTEEN AND RESTAURANT - N300 - Singles Price (You won't spend more than this for one delicious plate of anything you want to buy)

Phone Credit - Myself

Phone Used - My Tecno P5

Unnecessary Information - Hallelujah, I got to see the movie '76' about last week. Unfortunately, something came up so I left the cinema too early. I was very sad! However, I heard it's a very great movie and just got 14 nominations in the AMVCA. And, the long awaited movie, The Wedding Party, is finally out! I really can't wait to see the movie and I hopefully hope it's worth the hype because they can hype some movies for africa and at the end you will be wondering if the movie was really worth your time and money. Example - A Trip To Jamaica...bleh!😐

Thanks for reading!💋💖



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