Hey guys! Long time, No post! Finally, I'm done with my exams EXCEPT for one that requires us to shoot a documentary video. That's the only headache but I thank God anyway. I'm so free like a bird right now and yesterday, I treated myself to all the goodies of life to celebrate the end of my exams but I missed out on the cinema thing because time had gone. So, I will be balling at the cinema today. Good News, I'm now a finalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 E nor easy! All the gist will be for a later time. For now, let's drive down to Right Choice Family Recreation Centre. Enjoy the post!


So I was on my way to Inspiration FM when I saw this building. The first thing that attracted me was the Ice - Cream poster on the building as well as the 'recreation' word. When I was done at Inspiration FM, I found my way back to the place. They are both located on the same street. Right Choice Family Recreation Centre is located at Number 12, Osuntokun Avenue at Old Bodija Road. It's very easy to find the place so you can't get lost in the process.

                INSIDE THE COMPOUND
The building is sitted on a large expanse of land. The first thing you will see is the security post where a young security man stays. When I was about entering, he enquired my reason for visiting which I told him. You know, we have to be security conscious and all of that. At the rightside is a playground field for kids and maybe, adults. At the leftside is a basketball field. Just straight up is the main building.

There are three major parts of the building. There is a gym at the right side and a company called Linux at the left side while there is a Church below - multi purpose right? That reminds me of a large building I once saw where there were different churches on each floor and I began to wonder how sunday looked like on that street and in that building with about ten churches singing and praying. While one is shouting FIRE!!!!, the other one is shouting THUNDER!!!!. May God help us in Nigeria. The first part I went into was the gym part.

                      I was able to capture the lower part of the recreation centre from the gym area.
                           THE GYM
The gym area was very quiet. I only met one guy there who perhaps came to gym as well. You know, it's a week day and it was still morning. This accounted for the low patronage. However, people usually come enmasse on days like friday, saturday and sunday.
The gym is loaded with different equipments from left to right. This is the definition of a real gym unlike one gym I once visited that only had very few equipments with a lot of posters of body builders on the wall. The gym resembled one that can be found in a prison yard or somewhere desolate. The major equipments were those ones for building muscles...they were of different sizes and just one that aids fat burning in the tummy. When I got there, I knew I had seriously missed road.

While I was still capturing the moment, I met with a man who took me round.

There was another guy who was gyming as well...like serious gyming. I later found out that he is a Nigerian basketballer who was born and bred in Ibadan. I took hold of the opportunity. How? I will tell you in another post. The man also took me to the dressing room which was in an upper room.

You know what I love about this gym? I love the fact that the gym instructor is a body builder and his body physically attests to that. I was engrossed in a conversation with him that I wasn't able to capture him. I remember some years back when I registered in a gym in my area. The first discouragement was the instructor. She was literally OBESE. My own aim was to burn fat and the gym instructor was obese...please what's the correlation? She showed me how to use the equipment and left me on this threadmill machine for almost a hour while she went to eat. Trust me, I did just 5 minuites and jumped off. When I saw her approaching, I continued as if I have been doing it since.

When the woman returned, she started lecturing me. You need to watch what you eat o...hmmm. If not, you will just get fatter. You need to be dedicated to your work and do just as I have told you and you will see results. I was almost forced to tell her to give that same advice to herself. When I got home, I and mom couldn't stop laughing and gisting about the entire scenario. So, seeing the gym instructor here was much more inspiration than seeing the pictures of muscular men on the wall.
                          LINUX OFFICE
Leaving the gym, I found my way to the second part of the building which is the Linux Professional Institute. My wakawaka here was very brief. I didn't really get the gist of the whole place. Being an office, I wasn't allowed to capture the interior. So, I left.

Nevertheless, I took some pictures of my journey up.
                         THE CHURCH
There was no service for the day. So, the church was closed but the church office was open.

From there, I went back downstairs. There was a table tennis area and another place where two people were watching television. 

And that's all about Right Choice Family Recreation Centre!  I had fun. I hope you did!
Right Choice Family Recreation Centre is suitable for outdoor gatherings. Though the land is very big, I'm not so sure if it can be used for an event. If you want to visit the gym and be a member, you will be required to simply pay N5000 for a month and N10,000 for three months. Isn't that very fair enough? I'm already saving up o. You should do same if you are thinking of keeping fit by joining a gym.

There is no estimated money needed when visiting right choice family recreation centre. Just come and have fun! Except, you want to register in the gym or do some stuffs at Linux.

Photo Credit - My humble self

Phone Used - My Techno P5

Unnecessary Information - There is an interview coming up this week under the section DISCOVERED! Don't miss it for anything. Now, I can go and see a movie at the cinema. Hope to see you guys there. Today na today!




  1. Right Choice is really the place if you want to register in a good gym. My friend lost 12kg when she registered in the place. Thanks for doing a good exposition on the place.

    1. @tade4show, you are pretty welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. Just when I have been looking for where to register for a gym. Right choice came along. Thanks for this

    1. @biola, lol...you are welcome! Thnaks for stopping by. Do check back!

  3. Funny enough the sign board is quite familiar. I just never realised that they had a gym inside there. A good one too according to you.
    This one you are admiring the gym instructors body. Cough. Lol.

    How were your exams.Are you travelling out of Ib for Christmas?

  4. @bisola, lol...thay have a good gym inside. And I am not admiring the gym instructor's body oooo. Just making a comparison...shikena. My exams were very good to the Glory of God. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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