Hello Everyone! Loongest time...well not so long! How una side? Anyway, mine has been really stressful because...UI Exams...but I bless God. I found out a yoghurt palour some days ago and I was really really impressed. The funny thing is that the place is located inside my school, University of Ibadan. The thing shock me! For whatever reason, I just discovered the place and I can tell you, they are really good. Don't let me gist you too much. Simply sit back, relax, suspend thinking about MMM for the next 5 minuites and enjoy the post!

I had just finished reading at the faculty of social science LLT(Large Lecture Theatre) and I was supposed to go back to my hostel (St. Annes Hostel...TMI?) to rest but I just decided to simply go out and see a new place or something. I took a bike from the social science faculty down to the university's gate where it is located. I knew that if I had to go out, I would obviously take some pictures. Unfortunately, my phone was almost dead. So I decided to just charge my phone a bit before leaving.

What ever prompted me to just go straight, I don't know. I opened the door of the parlour and was amazed at the beauty...fine place!

The customer service was okay. They were fun people and were really nice. It was pretty obvious that they are newcommers in the business of customer service. Nevertheless, they did well and answered quick enough. Some other attendants can like to waste your time for Africa.

                     THE ENVIRONMENT

I actually like the environment. It's a nice place to just relax away from the hustle and bustle of the University's environment. I stayed there for a long while because the place was actually very cool. Not too many people, not over crowded, just serene.
There were some students at the extreme end having a group meeting. I like the fact that the place isn't anyway noisy. I like quietness. Thta's why I love the estate life and not the street life.
I also like that they thought out of the box colour - wise. They didn't just use the convention colour which could make the place look really dull. However, I have something to say about the colours though but that would be for later.

                           WHAT I HAD
Now, how will I visit a food place and not at least get something in my mouth? I like food...I know but right now, I'm watching my weight. Where are the fitfam people? E no easy! Even as I am watching my weight, some bad belle people will still remark that I am getting fat...may God forgive you, o ye discouragers!
So they have two kind of youghurt...the vanilla yoghurt and the strawberry yoghurt. The small size which is the one above goes for N250 while the large size which is slightly bigger than this goes for N300. There is a bottle size. That one fit dey enter almost N500. I had the small strawberry size first.
See as I shine my eyes for camera...well, it's majorly because the yoghurt tasted REALLY good! I enjoyed it and it was really filling. However, my eyes was shooking to have a taste of the vanilla yoghurt too. So, I had the small size vanilla yoghurt too.
The vanilla yoghurt too was very nice! Can you see the other empty can...abi shey na cup? I like that they packaged everything well. They really tried! I had a fun and a filling day indeed!

Firstly, Tunik Yoghurt Parlour is a very nice and innovative place. I give them big - ups. Their strategy is one of a kind. However, I noticed some kwenkwenkwen at some point. I hope they work on it!
  • The colours of the chairs as I mentioned earlier is really nice but it's still a bit monotonous which could make the place look dull. Colours could actually ginger one's mood. They used green which is a fair colour but they should have used other colours. Can you remember when I visited Tutti Frutti at ventura mall? I commended the colours they used. They mixed the colours and it was so pretty. You can check out the post HERE.The walls were painted green, chairs were green...haba!
  • The customer service was okay like I said earlier but if the owner can do a bit of training for them. Organize a training class on how to compose when talking to a customer, how to smile, how to relate and all. A good customer relation will go a long way and a bad customer relation can spoil a good business. 
  • Like I said earlier, the place is very neat and cool but I was also looking out for something more. That extra something that make people want to buy food or snacks at Mr Biggs or Tantalizers and also make them sit down, relax and have a good time. Some will buy yoghurt and leave. Other will sit and be looking as if they are thinking about their life. A Television, maybe?
Aside from all these, Tunik Yoghurt Parlour is bae! You should visit the place soonest! And they should start thinking of expanding once they look into the errors above. They will make waves here in Ibadan and other places

ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING TUNIK YOGHURT PARLOUR - N500 - singles price (This is just for the small sized yoghurt.)

Photo Credit -
Myself and a guy I met at the place, he is the C.E.O of Miki Wears

Phone Used - The C.E.O of Miki Wears Phone..thanks, dude!

Unnecessary Information - Guys, I have 8 more papers to go! Can you believe I am writing 12 papers in this semester's exam? Talk about the fact that I can't wait to graduate. For now, I can't wait to go home...pheew! I will be done by next week anyway and I would finally go and see a movie at the cinema ALONE! Yea, so that no one will disturb me while watching or be asking me jamb queshun  as if we aren't watching it together.

Thanks for reading!💗💋




  1. Located in UI? I will try the place soonest. Besides, why should you go to the cinema alone? pls lets go together jare.

  2. @seggz, it is located in UI at the garage. Biko, I love my alone time but we can actually go together. No problem! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  3. Awww...nice review! And i also feel the same about the green colours. Kudos

    1. @bisola, thanks! They should work on that soon. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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