To all great students of Nigeria's Universities, Happy ASUU Strike minus OAU Students because they refused to join the one week warning strike (They are obviously slys). And to every beautiful reader, Happy Christmas in Advance. I sense that Christmas is going to be one of a kind and I can't just wait to find my way back home after my exams.
So I went on a visit to Ibadan Recreation Club and this is one tour that I do not regret in any way. Just sit back, relax, take a hand fan and fan yourself(in case PHCN has taken advice to my Naija brethren) or enjoy yourself under the A.C or ceiling fan or standing fan or rechargable fan(for those who put on the generator or are now best padis with PHCN). Enjoy the post!


This journey is one I won't forget in a while. The first wahala(problem) is that I didn't get the correct name of the place. I thought it was Ibadan Reservation/Conservation Centre. So, I left with that mindset and it really put me through a whole lot of stress. Firstly, I went thrift shopping at Dugbe(a place in Ibadan). From Dugbe, I took a bike going to Jericho(a place in Ibadan) for N200. When we got to Jericho, I told the bike man that I was going to Ibadan Resrvation Centre or Ibadan Conservation Centre...either of the two names. That's how we started searching everywhere for a place that doesn't exist.
Thank God the bike man was really a patient be sincere! After going back and fro Jericho and asking people who said they don't know the place, we then saw Ibadan Golf Club.
Since we couldn't locate Ibadan Recreation Club, maybe it was never destiny to visit the place that day. So I dropped off the bike, paid him and found my way into the place.
So I continued snapping and was minding my own business but a man saw me and refused to mind his own business and decided to approach me and question me. My explanations weren't valid enough for him so he took me to the receptionist who was just another case entirely.
So I explained the situation of things to the receptionist who said I needed to see the manager first. Okay, lemme see the manager. Daz how he change mouth and said he will instead go and see the manager on my behalf because the manage wasn't expecting me. After a little argument of who should go and see the manager, he finally went in and came back after a short while saying the manager said I should go and write a letter addressing my visit so that it can be approved. Letter kwa? The last time I wrote a letter was....ooooh, I never thought my English Teacher in secondary school that time was doing me so much good by drawing my ears on how to write a good formal letter. Allrice. I sha went away.
Already, I was famished and I found another bike man. I wanted to first get something to eat and review the restaurant so that I could go home jejely but instead, I started mentioning Ibadan Reservation Centre again. To cut the story short, we finally found the place and it wasn't Ibadan Reservation/Conservation Centre but Ibadan Recreation Club. (We all make mistakes, you know)

                 JOURNEY INTO THE CLUB

The Club so reminded me of my Home Club in Lagos - Lagos Country Club. There were some similarities and I just felt at home in the place. I was actually suprised that no one interrogated me or asked for the club's membership card. I was elated! It was later I got to find out that they had a competition that day and so, anyone could come in just for that day alone and not on other days. I couldn't find my way around so a guy helped me regain my steps.

At the entrance, the receptionist, maybe, asked me my mission and I told her I came to review the place for my website and she concurred with a smile. Unlike the golf club place. I will still write them a letter sha coupled with 40 days and 40 night fasting and prayer so that they can approve it.

                      INSIDE THE CLUB

The reception area leads to the inner part of the Club where the main things happen.

There is an outdoor field where chairs are arranged. The place is very suitable for families or anyone to just rest and enjoy what the day has to offer.

Infact, the club has so many chairs just to make you comfortable and this is very good in cases when there is great crowd during festive periods like Christmas or during muslim holidays since the club is a great place to unwind. There were some restaurants there that seemed like they've not been used since forever. And a path led to another part of the club - the squash section(Oh, physical education in primary school! I value thee now).

There is a playground section for children on the way to the squash area and there were some kids there enjoying the place.

I finally got to the squash area and a man sitted there asked me why I was taking pictures (phew! things wee go thru and queshuns we just have to anza). So I explained to him and gave him my blog's website and he gave me a go - ahead.

Leaving their side, I found my way to the tennis section of the club. There were a lot of people watching them...a lot. Some were talking, laughing, watching, while others were starring at me๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ (plix, what I do?)

The tennis court extended to the end of the southern part of the club. There was one girl that was playing and smashing and screaming like serena williams (Your future is bright, sis!)

Westward, there was a restaurant. I was so hungry and I inquired if there was food but he told me they had drinks and I was like Bros, is that the anza to my queshun?

From there, I passed the backyard which led me back into the building where a bar was.

There was a door nearby that led to the toilet. I wasn't pressed but I sha entered and took pictures so that when you will be visiting, you will know whether to drain your bowels or you can keep it filled and come down here to ease yourself. Well, the toilet was very okay but obviously quite old. Remember the place was built in 1902. I was impressed by the state of the toilet.

Erm, I like toilets with mirrors so I couldn't help but take a snapshot like the one I took at ventura mall HERE. The Club also has a conference room in case you want to hold meetings and do all the things they do in conference rooms. It's like a hall but hey! hey! Go and use Mapo Hall for your wedding. I don't think they do weddings here. You can get the full review and inside of Mapo Hall by clicking HERE (Thank me later and give me your wedding invitation card๐Ÿ˜‰

Outside the conference hall was a door that led me back to square one - the entrance. I got to meet the manager and we had a brief talk. He was kind enough to get me a vendor. They have many vendors waiting to please your stomach. The lady got me ofada rice with moimoi and a bottle of fanta but I have a little grudge against her because unlike the ofada rice I used to eat, there were only three or four small tiny meats scattered in the rice when it suppose to be up to ten. Anyway, I forgive her sha.

I really had fun at the place. Enjoy exclusive pictures below!

The Club is well guarded security wise. For you to enter, you would have to be a member and have your membership card. There is also a swimming pool in the club but I wasn't able to get the actual place it was located. It's a great place to unwind and network and have a nice time. When I googled it, I found out it's also a Night Club...dah one no concern me sha. But if you are in Ibadan, you should visit the place soonest!

 ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING IBADAN RECREATION CLUB - N500 - for singles (This is just for food o. I got my ofada and all for just N460. How cheap!)  

Photo Credit - Myself and a Lady I met on my way when I was leaving.
Phone Used - My Tecno P5 (Being snapping great pictures since 1902...!)
Unnecessary Information - I met someone at Dugbe. I won't give you the full gist but the person would be on the blog very soon. Also, I want to change my hair-do and I really don't know what's best for my round face. Any idea, plix?

Thanks for reading!๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’—



  1. Ahaaaaa...Ibadan reservation club keeee???? Lol, you really were stressed ou when u were looking for the place. Nice review, Emete.

    1. @anthonia, na reservation I first call him I was truly stressed. Thanks sweet for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. Round face like mine well done.
    Nice review.. I have never been there but I should be there next week if a church programme slated to hold there still holds..for sure there would be no chance to explore like you did.

  3. @bisola, it's a really nice place. Have fun at your church programme!. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  4. So please where is they this'reservation' or 'recreation' club located exactly? It sounds very familiar but all I can seem to recall right now is the location of the golf club. And wait a minute, you paid #200 from Dugbe to Jericho?�� Please don't let them scam you like that again. The maximum you should drop next time is #150. If you can bargain well sef, depending on the point you pick the bike from and the part of Jericho you are headed, even #80 will do for just one person. Common dugbe to eleyele is #100, talk more of Jericho which is closer. Biko, stop dashing these bike men money anyhow.

  5. @anonymous, my dear, that's why I have been fasting and praying for the spirit of bargaining to come upon me. na so so scam dem dey always scam me. It's located at mokola. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  6. Hello Emete, thanks for the insight with relation to ibadan recreation kinda new to IB and have been looking for somewhere to play some sports and your blog points me to the right direction. Thank you.

    1. @ Anthony, you're very welcome dear! Go have fun!


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