Yesterday, I took a trip down to another part of Ibadan called Gate. I really do not get why the place is called Gate though but for every name, there must be a meaning attached to it. In my earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to be recording my first ever song (yaaaay!!!!) and fortunately, I did it. It's a christmas song. You can get all the details HERE . So I was able to record but I will really love to tell you about the studio I recorded it at. Make sure you patronize them because they do absolutely quality music. I can bet you on that.

I got a call from the producer early but my busy self got ready very late. I took a bike from Agbowo straight down to Bodija to withdraw some cash (as if I knew I would spend much for the day). After that, the bike man took me straight down to Gate. Funny enough, the bike man didn't even know the area well and I was a novice as well. So, we were both confused. We kept on stopping and asking people. I remember we passed a place called Agodi. I am not sure if that is where Agodi Gardens is located (Hmm, I should make my next tour Agodi Gardens. It's such a beautiful place!). Also, we passed a market and that place reminded me of Balogun Market in Lagos because of the noise and all. 

Finally, we got to Gate but we didn't know the location of the studio. I called the producer and he spoke to the bike man whom he told to locate a filling station called Ola Sheu. We sighted it on time but the bike man was still asking the attendants again if the place was really Ola Sheu (Really?).

When we were very sure, I called the producer again and he sent someone to come pick me up. All in all, the bike man collected N400 (Four hundred naira) from me. My jaws almost dropped but I had no choice than to pay because I am seriously not good when it comes to bargaining. If you have that skill, please contact me and teach me o. I will really appreciate it!

The studio is located inside a complex. The studio was formerly at Akobo but they had to change location. I was led by the guy who came to pick me and we entered into the complex. The stairs where really high. I haven't seen such high steps before and I joked about it to him. 

When we got inside, I found the boss himself - Oga Lomodogs - relaxing on an upholstery with his laptop. It was nice seeing him again. He is really a pleasant person - very pleasant.  At that time, there was no light (Every Nigerian can relate) and we stylishly awaited our good PHCN to give us light while we discussed. We talked from music to blogging to design to magazine till he got a call and had to leave. When he left, I was hooked with the guy who earlier came to pick me and he was introduced as a producer. His name is Phophaid by the way.

We sha vex and got petrol to power the generator and then, we hit the studio!

So yesterday was my second time ever entering a musical studio. My first was at their studio at Akobo and now, their studio at Gate. The studio is enclosed and very nice. I was truly awed by the texture of the thick foamlike material they used on their wall. Phophaid (The producer) explained to me that it's sound proof and indeed, it's soundproof. They had a big system as you can see above and two speakers. They had the necessary things a studio should have.
And yes, they had a piano. I tell you, this piano works wonders. I was awed and astonished by the different things the producer used the piano for in making beat upon beat - varying beats.
There was a microphone - lol, I really don't know the professional name and I forgot to ask. This is where I was singing into and it picked every sound well.
The air - Conditioner was available to complement the studio. I was freezing when it was put on. Not like I am not used to it but it was actually freezing - I liked it sha.
Chairs were available in case you want to sha by force follow me into the studio and listen to me sing...hehehe. Enjoy the remaining pictures while I listen to my song.
                                                 (Oga Phophaid kept backing the camera)
                  ADDED INFORMATION
The entire Lomodogs crew are one of the best in Ibadan and they are really great to work with! You will have fun all through and they do songs at very affordable rate. This producer called Phophaid(Phophaid, so kind) is exceptionally good. And he is amazingly very young. Talents like this should be promoted in Nigeria. He makes beats with such ease. It was wonderful working with him.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures at the studio. I was busy recording. We made the song within 5 hours. Don't worry sweetpies, I will place the song on the blog after it has been mixed. It's a christmas song. I know you would love it. Actually, you just have to love it...lol.

PhotoCredit - My humble self. (Takes a bow...tanchiu)
Phone Used - My honourable Tecno P5 (Yea, yea, I know the pictures aren't all that but we will get there. Ese)
Unnecessary Information - I will be going to the cinema this week to see a movie - A trip to Jamaica actually. I wanna see if the movie was able to beat 30 days in atlanta hands down. I will gist you all about it later.

Thanks for reading. Thank You!




  1. Lol, Emete. Interesting post. You forgot to put in their contact details.

  2. @yemiy, that's right. I apologize. You can contact them via - 07037081588. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  3. Thanks for this post, Emete. How much do they charge for a studio session and when are you going to put your song on the blog?

  4. @anonymous, I really can't say how much they charge. Preferrably, please contact them for more details. My song is not yet mixed. It will up on the blog when the mixing is done. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. Awww. I like that you are chasing your dreams. Unfortunately singing has never been my talent lol. You don't know Gate? Jjc like you. Lol.that bike man needs spanking.
    It's very popular, maybe cos I live around that axis and have to pass through sometimes.
    So when is the song coming out nah. I wanna hear it.

  6. @Bisola, lol...i just got to know gate ni. The song would be out before christmas. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. Ermmm..... there's Agodi, theb there is Agodi Gate. Agodi stretches from the state secretariat past the governor's house, towards immigration and eventually gate. So gate and agodi are kinda one and the same but to be more specific you either have to call it agodi gate or just gate. The area opposite the side fence of the governor's house and the area running from immigration towards ikolaba is agodi gra. Agodi gardens is on the same road as the state secretariat. In fact, that area between the state secretariat and bodija is also agodi. In short, agodi is kinda large. Cheers.

    1. @anonymous, lol...cheers too and thanks for the detailed info. Thanks for stopping by. do check back!


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