It's one thing to click on the blog link LIVE IN IBADAN in order to catch up on new posts or posts you missed and it's another thing to click the link, surf the blog, experience all I have in stock for you and enjoy it as well. This post doesn't only apply to this blog but will be very helpful when you are checking out other people's blog. This way, you will not just get bored with a blog but you will experience and enjoy every feature the blogger worked hard to install in order to make your ride sweet, safe and enjoyable. Some of these features (widgets) you need to know are -

 Almost every blog has the social media widget installed including this blog. The social media widget helps you to become well acquainted with the blogger and also catch up on the dailies of the blogger as well as the blog itself. There are some blogs and websites you will visit and love absolutely but after that first visit, you might never get to see the blog again. When you log in to your Instagram, twitter and facebook, you could search endlessly for the website or blog's handle but you might not find it and this could be frustrating. Well, this was never the blogger's fault. The social media widget were most likely placed in strategic areas for you to notice and click on so that the relationship doesn't just end on the blog but extends. For my blog, the social media widget is on the topmost right corner and also at the bottom right corner. Click on them and let's get acquainted and do the same for every other blog or website you will be visiting.

Almost every blog if not all blogs...well, almost every blog have the search widget. It was placed for easy navigation. You might stumble on a blog that has over 500 posts and would want to seacrch for a particular post you like but end up discarding the idea because you feel you cannot start searching from the beginning to the end for just one post out of 500 posts! Nna mehn, you go spend days! But really, you don't have to go through that stress. That's the work of the search button/widget. For my blog, it is located at the top right corner just beside the social media widget. For other blogs, it could be the same or might be at the side bar or beneath the blog.

Yours might not be to search for a particular post but you just want to go down memory lane and enjoy the blog from when the blogger started and see how much the blog has advanced. This is the work of the Blog's Archive. If a blog doesn't have this, please, you are allowed to spank the blogger. The blog archive is dated and you can just click on a particular year, a particular month and get to see the first post ever of a blog with over 100 posts or more! How exciting!

 There is a high possibility that you will fall deeply with a blog and when you want to check it next time, you would have forgotten the blog's address. Or you might have the blog's address stuck in your head but then, whenever you click on the blog's link, the blogger is yet to post something new and this could be very annoying. Rather than give yourself headache, simply click on the subscribe button. Most subscribe buttons/widgets just need your email address so that you can get every new post into your email. Some need your name as well while some need no information. It is already linked with your email. On my blog, there are two subscribe buttons, one is on the left side bar and the other is just beneath the blog. SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! AND SUBSCRIBE!

Sometimes you stumble on some blogs and it's either you are disappointed or you really love the blog but there are some errors and you would really want to give the blogger some good advice to help improve the blog. This is the work of the blog's form or contact form. It could be located anywhere in the blog but most likely at the side or beneath. You can speak out your mind by filling these forms. Don't just ignore them. Your comments count! Your observations are always welcome!

Funny enough, bloggers also read other people's blogs and some bloggers are often generous enough to share the list of blogs they also read for you to enjoy as well! The blog link list can be located anywhere as well. Most often, at the side of the blog.

I haven't seen this on another blog. It is often on websites but hey, it is on this blog! It is at the down right corner and there is ONLINE written on it. Simply click on it and you would chat with me LIVE. I enjoy every other blogger to install it on their blog. It is very nice and useful. I would love to chat with each and every one of you. So simply click on it now and let's begin chatting! 
Every blog obviously has this. Please feel free to comment and comment and over comment. I've gotten a lot of complaints from people about the comment box of my blogs that they are not functioning well and it is hard or difficult to use. I personally experienced same but thank God, I found Disqus! I hereby pronounce my immense support for Disqus as president of all comment So, I use disqus now. It is very easy to use. Simply put in your name and email and then comment, comment and over comment as much as you want! I also enjoin other bloggers to make use of disqus in case you are having a hard time with your blog's comment section 
There are some blogs you will visit and just fall in love with the owner. Your dream of meeting such blogger could be a reality if you are very observant - observant of every information placed in the blog by the blogger. Sometimes, bloggers don't leave information in their posts. They could embed it in a widget with the hope that you will check it out and click on it. 

There are many more widgets but these are the few I feel are very important. When next you visit a blog or website, take cognisance of these so that you can partake in the fresh experience. The first post you stumble on might not tinkle your fantasy but just taking a minuite to utilise these widgets could make you fall in love with such blog. You can start by checking out these features on this blog. 
Which other feature/widget do you think should have been included?

Thanks for reading! :)



  1. Just what I needed. Can you give me the site for the chat stuff, yea?

  2. @james, of course. It's Thanks for stopping by! Do check back!

  3. Nice post. I would hit the subscribe button then.

  4. @bola, that would be nice! Great idea so as to get every latest post into your email. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. Nice. I use Wordpress so I am still figuring some stuff out.
    I will check out the chat thingy. I love the idea.
    You have stopped using disqus? That stuff drives me nuts sometimes.

  6. @Bisola, I used to love disqus but not any longer. Please make use of the chat button. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. I like your blog. I blog at

  8. @Temitope A,thank you so much ma. I will check your blog shortly. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  9. I enjoyed this post. Every blogger can relate to this and wish everyone who visits their blogs do one or more of what you've mentioned.

    Wait, you said you found Disqus and fell in love with it. Did you change your mind later on? I use it tho. 

  10. @nwamaka ajaegbu, I used to love disqus but no longer because I noticed it wasn't doing well on mobile devices. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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