For those who don't know, I tend to throw a personal post once in a week in order to update everyone on things going on in the blog. It's the time I get to freely post my personal picshures as well since it's not really an official post even though it is very official. If you missed out on other personal posts, you can check it HERE.

Firstly, I want to appreciate everyone that has been using the live chat button to chat up with me. I am so glad and I have tried effectively to reply all your messages. The live chat button is the right pop-up button on the down-right side on the screen if you are using a laptop that screams ONLINE. However, if it is writing OFFLINE, that suggests I am not online. Still, that's not a problem. You can still click on it and leave me a message with your email address puleezee. I will assuredly reply you! I talked about it in details in this post HERE

A new advancement and addition to the blog are adverts from companies like Jumia. I believe in life, we have to learn how to help one another you know and...abeg, let's leave inspirational message PULEEZZZEEEE CLICK ON THE LINKS A MILLION TIMES! Why? Because for every click, I am getting ego (for our igbo brethren), owo (for our yoruba brethren), kudi (for our hausa brethren), and igho(for our urhobo brethren. Thank me for the language lessons o by clicking on the links) and yes, I am an Urhobo geh from Delta State...tanchiu!) into my bank account. So you see why you should help my ministry? And to fellow bloggers or those who are about to start blogging or own a website or is about to, you can learn more about making money off your blog by clicking HERE. Thank me later and thanks in advance for clicking!

To be frank, I have tried hard to update the blog quite consistently. At least, you get to see two posts a week and I am planning to make it three posts a week and on days when I have to update important posts like this, it would be four or five posts a week. However, posting might not get so consistent starting from the end of this week till the first week of December. Why? Because your loving blogger is still a student (of the University of Ibadan) and her exams are starting next week (maybe wednesday. It should have started on monday but you know ASUU is striking. May God have mercy).

So I have to read and read to attain good grades so please include me in your next 100 days fasting and prayers. Thank you in advance and I hope you understand. That's not to say I won't post o. I will still post but it might just be once a week till the end of exams.

Do you like the blog's theme? Well, I absolutely love it too. However, I have been experiencing a major headache. If you are really observant, you would have noticed. I have almost 20 posts on the blog right now and not all posts appear on the homepage. The homepage is the main page of the blog and I am worried. Sometimes, it would be up to four posts. If I upload a new post, the four posts will disappear and it will be just that new post alone so new visitors will be thinking that's the only post on the blog. Right now, it's just two posts appearing on the RECENT POSTS bar which shouldn't be. I have asked and searched and asked google for solutions but it seems google is already seeing my question as a Jamb Queshun. Please, if you have a solution, please tell me. I would absolutely appreciate it!

Another major problem is the comment box. This one has been giving me headache since adam. People keep sending me private message about their difficulty or inability to comment. Two people sent me messages about this same complaint today and I am not just understanding. From using disqus to returning back to blogger, ko ye mi(I don't understand). I think I will switch it up back to disqus/facebook. You can help me test it if it's working by commenting. Ese(Thanks). Also, the comment box is divided into three - Facebook, Blogger and Disqus comment section. You would need to have already been logged into your facebook account to use the facebook comment section. You would need to be verify disqus message in your email in order to use disqus but the blogger comment section is headache - less just that it often refuses to publish comments on some mobile phones. You can use any one of them by clicking on anyone of your choice. Thanks!

So these are the recent updates I have to share with you guys. Please don't forget to click a million times on the links at the sidebar and below the blog if you are using a laptop. Also, if you have solutions to the problems stated above, please share with me. I will be absolutely grateful. Thanks.

Quick Gist - Aside from uploading a post tomorrow, I will be interviewing a very nice personality under the section DISCOVERED! very soon and would be uploading it latest this week and I'm also planning to update the MADE MEN/WOMEN section. So keep checking back in order not to miss it. Also, you can subscribe so you would be the first to get it into your email box! Importantly, please follow this blog on Instagram. You can do that HERE. And for all sweethearts saying, 'Emete, I want to follow you on your next trip', it's no problem but please, I am not on BBM because people keep dropping their BBM pins and I can do nothing to help. Message me on whatsapp instead or send me an email. My contact is on the blog or you can check it HERE. Thanks! I also have a very special gist for you and it is embedded HERE. Please click HERE and thank me later! Lots of love!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Confirm! Me I used blogger

  2. @tony, lol, thanks dear! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  3. I don't exoerience such because I am using a laptop too. I totally feel your pain.

  4. @yemiy, i know right but for sweethearts using mobile phone, please click on the facebook bar or disqus bar. Thanks and thanks for stopping by yemiy. Do check back!

  5. Goodluckin your exams dear

  6. @Lade, Thanks a lot, Babe. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. @Gracey, Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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