Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad. For me, it's not been perfect but it's been worth it. I want to officially welcome you to my humble blog. Yes, humble. But after now, it would be radical with posts focused on its purpose - IBADAN and very little about me. This blog was created out of my passion to showcase Ibadan to the world as a place of opportunities and seriously, Ibadan is the next big thing. It's not just about Lagos, Abuja, PortHacourt, it's also about Ibadan. These cities should tighten their seat belt because Ibadan is about to go mega. Really, MEGA. So, I want you to also tighten your seat belt and get ready to experience Ibadan LIVE by clicking on the subscribe button so you won't have to miss any post. You can learn more by clicking HERE

                               CHALLENGES SO FAR

Setting up the blog hasn't been very easy. I'm a blog designer so I didn't have much problem with that but really, owning a blog is not an easy job. Some of the challenges I have had to face is racking up my brain to create good content. The only way I can keep you coming back is by posting good content. You won't want to waste your mb on a blog that dishes out rubbish in this recession. Ngwa, we have to borrow some Igbotic sense. So, I have been trying very hard on this.

Now, it's one thing to get some inspiration about good content and it's another thing to get a good content topic because people who aren't curious would not want to click on an article that has a dead headline. I am trying to borrow the sense my lecturer while I was in 100level hired us in his course under the field of journalism. For me to have done CLA104, I must be able to defend truly by placing good content topic. Content topic is another brouhaha. I don't even know where the inspiration for this post's topic came from sef.

And what is a good post without quality pictures. I refuse to be intimidated by blogs that have very good quality pictures. But really, I sometimes get intimidated but I have been casting that spirit out. Quality pictures have been one headache because of the lack of a good camera phone not to talk of a camera itself. When I mean camera now, I mean the ones photographers use. Now, I'm wishing I could hire the likes of Ty Bello or Kelechi Amadi. *wipes tears* The pictures I took here was courtesy of one of my bestie's phone, Eliezer (a.k.a Elibobo). Thanks sweet!

And lastly, I have had a slight challenge getting people involved in this project. And yes, it's a project. I have many people who believe in this blog but the little problem is that everyone is working hard to make it in this recession and you know the amo shine crooner has been giving us great inspiration. So everyone is busy. However, I sincerely appreciate them still for putting in the little they can. If you are reading this, just know I love you.
                                                           My Blog Starterpack
                                  BLOG ENHANCEMENT
 Even though I am just starting, I am thinking out ways to make this blog not just outstanding but capable of standing out...breaking the norm. Some of things I need are - 

a. A Good Quality Camera/A good Camera phone - Yes, to make you drool over the pictures you will see on the blog. Importantly, I love excellence in whatever I do. Blogging is not an exeception.

b. A Saloon Car - And don't roll your eyes too much. I really need it to help with transportation and save cost of transport fare. Really, I'm going to be visiting and reviewing a whole lot of places.

c. Money - Money answereth all things including blogging. I know the Lord will provide in this area. Can I get an AMEN?!

d. A Domain Name - How professional is It sounds too cliche right? Now, what of That's what I call striking the gold. I really need a domain name.

e. Less School Work - This time next year, I would be a graduate or writing my final year exams by God's Grace. But before then, only if my lecturers can have a peep into all the things we students are doing to make the world a better place, that's the only time they will reduce all the tests (I have one next week thursday. Is someone already firing some prayers on my behalf?), all the assignments (I have one to submit tomorrow that I haven't even started and another one on documentary that I have to submit next week. *Playing Darey Art - Alade's Pray for me*), all the term papers (I completed one this week and I have another one to do which I must submit on exam day), a little minimisation of the classes (because many times, these lectures spend 45 minuites joking and the rest lecturing. Just kuku say lectures are now for 20 minuites *dancing makosa).

                            BLOG ACHIEVEMENT

Nevertheless, I would like to achieve the following with this blog.

  •  Make Ibadan standout amongst other cities
  • Correct misconceptions about Ibadan
  • Bring Ibadan to the limelight
  • Make Ibadan a megacity by presenting opportunities available in Ibadan and showcasing Ibadan as a fertile ground.
Really, it's not an easy job, you know. But with God on my side, the work just got easier. Your contributions are absolutely, totally, completely welcome. You can get involved by clicking HERE 
I would fast and pray for you if you do. LOL. So really, what are the things you personally expect from the blog? Let's have a gist in the comment section.

(The car, domain name and less school work pictures are all courtesy of google. I really do look tired in my pictures.)


  1. Awwnn
    Hey there, I just came across your blog, and I must say, I love what it's going to be about!
    I'd definitely be stopping by often, hope to read more from you soon :-)
    (Oh, and I do agree -- Lagos, Abuja, PH? Too overrated. Hehe )

    Imaobong |

    1. Thank you so much Imabong. You can also click the subscribe button to get all the goodies into your email. Thanks for stopping by, sweet.

  2. Live in In Ibadan no be joke o, notorious city :)

    1. Lol @ayo. Na serious business! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back. Lots of love.

  3. That Range Rover car tho!!!

    1. @justporsh Lol. Serious goals. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  4. @Kunle, Thank you. Do check back!


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