One thing about changing one's niche has to do with the fact that you are not too sure or too certain if your audience are going to like your new subject or niche. I learn't this from beauty vlogger, Dimma Umeh. So I was formerly blogging about the beautiful city of IBADAN under LIVE IN IBADAN but for the fact that I was leaving the city, I decided to start up a News and Lifestyle blog with a new heading - THE EMETE SMART'S BLOG. I didn't bother if you guys were going to like the new change or not. Even though I didn't loose too many readers, I lost focus on the subject matter and soon developed a writer's block. Perhaps sourcing for news isn't my thing.

Since I was writing about just one city initially, why don't I expand my horizon and write about everywhere and anywhere?!, I thought. This thought birthed the idea of THE ARM-CHAIR TRAVELLER.

THE ARM CHAIR TRAVELLER is a mild but interesting blog that would focus on places and cities and countries around the world. Through my research via my arm chair travel and if I'm opportune to visit the area, I would be writing about the people, the culture, the food and more in both words and pictures. How fun does that sound?

Simply sit back, relax and get ready as we travel the world together!



  1. I was able to find good info from your articles.

  2. Well I cannot wait to travel with you! Bring it on.



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