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I used to be very fascinated about the city, Dubai. This is because it has been highly popularized and to me, over-hyped. I would tell you why I think so in a moment. This made me add Dubai to my wishlist as one of the top 5 countries I would love to visit. However, after my mom traveled there for a full week vacation in 2016 and came back with the expected full gist, I immediately scrapped it off my wish-list. I can't live in Dubai for too many reasons but the top 2 reasons are below -


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I've been planning to run away from Nigeria at the slightest given chance, at least for a holiday. This is because of how hot the country has gotten. In my chocolate, caramel skin, I've finally become a full melanin goddess and this is because of how poor and how hot the country has gotten. The hot weather in Dubai was one of the major concern and complaint of my mom. She said the weather is always very hot that she would want to run inside her hotel which was her only consolation during her trip. And to think she decided to take the holiday because she wanted to experience the 'cold abroad weather'. Phew! I def. can't stay a week in Dubai under this condition not to talk of living there.


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Now I don't know if it is the particular store my mom bought the shoes from. All I know is that the shoes she got for me got spoilt in less than a week and I was totally disappointed. However, when converted to Naira, the shoes were quite cheap but had very bad quality. I guess she also got for my dad and it was the same story. As they say, we can't generalize but that incident was just a turnoff for me.

I know some of y'all might think these are just too little and too lame excuses but to me, the number one reason covers every other reason and right now, I need snow in my life and not another round of hot sun. Have you ever been to Dubai and would you love to dwell there for a long time?

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