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This might have happened to pretty much everyone - emphasis on 'might'. However, if you live in this part of Africa, it is not uncommon to experience this. Africans are notoriously religious people. That's fine. But Nigerians could be extremely religious people and this has been used as a bait in getting us even as far as buying our votes (Case study - Buhari and Osinbajo). This is the reason why there are many fake churches and more fake prophets around. These people have figured out that Nigerians have a lot of problems and for every problem, a solution is needed and what other way to proffer a solution than going spiritual? Nigeria was recently rated the poorest country, taking over India. One idea filled person could wake up tomorrow and start a new church with the first program involving prosperity and financial breakthrough. Trust me, that church would be filled up!

I was coming home after a long day outside and was suddenly stopped by a stranger. He asked for my name and a few details. After I told him, he went on to tell me that he had a message for me. I keenly listened. He told me to buy some fruits - a lot of fruits - and give to a blind woman carrying a baby at the University's gate the next day. He said that show of kindness would turn out to be helpful for me in future. He mentioned one other thing I cannot fully remember. I asked him how I would see a blind woman carrying a baby but he told me I would surely see. Prior to that, no blind woman with a baby had been seen at the school's gate before.

I called my parents and they were very mad at me for even disclosing my details in the first place and warned me never to do such. As the African parents that they are, they told me not to leave my hostel for the next one week. They prayed for me and hung up. Being the curious person that I am, I left for the school's gate the next morning and shockingly saw a blind woman with a baby FOR THE FIRST TIME. When I was about passing her, she stretched her hand begging for money. As the Nigerian and Spiritual person that I am, I said my 'BLOOD OF JESUS' and passed by her.

Someone else would have been very scared and rush to buy all those stuffs but hey, I believe if God wants me to do anything, He would tell me as well or importantly give me a sign. I didn't feel at peace buying or dropping anything. Another experience I had was when one old man that I used to greet sighted me recently. I hadn't bathed or brushed. I was with my boyfriend when he saw me. So, we sat down and had a chat. He asked if I was sick because I looked pale. I replied in the negative but however told him I was sick of malaria a week ago.

This man took it up spiritually immediately. I listened keenly to him. He said we have to be careful in this life so that the evil spirits do not harm us. He said a lot of things - some which are very okay and which made me more interested. He decided that we had to pray to ward off the enemies. He told me to read Psalm 3 into the bucket of water I would use to bath the next day while kneeling down. Secondly, he told me to buy two sachet water and pray into them. Thirdly, after we spoke about some things, he told me to tie the Bible to my chest and sleep with it like that for the rest of the night.

I did two out of the three and we decided to be meeting by 7pm henceforth. I took him as my 'destiny helper' and 'man of God'. He kept on speaking positive words to me and praying for me from the depth of his soul. The cane that broke the camel's back was when after we finished talking for the day, after our 7pm meeting, he revealed to me something 'he claimed he saw while we were praying'. To console me, he told me to shift closer to him and then, he put his hands round me and started hugging-touching me in places I can't even start mentioning. Yes, the boobs and butts are involved. He wasn't squeezing but he was touching. I had to respect 'the supposed calling' on his head and not slap or push him away.

Uncomfortably, I asked if we could shift our meeting from 7pm to the daytime like 1pm. He exclaimed,

'No o! Do you want us to expose ourselves?!'

He said stuffs like the evil ones shouldn't see us or something like that. That was the last time I decided to meet him. I thank God I was able to know more about the situation before getting deep into it. Someone gullible wouldn't have read any meaning to it and this is how we hear Pastors slept with their church members. It all starts from the closed - door, personal prayer sessions. May God help us all. Have you fallen victim to any of these before?



  1. These charlatans and fake prophets won't kill people oh! I have no doubt that what they may be prophesying might be true, but my question is where are they getting their "powers" from. The only time I can remember being bamboozled is when a so called "financial prophet", once preached at my church. He made almost everyone (me included) exchange their hard earned £££s for promise of riches and good health, and long life and protection from our enemies. But what I have learned since is that God's favour cannot be bought.


    1. Lol. Prosperity preachers are not new in Nigeria. In fact, we are very used to them already. We just pray God gives us the wisdom and spirit to discern the true from the wrong.


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