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So, not only did I get darker, I got rashes and a few bumps on my face. Whether it was as a result of the Nigerian sun or I reacted to a drug or cream, I really do not know. All I know is that my face was nothing to write home about. People literally told me that its as if my beauty has started deteriorating. It was that serious! I was dumb founded and didn't know what to do. However, I got the best of the best advice from a close pal which I would be sharing with you.


This one works like magic. I'm one person who has always been sleeping with makeup on my face. I never really take out time to wash anything off my face. I just jump to bed and sleep. So, my close pal advised me to always wash my face before sleeping. Not only does it make your face feel fresher and lighter, it works like magic when it comes to giving your skin a better look.


Even though my makeup routine is just pancake, lipstick and some few additions, he advised me to for the main time just stick to creaming my face and applying nothing thereafter. At least, for the main time. I stuck to this advice and for the next few days, after having my bath, I moisturized only and went out that way. Not only did it make me get more comfortable in my skin, it actually gave it a better look.

By just doing these two things above, in less than a week, my face was free of all the rashes and rubbish that accumulated over time. Although, I still haven't gotten over looking darker, my face has a better look now.  I didn't use any facial cleanser or lemon juice or waterview. Just simple changes in my usual routine and I am so good to go. Try these two steps and thank me later!



  1. NEVER go to bed with your makeup on. Not only does it give spots, but it ages your skin. But you know that now :) Glad you fixed your skin woes.



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