While others are busy whiling away their time on social media, Omobolanle, a new school popular instagram comedienne and skit maker is in for serious business. She makes sure to put a smile on everyone's face through her funny skits with her partner, .Mz_wandecrown. She reveals a lot in this interview about her personality, her relationship with her partner, her dreams, expectations, criticisms and a lot more. Enjoy!

Can we know more about you?

My name is Adigun Omobolanle Valentina. I'm from Oyo state (Ibadan to be precise), I studied Mass communication at the polytechnic Ibadan and furthered my education at the University Ibadan where I obtained my B.A in Theatre Arts. I'm currently running my Masters program in Theater Arts at the University of Ibadan

When did you venture into the entertainment industry?

Well, I used to act while in secondary school. I featured in a few Yoruba movies. But, like I said earlier,I studied theatre Arts so I've featured in a few TV series and all. But, my career as a comedian started while my twinee and I were on set for a TV series where we acted as twin sisters and we were off set on a particular day so we decided to mimic the Yoruba Advert style. We did, we showed a few people on set and they encouraged us to post on the gram. We did, and the response was amazing. We got a repost from Funny African pics and that was it. So many people sent messages to encourage us not to stop and all

Your popularity came as a result of you and your Oschisco twin making a funny video on Instagram which was reposted by a number of celebrities. Do you think your popularity was as a result of luck rather than hardwork?

Well, rather than use the word luck, I'll say our popularity was as a result of hard work and grace. You know our kind of comedy is really different because, we do adverts in a funny way. So we try to pass the message in the adverts and also try to make people laugh at the same time. It takes a whole lot of thinking, scripting and hard work to be creative.

What is the relationship between you and your Oschisco twin like? 

Well, we attended the same university. We were classmates at the university of Ibadan. We were close to a reasonable extent especially because our stature is similar so right from school, we tagged ourselves twin sisters. And in Theatre Arts Department, we do a lot of practicals so we really relate with each other, we have rehearsals together and all so we were close. And after NYSC, when the TV series brought us back together as twin sisters, we just knew there was more to our friendship. Oshisko has made our bond really strong. We love each other a lot and we are like sisters from different mothers

How has the acceptance of your brand being like?

It's been pretty encouraging. Because, we are shocked that our brand isn't just restricted or loved by people in the Yoruba industry who we mimic but by different people from different spheres of the entertainment industry. It's been pretty amazing.

What is the best advice and worst criticism you have received so far?

Best advice: 1) People have always advice us not to split no matter what. 2)That no matter what people say, we should build and restrict our brand to that particular style that made us popular
Worst criticism: A few comment tagging us as noise makers but that's our style.

Aside from being an Instagram comedienne, what else do you do?

I'm a script writer. I write scripts for movies, TV series etc. I act, and I'm a journalist. Like I said earlier,I'm also running my Masters program

What was the reaction of your family and friends to your sudden popularity?

Well, they've always been supportive. They were happy about it.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 - 10 years?

Having our won tv shows, radio shows, stage and shows and grooming ground to encourage other young talents

Are you currently in a relationship?

Well, I'll rather leave that undisclosed

Do you think the current Nigerian system supports and encourages creativity among the youths?

Well, I think that it does. Let's look at it from this angle, the challenges we are faced with in this country as a result of the Nigerian system encourages people to think outside the box because everyone wants to find a way where there seems to be no way. People become creative and new discoveries evolve. No job, everyone is complaining so the smart ones put on their thinking caps, they try to create something to set them free from the entangles of unemployment

What should your fans expect from you? 

Well, our fans should expect to see us on screen. Some of the movies and TV series wil be out this year. They should expect online series, a short film and some shows

That's super exciting. What advice do you have for everyone reading this interview?

Don't ever give up on your dreams, never underrate yourself, always let your challenges be a push to your success and utilize every good opportunity that comes your way. To crown it all, put God first.

You can follow her via the following accounts

Her Instagram page - @omobola_val 
Her Partner's page - @mz_wandecrown
For bookings - @oshiskotwins

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