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I really don't know what NAFDAC is doing but if they are really doing anything, I CANNOT SEE IT! The amount of fake drugs being sold around the country is alarming. Fake everything is everywhere. Fake drinks, fake drugs, fake stuffs etc. And its not funny because so many people have died from taking fake drugs and I'm just so thankful to God that I'm a survivor.

I usually don't fall sick but if I do, its usually Malaria. I know when I have symptoms of Malaria and as the Nigerian that I am, I would walk to the pharmacy to get drugs. Late 2016, I was down with malaria and walked into a pharmacy  to get a malaria drug. The pharmacist assured me of the effectiveness. I paid and left. Following her instruction, I used the drugs after meal only for me to discover that I wasn't getting well even after the second day. It was then I decided to visit a hospital.

The doctor observed the drug and told me to discontinue it. It was obviously fake. She prescribed another one and immediately I used it, I became very well. That fake drug I purchased had adverse effects on my body system and up until early this year, I was yet to recover from the very adverse effect it had on my system. Should I be grateful? I should because I am alive to testify.

But it's not just me. So many people have fallen victim of fake drugs. Ok, NAFDAC raised awareness telling us to scratch a code and text it to a particular number. I've done that several times and always got a positive reply even when its a fake drug! Sometimes, the hospital might not have a particular drug and the doctor would write it down for you to get from a pharmacy. You would still have to go out to get the drug and you can easily fall victim.

And it's not just about fake drugs, its also about expired drugs. Early last year, a Nigerian gospel musician died after taking expired malaria drugs. That was the saddest news I heard that period. It was too sad. We should all be thankful for life. Late last year, my friend was gisting me about how her friend has been hospitalized for the past two weeks because the hospital itself gave her expired malaria drugs. Imagine! THE HOSPITAL ITSELF!

Who then can we trust with our health if the health centers can make such terrible mistake. But she survived even though she was in a very bad condition due to the effect of the expired drugs. But that gospel musician didn't survive. This is a very serious issue as anyone could fall victim tomorrow. Whether you're purchasing a drug over the counter or the hospital itself is giving you the drug, it is very important you check the expiry date. Unfortunately, we cannot tell if its fake or not because they all look the same.

The Health Minister needs to really look into this as people are dying in their thousands due to fake and expired drugs. The remedy for now is to stay safe and healthy. Eat the right food, wear protective clothes and pray to God for good health. Have you ever fallen victim of fake or expired drugs before?



  1. Oh wow! How dangerous. I haven't fallen victim to this, thankfully I live in a part of the world where everything is serial numbered, checked and checked again. Best believe that if such a mistake is made someone will be losing their job!

    1. Then, you're super lucky. Unfortunately, the hospital that gave out expired drugs is still running and functioning well. Many of us down here do not know our rights or anything about the law.


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