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Happy New Year!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

We made it to 2018 alive and it's every reason to be grateful to God no matter the storms, frustrations and trials that came in 2017. Hopefully and by God's grace, they went with 2017. 2018 is an important year to be very hopeful and its one year that I've had to pay serious attention to the many prophecies from different Pastors that were announced. A contributing factor could be because I spent my cross-over night in Church listening to Pastor Adeboye's message as well as paying attention to the prophecies he released.

Whatever the case may be, it is important we make resolutions for the new year - business resolutions, health resolutions, spiritual resolutions, relationship resolutions etc. Perhaps, the word 'resolution' might come of as too cliche. If you like, you can term it 'goals' as long as they serve as a compass to how you'll live your life this year. Just in case you really don't have an idea of resolutions to make, you can pick from the random resolutions I'll be sharing with you. They are not my personal resolutions but are just examples of resolutions you can make as yours.


- To start my own business
- To grow my business by 50% this year
- To get a new contract for my business
- To make ? amount this year from my business
- To employ ? number of staffs this year and get rid of ? number of staffs
- To move my business to a permanent site


- To do away with everything in sugary form
- To sleep under treated mosquito net in order to prevent malaria this year
- To do a general health checkup every 3 months
- To reduce every form of addiction this year
- To drink more of water and eat more of fruits and vegetables
- To keep fit by exercising regularly and eating fatty foods lesser


- To attend church services regualrly
- To join a workforce in church and be consistent this year
- To give ? amount as a support to the church
- To pay serious attention to my prayer life and quiet time with God this year
- To attend weekly services in church more regularly this year
- To win at least one soul for Christ every single week


- To be more serious with my partner this year
- To get married this year
- To support my partner squarely this year
- To do away with extramarital or sidechick business and face my partner squarely this year
- To determine if my relationship is supported by God or not
- To build my relationship up spiritually


- To do away with fake and unsupportive friends this year
- To pray for my friends regularly and support them with encouragements and in any other way
- To reduce the amount of time spent at parties and clubs
- To build myself up by attending seminars, programs and positive organized shows regularly
- To give to the needy more this year
- To support a positive project or a course this year


- To spend less on unnecessary things this year
- To save more
- To buy a car/land/house etc this year
- To invest my money wisely this year
- To avoid investing my money in any form of ponzi scheme like MMM that might come out this year
- To avoid borrowing this year and instead be content with what I have


- Whatever you might want to change this year can be inputed in this space.

Importantly, you would have to be very serious about your resolutions and back them up with prayers so that you don't falter on them. Your resolutions should be long - term like the examples above and one that supports continuity and can be done over time. This way, you won't easily back off from it.

I pray this year brings us joy, happiness, love, good health, peace, laughter, prosperity and goodness in every form.


Lots of Love!!!πŸ’–πŸ’‹


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