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Being a big fan of cool and interesting movies regardless of genre, I really do not always expect too much effort. Something simple and light would work the magic. But when you put in more than is needed or less than is required, it ends up being a total mess. Some of these movies had great producers, super hypes but at the end of the day, to me, it was a total mess. Let's see the five movies that went viral but weren't worth the hype they gave it in no particular order.

1. Wonder Woman

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I had to go see this movie just because there was so much talk about it at the national and international scene. I thought it was going to be mind blowing and since the main character was female, it would be a hit back to back. Unfortunately, it was the opposite of everything. I can't really say how I managed to finish watching this movie as it was beyond boring. I had to force myself to finish watching it knowing fully well I would still do a review on it. If there would be a sequel, I won't bother going to the cinema to see it unless I see honest reviews about it, saying it is far better than the first. I'm glad it did well at the box office but was it worth the hype? NO!

2. The Wedding Party 2

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This one is so sad because of the money that went into it. Just because the first part was great, we expected the sequel to sweep us off our feet. The trailer was super dope and the movie had been hyped since like the second half of 2017 and everyone or many people couldn't wait to see how beautiful it would turn out. Was it beautiful? Yes. But did it meet up with the hype it was given? Not at all. After the first three scenes, the movie felt like the editors just added up different cut up scenes together. It seemed like they really wanted to do so much but there wasn't so much time and so, they had to rush it all. It was that obvious. There were so many unnecessary characters and displays. Some characters that appeared in the trailer were no where to be found in the major film. Example - EmmaOhMaGod. The script itself was cliche. Was it because the director was changed? We can't say. All I know is that The Wedding Party 2 is a NO NO for me. Fortunately for them, it has become the highest grossing movie ever in Nigeria. That's the irony of life, you know.

3. Alakada Reloaded

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This movie was a total mess and I reviewed it on the blog last year after I saw it. This movie is seriously questionable. How would someone wake up one morning to write this kind of script? Or maybe the script wasn't the problem. Maybe it was the way the movie was directed or something. Just like The Wedding Party 2, it seemed like too many scattered parts were just joined together to make the movie. It seemed like it was also rushed. Luckily for her, she made over 20 million on the first week of release. But was it worth all the hype? Capital NO!


4. The Accidental Spy

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Out of all the movies that weren't worth the hype, this is the only movie whose message was passed. I love the story line, the characters and many things in it but there was still something wrong about the movie. It didn't even meet up with the hype to start with. Fortunately, it wasn't overly hyped like the other movies which is quite unlike AY movies. Well, they know better. However, there were quite a number of unnecessary parts as well and even though the characters were cool, there were some overacting and underacting from a few of them. But the movie was worth a shot anyway as the message was clearly passed.

5. My Wife And I

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This was a bigger disappointment. When I saw from the makers of THE WEDDING PARTY and THE ARBITRATION, I told myself that I had to see this movie. Unfortunately, it was absolutely below expectation. Even though the story line was absolutely unrealistic and had something similar done in Hollywood, they could have come out with something great but the opportunity wasn't well utilized. Acts like Omoni Oboli over acted her part, Shola Dorcas Fapson was very boring, Ramsey Noah was amazing. There were too many overly stretched parts and many of us just wanted to doze off in the cinema.  Was My Wife And I worth my money and the hype? NO!




  1. Wow! I'm yet to find someone who actually enjoyed TWP2. Was it that bad? Nigerian directors need to know how to bow out when the applause is highest. They always get carried away and pitch a part two while in their Euphoria. Tsk..tsk

    1. Well, I guess the director changed in part 2. The first was by Kemi Adetiba and the second was by Niyi Akinmolayan. Maybe that added to the problem.


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