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What's really the fuss about the Nigerian TV Series everyone has been drooling about? Well, you had get to know soon. THIS IS IT opens our eyes to a whole lot of marital issues and it is presented in a near to perfect manner. From the issue of sex, to cooking, to doing house chores, to finance, to accepting or refusing a job, to closing one's eyes to sidechickism and more. It is definitely a must-watch. However, in all of it, there are five very important and  beautiful lessons that is to be learnt from the movie.

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1. The right person would love you for everything you are

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If they don't love you with your pimples, your lack of 6 pacs, your big belly, your k - leg, your burnt or discolored skin, your scattered teeth, your tiny boobs and flat butt, then they aren't mean't for you. The right person would love you with all your imperfections. If you're trying very hard to please them, that's a red flag and you should never ignore it in anyway. The right person wouldn't even be able to understand or explain why they love you when asked. You aren't perfect but to them, you are the clear definition of perfection even in your imperfection. I felt Dede was a bit too extra in her behavior but Tomide loved her still. If I was a guy, I don't think I could cope with Dede's behavior but Tomide could cope. That's why he is the right person for her. He didn't think she was too extra like I thought or better still, he loved her for her extraness. For the right person, you won't have to try too hard. You would just be you.

2. Marry your best-friend

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This advice is one of the best you would ever get. Marry your best-friend not just your friend. Your friend could be there today and be nowhere to be found tomorrow. Your friend could listen to all your rants today and decide to block ears tomorrow. But your best-friend would be there at all times. That's what makes for the adverb, 'best'. Your best-friend would be worried when you're down and would care to know what's wrong and help you get out of your worries. Your best-friend would be there at all times. Dede and Tomide were clearly best-friends. Tomide had Sam as his close pal. Dede had Karen and her three other friends, close to her heart. But the fact is that all of them joined together couldn't sum up to her partner. Tomide was everything to her. He was her best-friend and more. And because of this, it was very easy for them to weather every storm that came their way.

3. Love is never enough

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We hear this all the time but do we really understand the concept of it? You could be in love today and out of love tomorrow because of some factors. In season 1, episode 5, Tomide complained bitterly of Dede's sheer 'irresponsibility' because she failed to clean up and cook as at when due. He loved her but he needed food in his tummy! It is very important that we all develop basic necessary skills to keep the fire burning. It is very important that your partner comes first in everything and it is mostly important that the satisfaction of your partner becomes your priority if not, the love would develop wings and fly away after a while.

4. God is always involved

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Just like the saying 'a couple that prays together, stays together'. Prayer is very key and shouldn't be dealt with lightly. We could see Tomide and Dede go down on their knees at different times to pray. We could also see them encourage one another and speak positivity into their lives. Praying together as a couple strengthens the bond as well as goes a long way in strengthening your faith as a couple.

5. Friends are key

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Who says friends should be done away with after marriage? This is the mistake many couples make. They do away with all their friends after marriage because they feel they are in another level and need only married friends. Dede's friends made her understand that in life, friends still need to be close by after marriage. There should be the emphasis on 'good friends'. You still need their love, support, care, advice and a host of others. Sometimes, you would still need time out with them. Other times, they might need your help such as Sam and Karen in season 2. Dede and Tomide helped bring back the father and son bond that was once lost between Sam and his dad. It was very cute to watch. The friends you throw away today might be needed tomorrow. Friends are key!




  1. Very true. Can we just stop and give a round of applause for their on-screen chemistry? I mean Tomide and Dede. I would have sworn they were dating for real.

    1. Lol. That's why they are professionals. Tomide was mentioning something about doing a Season 3. Would totally love it!


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