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Aha! I never knew this blog had so many fans till people started texting me, 'How far? Why the sudden hang? Don't you know we like reading your blog and you just decided to put us on hold?'. Lol. Really, thanks to everyone that reached out. Both bloggers and readers. You guys mean the world to me. And no! I didn't leave the blog hanging. There are so many things on my mind concerning the blog. I've been contemplating too many things and I even shared some of them with readers that checked up on me to enquire. However, before I share my final verdict concerning the blog, let's first celebrate one year on the blog.

The blog clocked one year last month and I had big plans to celebrate it. No, don't tag me as a bad blogger just yet. I really did have big plans but sometimes, poopoo happens not shit😁😁😁. But it's still not too late to celebrate, is it? I'll make this very brief even though it should be a long post.

To celebrate, I would be taking a blog reader out! Yaay? YAAY!😀 It's my simple way of bribing y'all. Whether you just stumbled on the blog or you've been following since isn't a criteria. Just message me on whatsapp via 09098265695 only if you are in Ibadan. I cannot travel outside Ibadan for this. I totally apologize. And trust me, we would have a swell time! All bills on me BUT if you're dangote's distant cousin, you can decide to pay o. No shaking!😀

Secondly, I would be taking another blog reader to see the buzzing movie, EXCESS LUGGAGE. I don't think I would be able to do a review of the movie on here. I would explain why later but I tell you, that movie is very dope! Y'all should go see it. All bills on me for the movie tickets alone. Let's fear God and buy our popcorn and drinks differently. Lol. Just joking! #winks

Thirdly, I would be giving out N1000 airtime card to another blog reader. So, you just tell me the network you're using and I would make the transfer. Easy Peasy!

So, whichever category you want, simply holla. There's no step for you to follow, just indicate interest and that's all. You can do so by sending me a message on whatsapp via 09098265695. No calls please. I really don't like phone calls.


During my brief escape, I thought about so many things and I have finally come to a conclusion. I would be opening a new blog! Yaay? YAAY! Now, it's for a reason so don't shine your eyes too much yet. This blog will concentrate ONLY on Ibadan. No more personal posts or whatever. Nothing outside Ibadan will be posted here. Instead, you can find all that on my new blog. I'll tell you guys when it's out. It's going to be a beautiful lifestyle blog and I'm sure y'all would love it. So, no more stories or talks here. It's strictly Ibadan. I won't delete the past ones though.

Once again, sorry for the brief tune out. If you're interested in any of the hangouts above, simply indicate interest by sending me a message on whatsapp via 09098265695. In advance, I'll be tuning off and out for a while again but I'll be back ASAP.

Lots of love! 💗💋



  1. Cool. Would love to see the new blog. You're an awesome writer!

  2. Congratulations, Live In Ibadan. Happy blog anniversary. Keep flying, Smartest.


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