So Saturdays are for posting any thing on any other section of the blog. Why don't we do a countdown? Something fun. Something light! Seems that's the trending phrase online. 

Social media has a way of bringing you out to the world and expanding your brand. Even if you were nobody before, as long as you are ready to be different, unique and creative, the world would notice you. For the business people, social media has been helping to push their brand to places they would never have thought of reaching. That's how powerful social media is, especially Instagram and the good people of Ibadan are not taking the back seat as they keep making rounds online and showing how social they can be as well as how up to date their lives are.

Below are my top 5 list of the most followed Ibadan celebrities on Instagram.



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Sirkenayo might not be a new name to you if you are based in and outside Ibadan. I first stumbled on sirkenayo's website about 4 years ago when a video of some naked students trended online and his website uploaded it. He has been in the blogging business for a while now and is sure reaping the ends from it. A graduate of the university of Ibadan and an Ibadan big boy, he has succeeded in establishing his brand online with a whooping followership of 11,600 while he is following only 4,519 people. He is known for uploading funny skits as well as personal posts and random news. He is one of the blogging godfathers in Ibadan. His blog Instagram page has a followership of 10,800 whilst following just 4,250.


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A big, bold and beautiful young lady, Tiwa Adegbenro has succeeded in making Tailoring business an enviable one. She doesn't mince words or tushen her occupation by calling herself a Fashion Designer. She proudly calls herself a Tailor and her humility has pushed her to great places. She is known for her creativity and dexterity as well as her classy way of making dresses. She got herself endeared to a huge fan base due to her humble grass to grace success story. She is known for encouraging people, snapping with celebrities and showcasing her clothes. She has a followership of 51,200 while following just 2,202 people.



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A graduate of the university of Ibadan and one of the biggest comedians in Ibadan, Peteru is known to all and sundry. He has been linked with a number of top celebrities in the country such as Alibaba, Lafupcfr etc and hosts a roadblocking comedy show every year called PETERU UNLEASHED which attracts a number of big celebrities in country. A married man and father to an awesome child, he also engages in being a Master of Ceremony (MC), a skit maker and the most recent, an actor. He got more prominence after his mind blowing role in Toyin Aimakhu's ALAKADA RELOADED. He is known for his humility and friendliness. He has a followership base of 52,500 while following just 7,001.



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Another big comedian in Ibadan, he became popular after a number of his skits went viral online and were reposted by bigger Instagram accounts such as @krakstv and @funnynigerianpics. A skit maker, actor, brand influencer, content creator, master of ceremony (MC), online publicist and event planner, demola wears it all on his cap. He is very creative, flexible and humble. He gets more of his money from being a MC as well as other change from being a comedian. He runs a karaoke night on Saturdays at Akobo in Ibadan. He has a followership of 62,400 while following 3,550.


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Lolade is the definition of God's grace. The young lady of 23 who is also a graduate of the university of Ibadan launched her makeup brand and became a force to reckon with when her makeup brand started gaining recognition online. The young millionaire owns a makeup studio in Ibadan and has done makeup for top celebrities like Mercy Johnson - Okojie. She trains, makes hair, does nails, lashes, sells products, perfumes and is available to travel. Coming from a poor and humble background as well as being an orphan, Lolade makes us understand that the only person that can stop you from being great is yourself - not even your village people. She is known for her sweetness and humility and is currently serving her father land. She has a whooping followership of 74,800 while following just 2,594. She is very hardworking and doesn't stop to encourage as many people as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this countdown! Do you want to know the top 5 people who made it big but started from Ibadan? Keep it locked down on the blog next Saturday!

Photo Credit - Instagram

Side Gist - Who else is excited about The Wedding Party 2? And has the Royal Hibiscus Hotel being released? Have a fun day ahead!



  1. Baeautiful. I love this countdown and I'm enjoying your consistency here

  2. This is nice. I haven't heard if any of them before but at least I do now.


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