Oh my days! I so so missed this space. How una dey? Tell me you missed me and I will never run off again. Lol. It's been very long, you know. Over a month. Waowu. I thank God for everything that has happened within that seemingly long time. You will get intimated with a few of them soon enough. Now, I know many of you are wondering why I disappeared all of a sudden. I will tell you why.


Okay. I didn't plan to go ghost mode. Stuff happens you know. The first thing was the ASUU Strike. ASUU decided to go on strike all of a sudden and we all had to pack our bag and baggages home. I stayed at home for two good weeks and due to boredom and inability to concentrate on my final year project, I decided to return back to school.

On returning back, I got intimated with my oga at the top. He's the major reason for my disappearance o. Since we hadn't seen in a while, we had to make up for old times and spend more time together. Unfortunately, where I was, network wasn't even close to good. This is the second major reason why I couldn't blog.

I absolutely apologise. However, it was a good time to also take a little fresh air away from the blog without having to rack my brain on what to post and what not to post. I tell you, I really needed this break. Anyway, I'm glad to be back here. I missed y'all so much and a big thanks to everyone that reached out both bloggers and readers. You're all loved!


So, how can I disappear for a while and not have enough yafun yafun gist for y'all? It's impossicant!


This one is a milestone! I'm no pro when it comes to blogging but I've always wanted to share everything I know about blogging and to help new bloggers make informed decisions before and when they start their blog. This is the major reason why I wrote this e-book. I'll launch it for sales soon BUT like I mentioned in some of my previous posts, it would be absolutely FREE for ONLY those who are subscribed to the blog via email. I tell you, its an e-book worth reading. I was able to finish it during this short break.


Yaay! I met the gorgeous Omoni Oboli. I mentioned in one of my posts that a friend of mine said she's not as pretty as she appears in movies. That's a lie from the pit of hell! She's so gorgeous! She wore contact lenses when I saw her and I and my friend couldn't get enough of her gorgousness and oh, she was so pleasant! She came to promote the movie 'My Wife and I'. I'll be reviewing it soon. Be Expectant!


I would make this a post on its own but let me just give you small gist from it. I attended the wedding of one of my besties last week Saturday. Last Friday was also the engagement. It was indeed an eye opener but I must tell you, It wasn't very much enjoyable. Even the bride who is my bestie, wasn't happy and I will tell you why in the main post as well as give tips which will be useful for even myself when I'm planning my wedding.


Hehehe. Don't mind this heading. This break happens to be the most connecting whatever in my almost two years relationship. Just today, I did a relationship evaluation with my bobo and it was indeed an eye opener. He was grateful for the evaluation process and even said I could pass for a teacher because I will set really great exam questions. Lol. I think the key things needed in every relationship is God, Love, Patience, Perseverance and Honesty. I don't know if I should do a major post on this. If you would like me to do it, holla!


I've also been able to come up with a blog timetable to help me monitor my posts so that I can know what to post and when to post it.

MONDAY - Ibadan Gist

TUESDAY - Personal Post

WEDNESDAY - Interview

THURSDAY - REST (You can use it to catch up on other posts on the blog)

FRIDAY - Post on a place in Ibadan

SATURDAY - Post on any other section on the blog

SUNDAY - REST  (You can use it to catch up on other posts on the blog)

Hopefully, I will be able to stay loyal and faithful to the timetable. So, help me God. I can tweak the posts anytime. For now, I will be following this timetable as from next week.

These are the major things that happened during the break. I'm sure y'all had great happenings in your life too. I will be introducing a new section on the blog called 'Ibadan Gist'. I don't know if the heading makes sense but it would be about me talking about some general experiences in Ibadan. If you live here, you will be able to relate.

Once again, I missed you all and I'm glad to be back. Expect a back to back post update on the blog. Lots of love!

Thanks For Reading!!!💗💋



  1. Awww. welcome dear.

  2. Missed you bae. Nice post as usual

    1. Thanks, dear maxwell. Missed you too.

  3. Welcome back, Smartest. We've missed you a lot. It's isn't easy. Keep flying, keep shining.


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