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The sound of guitar woke me up. I was covered with a blanket and just on the other side, Toba lied fast asleep.

          'How are you feeling now?', someone asked. It was Emeka.

          'What am I doing here?', I managed to ask

          'You slept off', he replied

          'Slept off? How? I'm supposed to be at Cynthia's wedding. How did I sleep off? How did I get here?'. I was more than confused but even more angry.

          'Hey, calm down. I didn't kidnap you. If you remember, the police was almost arresting you when I came to your rescue'

          'So, you're now a hero? I should clap for you, right?', I snapped

          'Say THANK YOU. It's courtesy, ma'am'

          'I'm not ma'am. I'm Harriet!'

Emeka was silent. Within me, I knew I had spoken too harshly but the arrogant part of me won't let me apologize or even accept that my words were rude.

          'Madam, you suppose thank oga. If not for him, we for dey sleep for inside prison', toba chipped in

          'Will you shut up! That's all you're good for. SLEEP! So, if I had been kidnapped, that's how you'll be sleeping like a log of wood!'

          'He just started sleeping about 5 minutes ago. He was awake all through', Emeka interrupted

           'Mr Supporter, thanks but I didn't ask for your opinion. By the way, can I go home already?'

Emeka sighed. 'Won't you have something to eat? I don't think you ate well at the wedding and besides, it's late already'

          'And I'm not complaining', I quickly said and carried my bag.

Facing Toba, I said, 'You, let's go'. Turning back to Emeka, 'Thanks for the hospitality, umm?'

Emeka didn't bother replying. He simply watched as we left. I felt bad as we drove away, sweeping through the streets of Lagos whilst we looked out for any available hotel. We found one at last and he drove in.

          'Hello', I said as we entered

          'Good Evening, ma', the receptionist responded with a smile whilst cleaning her hand with a napkin.

          'Erm, what rooms do you have?'

          'We have Silver, Diamond, Premium rooms and ...'

          'I mean your best', I interrupted

          'Oh, go for gold then! It's N45,000 per night. You can also check the paper in front of you for more details', she said, pushing a paper towards me.

          'That won't be necessary. I need just a room. My driver will sleep in the car'

          'I'm sorry ma. We don't allow such. For security reasons, no one sleeps in the car or outside or anywhere around the hotel'

I bit my lips hard. 'Okay... How much is the cheapest room?'

          'That's Silver. It's N18,000'

          'Fine. You have a POS? I want to use my card'

          'I'm sorry ma. We don't have such ma'

I laughed angrily and bit my finger. 'In this age of cashless policy, you guys don't have a POS and you're running a business?'

          'Uh!', the lady scoffed. 'Me I don't know o. What's my own? Shey I'm the owner of the hotel ni? I'm just doing my own work. It doesn't concern me'

          'Fine! Just fine! So, are there any ATMs around here?'

          'I don't think so. The one I know has been down for weeks. You'll have to drive towards Ajah to get one'

I eyed her, hissed and stormed out angrily. Hitting the road, we started another round of Hotel search. It was already 11:35pm.

          'Madam, I fit talk?'

          'Say whatever', I replied, obviously not interested.

          'Make I no lie, it for better if we just reverse go that oga house because this thing dey risky. Everywhere don dark and late. Lagos no be place to dey waka for night'

          'First of all, Emeka's house is not an option. Secondly, we are not 'wakaing', we are driving', I said and hissed. 'Find somewhere to park. I want to make a phone call'

He swerved to the left and halted by the road as a trailer drove by. I dialed the number of one of my friends who stayed on the Island with the hope that her place would be available.

          'Babes', she said as she picked

          'Aliyah. Sup. Quickly, I need your help'

          'What happened and hope you enjoyed the wedding. I didn't even see you more than once. The wedding was the bomb mehn and...'

          'Aliyah, we will discuss that later. I'm stuck and I need a place to stay tonight. I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow'

          'Ahaaaaa', she sighed. 'You should have said that earlier o. My bobo is coming over. He just returned from China yesterday and would be returning tomorrow. We decided to spend the night together. You know what I mean now'

          'Sweetie, I totally grab. You guys can have the full house to yourself. I could sleep on the couch in the sitting room or even on a mat in the veranda. Just somewhere to lay my head for the night'

She hissed and silently cursed under her breath. 'Make it no be like say I wicked or I'm not a good Samaritan because I remember that time in Uni when I was also stranded and you against all odds from your roommates allowed me sleep beside you on your small bed. One good turn deserves another. Sha dey come'

          'Aww. Thanks Aliyah. I owe you!', I said and hung up. 'Drive staright to Lekki Phase one', I instructed Toba.

Aaliyah lived in one of the flats in the big condominium located in Lekki Phase One. She came out of her flat and ushered us in. The inside was very neat and well organised.

          'I have water on fire to make tea for you guys', she said while giving me the you - didn't - tell - me - you - were - coming - with - someone eye

          'Don't bother Aliyah. All I wanna do right now is sleep', I told her and sank into the soft couch in the living room.

          'Uhm, nope. Not there. We talked about the Veranda', she quickly chipped in

          'Oh, really?', I said, scratching the side of my mouth

          'You suggested it na. You too dey forget stuff sef'

          'Yes, I did', I said and gave a big but brief laugh.

She was about taking us to the veranda when someone came out from the kitchen.

          'Babe, the water is boiled already', the man said.

He wore only boxers and walked up to give Aaliyah a brief kiss.

          'I think I should be going now', I said and walked away, Toba following me closely.

The mosquitoes didn't spare us as there were too many of them in the veranda. I and Toba spent half of the night killing mosquitoes and having to try to keep calm regardless of the loud noises that was being made by Aaliyah and her supposed boyfriend.

          'Must everyone know that a human being is having sex again?', I quizzed myself out of anger

The remaining half was spent turning left and right due to the inconvenience and body pains.

I was sure I didn't sleep for up to two hours when Aaliyah busted into the Veranda.

          'Sweets! Morning! Wakey wakey! Babes, you guys have to leave now. My baby is returning back to China today and has a quick meeting to catch up this morning and I can't leave you guys all alone in the house', she said while clapping her hands.

I cleaned my eyes and yawned, surprised at the madness Aliyah was displaying.

          'Aliyah, we can stay alone here now. We didn't even sleep well last night. We could just sleep in the bedroom since you guys are leaving already and when we wake up, we would lock your house and leave the key under your foot mat'

          'Girlfriend, that's so not happening. You promised to leave first thing this morning. Besides, I don't really like sharing my bedroom like that and my neighbors don't know you. They might freak out at strange faces. This is Lekki. Everyone is security conscious'

          'Okay. Can we just at least wash our face and mouth?'

She took a deep breath and bit her lips. 'That's so not happening. I'm late! My baby is also going to be late for his meeting. Harriet, try and understand'

          'It's fine. It's okay!', I quickly said and stood up with the help of Toba. 'It's cool. Thanks for at least giving us a place to spend the night. I'm grateful'

          'You're most welcome, darl!', she replied and led us out.

Her boyfriend was waiting by his Range-Rover. His body hugging polo made obvious his huge frame and his muscles were apparent. He hugged her and gave her a brief kiss.

          'Babe, you didn't even introduce me to your friends', her boyfriend said in a deep baritone voice.

           'Oh, I didn't think it was important. And she's my friend, not the old man. This is Harriet. Harriet, this is my boyfriend, Caleb'

          'Nice meeting you, Harriet', he said and softly shook my hands while caressing it, biting his lower lips and giving me a flirty look.

          'I think we should be going now!', aliyah said and snapped my hand away.

          'See you around', Caleb winked, wore his dark shades and entered into his Jeep.

          'What was all that about?', I heard Aliyah quiz Caleb as he drove away.


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  1. This one that harriet doesnt like uncle emeka. Its bad boys she will go and be liking upandan

  2. Is it my mood or what? I was so irritated by Harriet behaviour, all of a sudden, she is so rude and so proud and so full of herself. Mama Queen.


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