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There were many jeeps and saloon cars parked in front of Home Arrest Club. I was beginning to see sense in everything Afo had been saying. Unlike the other clubs I had been to in Ibadan, this was quite different. No unnecessary smooching and loitering around the club. There were even two bouncers at the entrance.

          'Do these bouncers require a gate pass or something?', I asked Afo

           'No, ma', he laughed. 'They just need a little tip. The higher you can give, the better they would treat you'


We got down, Afo leading the way to the entrance.

            'Yes?', the first bouncer asked with a really hard and scary face. He was really tall, perhaps almost 7ft.

Afo gestured to me and I quickly found a squeezed one thousand naira and handed it over to him. The bouncer dragged it from him, straightened it and showed the second bouncer who headed for us to be allowed in.

           'Wow!', I sighed as we entered. 'That means they can make as much as 10,000 in a day!'

           '10,000 ke? That money is nothing. They can make over 50,000 in a day. Ma, this club is a big club and some big boys can even dash them 5,000 on the spot.'

             'Wow! When being a bouncer becomes a profitable business', I giggled. 'So, what's the reason for the name - HOME ARREST?'

            'You'll see ma', Afo said as we approached the inner part of the club and entered into a larger part which had different cubicles. Some obviously wealthy men sat in some of the cubicles with naked girls dancing in front of them. Some of the smart ones wore a mask. Some could be seen hitting their bum with huge stash of cash. In some cubicles, some were busy having sex. Some younger ones were busy smoking shisha while others were high on a large amount of weed as the song 'Holla Holla' by Sugar Boy blared the stereo loudly.

           'I don't still see why this is called Home Arrest', I told Afo. 'You know what? All I want to do here is have a nice time by taking a couple of drinks and being on my own. I want you to be here with me just in case I get too drunk. So, no drinking from you, okay?'

Afo rubbed his palm in excitement. 'No problem, ma. But ma, can I please sample some girls?'

           'Afo, you're here as a watch man. So, just enjoy the view and make sure I don't do anything stupid'

           'Alright ma', his voice was relatively low.

I found a seat and a bar man approached me and I made my order. Afo sat at the opposite side, looking around and keeping an eye on me as well. The drinks came soon enough and I quickly gulped the first bottle of Heineken.

            'That was quick, ma!', Afo laughed

             'Just do what you're here for!', I replied him.

I uncorked the second bottle and slowly gulped it. My mind raced through life in Ibadan and how nothing had transcended the way I wanted it. How I'm still very single, still doing the same boring job and meeting the same wrong set of people. Even the church had fallen my hand big time. Just at the time I was thinking about the church, my phone rang. It was Bola calling.

            'Talk of the devil!', I murmured and hung up, switching off my phone.

In no time, I finished the second bottle and ordered for more. My eyes were becoming quite red and tired and I soon thought I saw Afo sitting in two places at the same time. The bartender brought two more bottles and I uncorked the first one. I was about drinking from it when someone whispered to me

           'Easy on the bottles, girl!'

I turned back immediately. A tall, huge and dark man who appeared like he was in his late 30s stood behind me with a huge grin.

            'What do you care?', I said and gulped from the bottle.

             'Life is unfair, you know!', he said, making his voice high amidst the loud music. He was carrying a red cup and soon sat beside me. 'Makun is the name. And you?'. He strectched his hand for a shake.

             'Harriet', I replied without returning the gesture.

             'Why you all by yourself, harriet?, he asked as kept back his hand.

              'I'm not alone. I came with...', I paused as Afo was nowhere to be found. I looked around only to see Afo beside one of the cubicles speaking with an almost naked lady who was giggling and blushing at the same time. I nodded my head in disappointment.

             'Who you looking for?', he asked.

             'Never mind', I told him and gulped from my drink again. My head was feeling very heavy now and I remembered the incident at the club the other time.

Makun shifted close to me. 'What's the problem, my dear harriet?', he asked and tried to place his hands around me.

I stood up immediately and slapped his hard face. My hands hurt from the slap.

             'Pervert!', I shouted, took the bottle and staggered away while looking for the way out.

             'See this ashewo wey I wan help o', I heard makun say behind.

Seeing I couldn't locate my way out, I decided to ask a lady who was standing alone whilst pressing her phone.

           'Hi, please where's the way out?', I quickly asked

           'Are you sure you want the way out or you want me to show you how I can get in there?', she flirted while caressing her fingers down my stomach.

            'Sorry, are you a lesbian?', I asked with an unbelievable expression.

            'What if I am?', she asked and placed her hands around my waist.

I shut my eyes. 'If you know you don't want to meet God this night, get your filthy hands off my waist right now!'

The lady removed her hands immediately and hissed.

             'You better go check your HIV status because na all the STDs you don carry. Ashana!', I said, staggering away.

              'Drunk bitch! Go check your life first!', she shouted.

Looking around, there were two doors in front of me and I didn't know which was the exit door. I was about entering one when Afo appeared from nowhere.

              'Boss! I've been looking for you everywhere. Why did you leave suddenly?', he asked, panting heavily.

              'You must be very stupid! You left me and went to flirt and now you're asking me where I went to? Get me out of here!', I ordered.

He led the way out. The loud music could still be heard as we got outside. We were already by the car when I threw up. I vomited both what I had eaten earlier plus the drink I just had because the vomit was more watery than it had food particles. Toba jumped out of the car to help as Afo went in to get a bottle of water and a tissue paper.


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  1. How could harriet trust Afo in the first place? Lol! he appears like a clown!

  2. Harriet never learn!!!!!!


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