NAME - Chubby (This is his nickname)

OCCUPATION - Working in a reknown firm. I'm earning an average salary that feeds me well. I'm however aiming for more.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION - Currently doing my Masters Programme

LIKES - I crave art in diverse forms: cool classical, RnB, blues, pop, hiphop, afro, lil rap; drawings, paintings, carvings; movies (Hollywood, PLEASE), action, thriller, sci - fri, detective, romance, comedy, animated; novels; and sex, good sex. Board games. Making new worthwhile friends and cherishing existing friendship.

DISLIKES - Lies, hypocrisy, pretense, being laughed and shouted at.

ONE BAD THING ABOUT YOU - Really dependent on my glasses

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR IN A WOMAN - A lady who's natural, simple, blunt, adventurous, has a high libido, witty and has a cool sense of humor.

AGE - 29

So, ladies! If you've read his profile and you feel he has what you're looking for in a man and you fit into his description of what he wants in a woman or you think you have most of the qualities but you can negotiate the rest, simply slide and vandalise his DM!

You can reach him on 08133509119.

If you're single and based in Ibadan or you're single and you don't mind getting an Ibadan based babe or bobo and you've not yet sent your profile, what are you waiting for? Start sending and it'll be approved immediately! You can send your profile via whatsapp to 09098265695 or OR 

People are already sending theirs, so don't be left out! Meanwhile, just one profile will be uploaded per day so that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to view and scrutinize the profile. You can still send yours! My contacts are very available and open!

If you want more details about what this is about, simply click HERE



  1. Hmm. Pretty cool! I love this!

    1. Yes o, Janet! You like? Vandalise his dm!


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