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So many things have been happening lately in the world and importantly, in my life. Due to this, I've been forced to begin some steps and habits that would serve as an aid to the things I want to achieve.

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Recently, I've decided to learn some professional skills that would be useful to me both when I'm done and after school. The skill is an extension of my passion. I'll also advise everyone to learn one or two skills if you are yet to acquire any. Even if you would want a white collar job, the skill could both serve as a side hustle, a full business or come in handy for your personal use some day.

Also, I'm planning to develop my personal skills that would be VERY useful to me in future. Something affected me in the university and that has to do with start - offs when it comes to writing. In my department, we write a lot and to begin every paragraph, you will have to make use of words like 'Therefore, Henceforth, However' etc. However, my English Language tutors in secondary school didn't really invest much in us or let me speak for myself - in me. I also want to learn how to professionally and excellently write formal letters, Business Plans and Proposals, how to curate a CV, how to write an agreement plan, how to write both academic and normal essays excellently etc. I have therefore decided to go back to the basics. I went to fetch my secondary school English Textbooks from my dad's Library and I've decided to start digging into them as well as downloading apps that would be useful to my learning process. I thought the University would teach or expand on these things but I was disappointed. I cannot graduate and still be on an ordinary level. The world has to know that I indeed passed through the educational process. I'm also reading books on Public Speaking. Sooner or Later, I'll begin to see the usefulness of these skills.

Aside from the skill I'm planning to learn, I've also decided to start learning international languages. I was baffled when I got to know that English Language is the third most spoken language in the world. Guess the number one? Spanish! And oh, the most viewed song in the world on YouTube called 'Despacito' was sang in Spanish. So, I've decided to learn Spanish. In fact, I'm already learning. I downloaded a Language app on my phone and oh my gosh, it's so useful and easy to learn. You can pick from a variety of languages and the best part of it is that it's absolutely FREE! I can speak Spanish on a basic level right now and I'm 7% fluent in the entire language. Something was sent to me in Spanish this morning and I was so surprised because I could decode a part of the message and I just started o. The name of the app is DUOLINGO. Download it if you also want to learn Spanish or other languages like French, Japanese, Chinese, English and many more!

          Usted lo amara apenas como la manzana! 😉



I will love to know how people who have passed through the university felt when they were in their final year. Was there any form of pressure whatsoever? Where you scared of graduating into the full reality of life? Was there any fear of uncertainty? For me, there have been serious pressure for a number of reasons. I assumed being the last born will mean life is a bed of roses but no, it's not been like that because my parents keep telling me things like

'You know we will stop giving you money immediately you graduate from the university. So, you are on your own'

When they bought me my present phone, my mom said,

'This is the last phone we will ever buy for you. Your consequent phones will come from the proceed of whatever money you have'

Concerning further education, my dad said,

'After your undergraduate level, we will just sponsor you for your masters and that's all. If you want to do your phd, then you will have to sponsor yourself. You are on your own'

Concerning marriage, my father has been screaming,

'After your undergraduate level, you will just go and do your masters immediately and go straight to your husband's house'

And I'm like 'AHAAAAAA!, ONLY ME??????'😓😓

Looking at the trend of things, the same was applied to my elder brothers and sister. My sister was so smart and God did things for her very quickly and the same is expected of me. I'm therefore planning ahead come what may. The ultimate plan is in God's hand. The only thing I don't have control over is when I'll marry. I'm sha not the one that will propose to myself and bros never ready for now. But in all, it shouldn't pass 2020. So, I'm using the tag, 'Vision 2020'. God might have a different plan. It's all in His hands.



This is like the summary of the two above. There is no man who has a vision that won't have a plan to back it up. My visions are simply the things I see myself achieving in years to come in all ramification and I'm simply building on them. Mehn, this life is no joke o. Mine has actually been much fun and enjoyable but then, I'll be glad if the pressure minimizes a little. From the pressure to finish with first class because my elder sister and elder brother finished with first class to the new pressure above. It is well.


I would conclude by saying, your pressure might be different from mine. You might have passed this stage of life or you're about getting to this stage. All in all, take your time and do your thing. Just as God promised, He has taken care of our tomorrow. Just keep being you as I'm being me and in the end, all things will work together for our good! Also, it's never too late to learn. Imagine me going back to fetch JSS1 - SSS3 English Language text books at my final year in the University. Learning is for life. Keep learning and if you feel you missed on something while you were younger, you can always refer back and learn such again. Whatever makes you better and happy, do it!

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Side Gist - Who is going to be seeing My Wife And I movie in the cinema soon? ME!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You said it all, dear. Keep learning and never look back. Don't let the pressure overwhelm you. Your future is bright. This really inspired me.

    1. I'm glad it inspired you. Thanks Oge!

  2. Lovely post. Quite insightful. It jeered me towards reflecting on what I'm currently learning and visionizing too.

    Your dad means well for you oh. Grab the opportunity to go for your Masters with both hands. God's grace, sweetie!

    1. Thanks Amaka. Yes, he does mean well but I simply wish the pressure will be a little less.

  3. My dear, Its so important that you are picking up these skills and as regards to being a graduate, I'm a fresh graduate now and I tell you the pressure is real, my fellow finalists and I could not wait to finish exams, here we are almost 3 weeks after exams we are still in school, most of us are done with what we are supposed to do but the fear of going home and being treated like you're not a student (money especially) is real, because money whether we like it or not is extremely important. I have taken steps to start up my business and I hope I succeed, with your mindset and actions I think you'll be great after graduation.
    Your parents are the real MVP they are not sugarcoating anything also dear,don't let the pressure affect you ,trust in God Almighty


    1. Lol, thanks funke. It's nice hearing your own experience. Na baba God my trust dey o. Make He help all of us. Thanks dear


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