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If you stay in Ibadan, the popular Bodija Market would not be new to you. However, if you stay around Agbowo, Bodija, Samonda, Ojoo and even Sango, the Bodija market would automatically be your best bet. However, if you've never been to the Bodija market, I have a post that gives you an insight into the entire market. Check it out HERE


Last Thursday, I and my Boyfriend went shopping at the popular Bodija Market for foodstuff. He planned to cook Jollof Rice while I make Stew and Efo riro which can be used to eat consequently. Hitting the Bodija Market, so many things happened that really inspired this post. I had to quickly save it on the note pad of my phone before I forgot about it. The note pad is now my best friend as I tend to forget a lot of post ideas that come up if I don't write them down. We met with a lot of people and things and I'm sure many people who have shopped at this market would be able to relate.



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These are the people that carry pans on their heads in a bid to help you carry the things you've bought or plan to buy. The pans are the same as what is being used to carry cement at a construction site. These people can be very helpful but annoying at the same time. There was a time I came to the market and as I was entering, they approached me. I was baffled because they could clearly see that I was yet to buy anything but they were already disturbing me. My boyfriend mentioned that we were to carry the load by ourselves. He would carry the heavier one while I carry the lighter one. I told the Alabarus this but still, they were still begging as if it would be a crime if we do not eventually allow them carry our load. These load carriers are most times children in secondary school as well as elderly women.

2. The Friendly sellers

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When it comes to marketing your products, its not bad to be friendly actually. But these friendly sellers here can go as far as saying things like 'aunty', 'uncle', 'sister', 'brother', 'fine girl', 'mommy' etc. I was sitting with a garri seller and a very fair woman came over to buy garri but eventually didn't buy it because to her 'it wasn't white enough'. Suddenly, a boy of perhaps 12 approached her and said 'fine mommy, come and buy my garri'. There were obviously other garri sellers around but I guess because of the adjective that started the sentence, she decided to follow but still ended up not buying from the boy because the garri he was selling was also not white enough. Other times, you'll hear things like

            'Fine aunty, help me buy now. Shey you will not buy ni?'

The annoying thing is that if you eventually don't buy, they will hiss or silently insult you or give you that 'yimu' face. I will advice you not to even answer them at all if you know you don't have anything you want to buy from them

3. The Preachers

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This ones are even funny. While I was waiting for my boyfriend at the garri woman's place, an old man carrying a Bible and speaker was busy preaching. Before him, we met another preacher who was perhaps in his early 50s. They were all haggardly dressed. The old man soon began raising prayer points and a woman who sat in an adjacent shop was busy saying 'Amen' and even sang along with him. Another woman who was passing by also sang along with him. I was almost impressed that the man was preaching the word of God when he came with his schemes telling them to pay an amount of N210 to activate the blessings. That coincided with when my boyfriend came to meet me and he simply laughed and told me we would discuss it when we got home. N210!!! Nothing wey we no go see for our country! Funny enough, people gathered to collect what he was giving and started paying N210 because he was saying things like

           'Your problem emanates from a woman in your father's house'

And obviously, people want to get out of their problems and fight the strong man in their father's house. This reminds me of one of the courses we were taught in this 400 level - Religion and Social Ethics. It is well.

4. The Lying Sellers

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These ones dey annoy person ehn! They'll come and meet you and tell you that they have exactly what you want to buy. However, when you eventually follow them, they'll show you another thing that is similar to what you want to buy but is not exactly what you want to buy. Haba! I want A not B. Then, to appease you, they'll tell you to give them the money while they go get it for you from the next shop or from another shop. That's the only good side. Although, some might not care as long as you're not buying from them, others will help you buy it. When they've finally bought it for you, they'll start begging you to at least buy something from them. You'll now have to spend the money you didn't budget for.

5. The Hawkers

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These ones can hawk anything. If possible, they can hawk you sef! That's a joke o! They hawk purses, chains, earrings, yams, fruits, clothes, etc. They really do not constiture any nusiance. They simply mind their business and do their thing. Unlike some other markets, you won't see them trying to touch you or coerce you. If you approach them, they'll sell to you, if not, you go your way while they go their own way. However, those hawking yams and nylons would approach you but once you tell them that you're not buying, they would go their way. No time to waste time!

6. The Load Carriers

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These set are pitiable because they are always carrying very heavy sacks on their head or backs. It's most times on their backs and I wonder how they don't end up not having bent backs! They are always sweating and if you see them coming, you just have to pave way for them for too many reasons. What they're carrying is pretty heavy and they can't afford to stay on the same spot for too long.

These and more other things are what you would be able to relate to if you have ever shopped at the Bodija Market. Notwithstanding, Bodija Market is a great choice because of the availablity of variety. You can get almost anything you want when it comes to food at the Bodija Market. Let me know if you've experienced any or all of these.


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  1. I really enjoyed this! I've experienced all these. Very apt! Still, bodija market is bae o

  2. you need to include the mallams and the beggars too..

    1. Thats right! I've not really had an experience with the beggars thats why I skipped it. Would do an update on the mallams ASAP. Thanks, Yevandy dear.

  3. Haha!I absolutely loved this. So much fun to read. Bodija market is one in town jare.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Its indeed a town.


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